Thursday, November 6, 2014

Too many heads, too few bodies.

This seems to be a problem only BJD-owners might experience. xD;
Left to right: Lee-el Livan, Jacob, Bimong Narin60, Granado Jaden

Of course all 3 companies have totally different colors too! Also, today I received the Lee-el heads and they're a bit bigger than I expected! Haha, their original bodies are 90cm(!!!) tall so maybe I should have expected it, however the company states they're compatible with 70cm bodies. So I'm wondering which body can sport these solid sculpts, perhaps Iplehouse's EID?

Too many floating heads is really weird. Good thing I just ordered a Dollstown 18yrs boy body~ :D Hopefully it matches at least my Narin head! @o@ I feel a little sorry towards him xD; This body sculpt is just so lovely though.
Thanks for reading.

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