Friday, August 15, 2014

Pullip & Bag-a-holic

 An updated photo of my current Pullip collection. One of my few collections that is currently growing xD;;. From left to right: ?? (custom nahhato girl in progress), Tracy (Prunella), Sayonara (Arietta custom), Naicha (Latte), ?? (Fanatica), ?? (Chicca) ~
As you can see I've been working on gathering some of the older Pullips! I am so not into the new Pullip face sculpt that they've been using for these past years...

 I visited my favorite bag shop here ~ Bani Rabbit ~ Got a crazy huge bag! It was half off ~

 Recently I went on another shopping spree at Bani Rabbit and picked up this lovely big bag, as well as some more things...
 A new wonderful suitcase with matching big bag! I love using big bags in every day life! x3

 A new wallet, finally! Crazy colors, I know. Behind it you can see my old wallet also from BR, it's getting a little worn though T_T;

Finally, some cute BR cups! ~

Thanks for checking x3~~


  1. Your Fanatica is perfect !!! *o*

  2. This post had so many cute things! My favorite is the bag and luggage set! I also like totes as everyday bags but I know I', going to stop using them as much when I graduate from school....I think haha

    I have a new url and username now! Mana of ManaTales!

    1. Thanks! I'm totes addicted to totes! :3 hehe bad joke.

      I'll follow you there ~