Friday, August 22, 2014

Grail dolly!

After loving her every time I saw her (everwhere in Asia, apparently!!!) I finally managed to get a decent deal on a DDs Teacher Mariko~!!! She was the only DD I ever wanted and I doubt I'll get a 2nd one in the future. She was really a grail doll for me though x33 yay!!

I have yet to gather the courage to attempt to remove those hot-glued eyes @_@

Thanks for looking~


  1. She's really adorable! Love the second photo of her. :3
    Congrats on getting her!

  2. Wow--she is so dreamy! I can see why you love her. I've heard that freezing her head for an hour or two really helps loosen the glue a little (if you dare). ;) But honestly--I love the color she has right now. She's adorable!

    1. Thanks so much! Oh thank you for the tip, I can give it a go. I also like her current eyes, the shape seems a bit special too. I've been meaning to try some blue eyes on her too though! TT;