Monday, November 17, 2014

Arrival of a new girl~

I've been on a taobao shopping spree lately! So expect some more posts with my recent findings~

First off is a Pullip My Melody~ A Pullip I've had on my wishlist for ~ages!~ (or more like 2 years)

I wanted to document the process of opening a doll and the regular customization methods as well~ I had plans for this girl, I wanted to change her hair and eyes, I always switch out eye lashes and bodies as well!
Brand new~ her stock outfit is quite adorable~
Here she is out of box~ I'm generally not a fan of Pullip stock wigs but hers is actually adorable, though still not very manageable.
Some supplies needed, an Obitsu 27cm body with neck peg cut down, eye chips from Coolcat (painted) and eye lashes (1 human size is enough for 2 Pullip eyes!) Other tools: Scalpel, scissors, small screwdriver and saw to cut the peg! Some glue, tape and rubber bands are a must too.
Her new look after trying out a countless number of wigs! x3 I might change her eyes/hair again later, and she also doesn't have a name!
Thanks for looking x3~