Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 Giveaway #1 ~ -ENDED-

My girl Sayonara is going to be 10 years old this year! ~ so she was my model for this photoshoot x3

This time I'm giving away 3 bags of cute foam roses with +/- 50 pieces in 3 different sizes and 5+ different pastel colors!

Flower giveaway

  1. You can comment here or on my Flickr. Please say what you would use these for!
  2. I will randomly choose the three! winners!
  3. After the deadline please check your Flickrmail, or if you entered on the blog, please leave your e-mail or check your comment replies! 
  4. Deadline is Saturday 7 February!
Thanks for checking and looking forward to seeing your entries!
My upcoming planned giveaways: BJD clothes, Pullip/blythe clothes, Etude House, DIY crafty things. Please let me know if there's any kind of giveaway you'd like to see here!


  1. Ohh I love giveaways!! ♥ And I love roses, especially in pastel colors XD So I'd love to take part in this giveaway! I'd use the roses as photography props and also use some for crafting projects, maybe some fancy hairbands/headdresses ♥

    Thank you for doing this giveaway! I'll be on the look-out for the upcoming ones as well ^^

    (If I happen to be lucky, email is sherimi91{at}

    1. Thanks for entering ~ please check your mail!

  2. I always love your giveaways. They have many cute items x3
    I would use these roses to photograph with my dolls :D
    All of them love to spend afternoon at my garden ~*

  3. Nooooo I just missed this deadline! But I will tell you what I would've use them for anyways lol Probably for cratfy things like decorating boxes, bags or as supplements for fillings. I would probably just keep a few for myself because they're so cute (you know, like your sticker collection haha)

    I hope you've been well!

    1. Ahaha, so sad! But you have such good uses for them anyway~