Thursday, November 13, 2014

Phone photos ~ November

The joys of getting a new phone! The greatest benefit is that I can take photos of acceptable quality withoug having to drag my SLR everywhere!
The problem is  that I do use too many filters now~! :3

My table~
She's still nameless x3
Delicious Chinese "fast food" ~ (these are some very standard Chinese dishes~)
SUCH good food. I love DongBei food here in China.
Thanks for looking x3


  1. Your Pullip collection is so cute! (★^O^★) And the fast food looks relatively healthy to me (lots of veggies, right?)

    1. Thanks Natasja x3 Haha, yeah, veggies and rice is generally a bit healthier than McDonalds, right? It's not bad!