Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hong Kong Dollism Plus 9 Highlights~!

Hong Kong Dollism Plus 9
 It was sooo hard for me to select just these few photos~!I had suuch a wonderful day! When I arrived there was a huge line, but once we went inside it went quickly! The hall was so huge and there were just sooo many people there. This is on a much different scale from the Taiwan fairs I'd been to!
Pipos were displaying their new handsome boys ~ wahh
Lots of Pipos beauties!
Sarina's (Oasisdolls) lovely porcelain beauties.
I found this lovely girl displayed together with her dark sister. I believe they were at the Ringdoll stand?
Doll Chateau had this amazing sculpture in their display, I wonder if it will be one of their future dolls?
I've no idea who this girl is but she is lovely! :D haha
So many tiny tiny shoes ~
RosenLied ~
There were many elaborate and lovely setups such as these on almost every table x3
Gorgeous display with gorgeous dolls~
Crobi had a ton of handsome men with them too :D
2 Cuties
Aimerai's Glinda was quite outstanding
Lots of wonderful dresses for sale.
And lovely models to admire
Bluefairy girls I believe :3
Lati was there too, bringing in cuteness overdose.
I found many DDS Marikos.. I really adore her and have wanted one for ages! XD
Azone cuties were also not neglected here!
Often I felt so happy I didn't have dolls in the right sizes, or my wallet would've really been in trouble!
Another amazing display.
Mariko again! Nice corset designs here
These little obese hamsters were available too xD;
Lots of lovely DD girls.
And don't forget Blythes!
Granado's titan was shocking even in real life! He's standing next to a normal SD sized girl of theirs by the way.
Granado's new sculpt Jaden was also really nice to see.
So many elaborate displays!
Made me want to buy some tiny dolls too ~
Such an adorable customized Blythe!
PeaksWoods dollies got a LOT of attention too :D I hope they can get more popular too!
The same as before, but I really adored the "blind" dolly's style!
As you can see, I'm always grieving over Mariko xD;
The roof of the hall, it was so huge!!
I even met PeaksWoods, one of my favorite companies ever! Only Soom is left on my bucket list of companies I want to say "I love you" to in person xD. I also met Switch again (they're always super nice) ~ and I talked to Sarina from Oasisdolls as well~! Thanks for reading x3


  1. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures, it's a treat :-). I didn't know the Granado company yet, another one to add on my (waaay too long) wish list!

    1. Granado is a lovely company! Their customer service is really great too :D Hope you enjoyed looking at the pics~

  2. Great report Irene, I loved looking at the photos and the event is huge (O_o)! I liked the hamsters, Blythe and muscular doll ;) best. What did you buy?

    1. Thanks Natasja, I hope the pictures don't look too yellow on your screen (I'm checking on my work PC right now and it looks really yellow XD!!)
      I'll write another post detailing what I bought on this day~~ soon! :D :D

    2. The pictures look good, now that you mention it, they might have a yellow tint. But my camera also does that indoors, with artificial lights. Ah nice, i'm curious to see your haul (^_^) !

    3. Yeah, I noticed that because of the lighting in the exhibition hall ~ however on some screens it looks much more yellow than others. Eep! :D Haha, I'll post it up soon!

  3. It's looks like you had a great time with lots of pretty dollies. xD
    I hope to meet Switch too one day, they always sounds so nice! Hopefully I can attend Ldoll in France next year and hopefully Switch will be there again. :D

    1. I had the most wonderful time!
      Switch is definitely nice, their spokeswoman is so nice and her English is really really good too. So it's easy to talk to her! She said maybe they won't go abroad for fairs for a while right now any more.. I sure hope you get a chance to meet them!