Thursday, December 18, 2014

The usual "OMG I spent too much in Taiwan" story~

First up is my Taiwan haul post. There's just so many nice shops in Taiwan that don't exist on the mainland xO I couldn't let this opportunity go to waste!
Kawaii kitchen goods from Daiso! There's a scale, cookie cutters and a kitchen timer. The little chick is an egg hole puncher, the other is for cooking eggs and will show you how hard th egg is. xD;

Yessss, Galaxy Tab S! To match my Phone (S5 mini) ~ I've named them Bread & Butter... So happy to get the lovely international version, and not the rigged Chinese one xO
I got some clothes at the Taiwan Doll Party ~ This time I even bought some more boy clothes in preparation!
Cute shoes, a wig and tons of cute socks!
Kawaii-print socks were all the rage this year and I love them~!

Body shop loot - yes I hadn't been here in a while and was in need to tea tree oil stuff and gifts for X-mas! I actually got the ginger bread tin for free among other stuff x3
Etude house~!!! I got tons of nice stuff including gifts for my colleagues.
Inside the box there's 4 cute houses with different scented hand creams~ the bottles are TOO cute to throw away after, right?
I got these free gifts from Etude House along with a membership card, so cute!!! My favorite is the princess mirror.

Eye lashes and such from Daiso.. But actually I just use them for my BJDs and Pullips, I never wear fake lashes myself! xD!
Daiso nail stuff and pouches x3 always the cute pouches~!
More pouches and useful stationery!
You can never have enough kawaii pencils.... right... right?!
Detail of the little sticky note booklet ~
Cute foldable gift bags, I couldn't resist these!
More gift bags.. gift bags are the best.
What would my life be without stickers? A very dull life indeed!
Cute fluffy puppy and I got this owl from a gachapon machine!
Earrings to add to my extensive earring collection~
More pictures to follow of my lovely Taiwan trip~ :D :D


  1. I love Diaso, they have some terrific things there that are useful for dolly props etc. Looks like you had a great time shopping. :)

    1. Yes I agree! Too bad I couldn't bring more - it was hard enough bringing 4(!!!) bags on a plane and a boat. hehe!