Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's 2015!

Time flies, especially around the holidays it seems! ~ Since every one is posting their plans, I figured I could post my tentative schedule for 2015 ^^;

Winter warmth

  • Pay off my Soom layaway T_T Yes I caved and ordered a Soom girl again - x3 rather easy to guess who too.
  • Attend the Shiina Ringo concert in August in Taipei~~!!!`1`1111
  • Do my plotted Fairyland order. xD; Oh dear.
  • Receive another head + body (both boys) and FINALLY get a completed boy around here. My gosh.
  • Divide my attention among my Pullips and BJDs more. Lately the Pullips have been hogging the spotlight.
  • Improve my sewing, I've been doing really basic simple things recently to learn sewing on my machine and it's been fun!
  • Improve my piano skill(??) I recently started taking a piano class, needless to say I am really at the baby level since it's my first time ever to learn music, but it's been so enjoyable. Slowly but surely ^^;
  • Attend Monde de Pinocchio in March in Taipei? Not confirmed yet :3
  • Definitely attend IDoll in May in Taipei, somehow my Taiwanese friend convinced me to get a table there with her ^^;;
  • Do face-ups, quit being lazy! (Easier said than done...)
  • Somehow manage to get enough time and money to visit South Korea ~
  • Minimalize my closet. I REALLY need to do this.
I did manage to send out all new year's packages to my friends as well as the giveaway things ~


  1. Great goals!!
    did you paint the pullip in the picture yourself? :o!! She looks gorgeous! I've always wanted a pullip but I don't have space to exhibit dolls and I wouldn't want to have her stored in a box, like my BJDs.

    Hope that you manage to fullfill your list by the end of this year, it would be awesome to check how it went :D (That's my plan with mine too)

    1. Yes I did :3 She's my most recent project, hehe. Pullips are more fun because you can do some crazier things with them in my opinion~ Hope you can get one.
      That's a great idea, let's check again before the end of the year!