Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Xmas~

Happy Boxing day or Second Christmas day or whatever you call it! :D I had a wonderful time last night with some of my good friends, we mostly ate lots of food, played games and exchanged a  few gifts~

My friend Shelley really knows me! I had this bag from Bani Rabbit on my wishlist for a long time~! :D In the background you can see a cute house and cup from Starbucks~
Inside the little house tin theres nougat! Yaay. Thank you Carrie ~ Simon gave me the cute candy box ~ and I got some delicious snacks and candy too.
What a cute box~
It's filled with cookies too~!
Happy holidays everyone x3 x3


  1. That bag is gorgeous!!
    Happy holidays!

  2. Your new bad is adorable, I really like that blue! Also I love love love that cute tin from Starbucks!!! The cookies look delicious too, like the perfect bite sized noms.

    1. Thankss :D I love that color too. Starbucks food is also really delicious xO xO