Sunday, May 4, 2014

Taipei shopping ~

I still didn't post all the photos of our Taipei trip!I think it was an amazing trip and we were very lucky. First, we got a free hotel room upgrade (from 1 bed to 2 beds go us!) And we discovered a lovely Etude house and Daiso near our hotel.. I also discovered a fabric market near the hotel! Yay!
Cute tiny print fabrics from Taipei's fabric streets!
Some lovely lace & more fabrics!
I went crazy at Etude, which has tons more things than over in HK. They also gave me lots of free samples :D By the way, I'm a huge fan of the Every Month Cleansing Foam!
Cute Paper star papers TT; Most of them had 2 sides too!
Making paper stars :D
Of course I had to get real Taiwanese pineapple cakes, because only those taste the best! Inside the Taipei 101 they were selling these adorable Hello Kitty ones!
They were shaped like HK heads too xD;
I gave them all to my colleagues ~
I think my sticker collection is growing beyond my control..
Stickers and gift bags!
Do not walk into bookstores in Taiwan.. TT; So many cute things.
Some Daiso eye lashes I like to use for my dolls ~ deco tape and deco notes!
Deco paper! TT;
Lovely A4 paper! Seriously.. those bookstores are dangerous.
Note books! :D
Lovely Daiso pouches
Grumpy wolf xD; sooo cute.
Daiso stuff. Clay, a serving tray and wet wipes XD!
Chocolate cups ToT
Storage boxes ~~
Be careful of Daiso, you can spend a little money and buy literally tons and tons of things! Hahaha.. Everything is 39TWD only T__T;;

Thanks for checking.


  1. I always love to see your photos. So many cute things! ~*

    1. Sankyu~ :D haha, I just shop too much!