Tuesday, August 5, 2014

HKDP9 Loot!

Sooo.. I spent a bit of money at HKDP9... xD;;; Not to mention that Switch head I bought.. Anyway, here's some loot pics! I hope to show my dollies wearing these lovely clothes in more photos in the future!
Blythe Dress + cute bag ~ all things piled up together.
Dress sets and HKDP tickets!
Some details on the dresses~
Shoes + accessories loot~ so many lovely shoes!
Eyes! For some reason I bought 2 pairs of eyes from DGLW eyes and the boss ended up giving me 3 more pairs for free! Eep!
Thanks for looking xD;


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks~ I wish I could wear such cute shoes xO

  2. Ahhh so many pretty things! I need new eyes for my upcoming girl too. ;-;

    1. Thankies~ :D What girl are you waiting for if I might ask? :3