Thursday, November 20, 2014

Two awesome packages arrived on 1 day

First~ Shiina Ringo's new album! A proper solo album with awesome songs, definitely worth a purchase. As always, the packaging doesn't disappoint, I got the CD + Blu-Ray edition which comes with a lovely thick textured paper booklet! English title: Sunny ~ Japanese title: 日出処 (Hi Izuru Tokoro)

It's funny seeing Ringo in this hairstyle, but she looks classy as always.
Gotta love that megaphone.
I love the little detail on the back here.
The 2 Discs ~ lovely colors!
It comes with lyrics, very useful for her English songs! I love JL005 bin de!
 The second thing is.. FINALLY! Art of Avatar, the last airbender! One of my biggest fandoms and my favorite animated series ever!
Cover art~ there's tons of commentary by the developers inside!
I LOVE the calligraphy and poster designs in here! x3
The animals of Avatar are some of my favorites, including the sky bison and the dragons~
My copy of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire has been shipped as well. I might disappear for a couple of weeks because of that! :D

Thanks for reading~

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