Saturday, December 13, 2014

BJD Written prompt #3 - Fantasy Doll

I've decided to resume with these BJD Written prompts a bit more ~ #3 is..

Fantasy doll!

For this I chose to describe what fantasy bits I am picky about for my own dollies xO
I don't particularly go for a fantasy style on most of my dollies actually.

Most stuff I don't like is: 
  • Animal parts such as paws & hooves.
  • Tails are generally unnecessary for me as well.
  • In fact most parts that are somehow "furry" turn me right off.
However, most of these can be separated from the dolls, still allowing me to buy a lot of Soom dolls ~ With one exception, I fell in love with Monzo and he could not be separated from those ears! I was lucky to pick up a modded head with minimalized ears though~

Soom's Puss in boots, Amber, Monzo, Shoshon, Captain Hook and Breccia
Acceptable stuff: 
  • Swords, I love swords! Check Soom's Wolf sword ~
  • Elf ears (to a certain degree!) It also depends on the style and shape, for example Amber's ears are so not for me :(.
  • Long nails - YES! Absolutely love them as long as they are long and elegant, I don't like claws such as Soom Breccia's. 
  • Horns - Again - depends. I like Fantasy style but not animal style. For example Soom Sweet Witch's little devilish horns totally charmed me~!
  • Vampire teeth: ...sometimes! Only if they don't look derpy.
  • Wings: YES! I love angel and demon styled wings @o@. I'm an absolute sucker for them.
  • Different skintones: Absolutely, though I am rather picky about them. I don't want to own too many gray dollies for example xD; I love Soom's violet, gray and pink skintones though.
Soom's Wolf the knight, Odette, Heliot, Onyx and Sweet Witch
You may have noticed that I use Soom for examples a lot, they are one of my absolute favorite companies and I usually love their sculpts! When they release another gorgeous fantasy Limited Edition I just need to separate them from their fantasy parts if I can *o*. Since most of those parts are just not for me! Sometimes it's impossible though - like with Amber. However gorgeous she is.

Thanks for reading :3

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