Saturday, August 30, 2014

Be a rebel

Break the rules! Was a theme chosen by my colleague for our joint photography themed challenges!
My girl had to steal a body and I had to photoshop it to match but it all worked out in the end! Here's Chaetir, my Elfdoll Nabee being herself, just hangin' with the gang. x3

I imagine she would be smoking, foul-mouthed and stealing money from innocent classmates like my Riko (who makes a perfect innocent schoolgirl victim).
And not a single f*k was given that day (excuse the language).


  1. She looks so beautiful and badass girl in those photos :>
    Again so good pics and poor Riko, but still that last photo is great :'D

    1. Thanks! Hahaha, that was the goal and I think her expression is quite fitting :3. Thanks so much, yes, I feel sorry for her too, she seems to have a permanently worried/distressed facial expression xD;

  2. Her eyes are so stunning! This post is really cute. ♡
    I've always wanted to start a small doll collection~