Saturday, March 21, 2015

Snacks / drink post x3

I've been saving photos of various good snacks / drinks for a while now in order to write a recommendation~

Since I've been living in China I had the pleasure of trying out lots of various new snacks and drinks, most of which are amazing (REAL Chinese food is deliiiicioouuss, trust me!) So check my reviews under the cut~

Coconut cakes
Coconut cakes are delicious. Seriously, eat them whenever you can! They're somewhat creamy and moist on the inside and very coconutty. I suggest you get some more expensive locally made version rather than ones from a generic bakery.
Verdict: 9/10

Fried dough twists with garlic?!
Mahua or "fried dough twist" is quite a common Chinese cookie. They are very crispy and oily and are generally sweet with various flavors such as sugar, sesame or peanut. However these ones came with.. garlic?! Yeah, very strange but oddly addictive and delicious. I never thought I'd enjoy the taste of garlic with sweetness and crispy cookies. I suggest you try some local varieties such as the sesame ones from Tianjin, they are really good.

Verdict: 8/10 for addictiveness

Wax apples
For me this fruit was totally new, I was told they're mainly from Taiwan. They don't really resemble apples that much either, they are soft, slightly sour and quite sweet inside. The outside looks like a red heart shape when viewed from the side. Other fruits to recommend: Dragon fruit, Chinese pears and Persimmons.

Verdict: 10/10 for delicious soft sweet fruityness

Bottled Milktea
If you can't get fresh milktea, go for bottled ones, all brands are almost equally delicious, but I must rule in favor of Kirin, a Japanese brand which has never disappointed me (all the way on the right)!

For fresh milktea, I recommend 85C or KOI café (also have pretty decent coffee).

Verdict: 7/10
Chinese bread
Now, Asian bread generally disappoints, especially if you're from Europe like I am xD;. Most of it seems to be needlessly sweet and just generally not very good. However some of it is passable.
Above you can see a typical "cheese" toast, raisin rum bun and red bean bun. Most bread in Asia has similar ingredients.
Some tips if you buy bread here:
  • If it says "cheese" on it, it will be sweet cheese
  • If it looks like chocolate, it isn't, it's probably red bean xD;
  • If you see something resembling candy floss/cotton candy DO NOT BUY. You will get something called pork floss, which looks and possibly tastes somewhat like ear wax
Verdict: 4/10

Chinese sandwiches
Some bakeries actually sell "decent" sandwiches now, stuffed with egg, various veggies and some kind of sweet mayo and sweet cheese (as I said they think cheese is meant to be sweet here).
Be warned, the above sandwiches look savoury, but are actually really sweet inside, though still tasty bcause of the added veggies. The bottom sandwich was filled with corn, mayonnaise and cucumber.

Verdict: 6/10 for actually including veggies and such! yay!

A holiday-related delicacy, they come in various sizes, and shapes, usually no bigger than the palm of your hand, but quite solid and heavy. They also come with good luck wishes impressed upon them~
I recommend the sweeter varieties, though they're all quite heavy due to their very solid fillings. Be wary of ones filled with egg yolk though.. blegh.
Though, if you can get some ice cream ones or ones filled with mochi, I'd say go for it!

Verdict: 5/10

Steamed buns (with and without fillings)
The filled ones are known as baozi and the ones without filling are known as mantou. ~
In the picture you can see rabbit sweet buns and honey-oat buns that I steamed at home. The rabbit ones are filled with egg-custard ~~ So good! I recommend filling over non-filled ones, because that variety can be rather dry without any sauce at all and a bit bland.
For fillings I recommend any meat, veggie and sweet ones. I have a sweet tooth so I prefer the egg, strawberry, blueberry or red bean ones! xD;

Verdict: 8/10

Chinese porridge
Porridge here is basically rice and water... and that's what it tastes like. But it can be seasoned to taste! I've grown to appreciate porridge here over the years. Above you can see white rice porridge which I seasoned with a bit of brown sugar as well as raisins!
If you can get your hands on black rice / red bean porridge with a bit of sugar in it, you'll find it tastes quite delightful!

Verdict: 6/10 for cheapness and potential, but better to DIY

Pineapple cakes!
I recommend you only buy ones directly from... Taiwan! Don't buy them anywhere else. Real Taiwanese pineapple cakes are deliciously creamy on the inside and not too sweet. They are crumbly though! x3

Verdict: 9/10

Shortbread cookies
Disappointing, because they were overly sweet and not buttery enough, and that is my problem with almost all Chinese cookies xD; Chocolate also never tastes like chocolate here... it tastes like coconut! Just buy Japanese or European chocolate I'd say.

Verdict: 1/10 for disappointing in every area, 1 point for the cute packaging and shapes only

Instant milktea
The only good brand I've actually found is from Taiwan (again...) and it's called 3:15PM. They have lots of nice flavors and the bags can be used once or twice! The other reason I like these is because they're not overly sweet and taste rather creamy. Amazing for a teabag!

Verdict: 8/10

Thanks for checking! x3


  1. Yummy, everything sounds (and looks!) so delicious ;3; I like finding out about the food of different countries, things can be so different compared to European stuff!

    1. I also love doing snack exchanges with other countries! Whenever I travel I like to try lots of snacks too ~

  2. I can't even imagine how those treats would taste! Most of these stuff looks yummy :3. New flavors and difference between european taste would be interesting to try!

    1. Perhaps we should also do a snack exchange between different parts of the world! :3

  3. Wow so pretty food!! I'm very impressed by the sandwiches, I can't imagine them being sweet!
    Food is so different from here (I'm from south america), I hope I get to try it one day :)

    1. Hard to imagine but true XD it's actually okay, it's just totally unexpected.
      South america seems to have tons of delicious foods! I would totally love to try some "real" cuisine from over there.