Thursday, April 2, 2015

A strange comparison post

Sooo I had some fun trying out different heads on my Dollstown 18yrs Boy body ~ xD; The color of the body is Pure Fresh, cast by Dollshe I believe.
Currently I have it matched to my Narin Charisma in Korean Ivory skin - which is an almost perfect match. The neck is too short for that head though it seems.

First off I tried my Bewithyou Star head. Surprisingly good!
Size: Great!
Color: 99%! Just a touch darker. Their NS is similar to DT's pure fresh.

Next is my Lee-el Jacob head (I also have Livan). Total nope. The website claimed their heads could fit 70cm bodies.. perhaps they were thinking Iplehouses's EID??
Size: NOPE.
Color: Nope, though it could be worse. their NS is quite a bit darker.

Granado's lovely Jaden head in NS
Size: Ok! I think it's fine, especially with a wig, considering Granado has a small skull it seems.
Color: Nope.. perhaps Granado's lighter skintone?

Soom Snow White .... xD;;; I apologize for this one.
Size: NO WAY. This is a particularly small sculpt of Soom's. She's already small on the big-ish soom Sgem body. Perhaps their boy heads might be better suited for this body.
Color: A shade lighter - since she is White Skin.

Thanks for checking :3


  1. Hahaha poor Snow White head, she's tiny on that body X'''D It feels like Soom SG heads are getting smaller and smaller... I have Sweet Witch and her head is so small >3<

    But great comparisons! ♥ It's great that people do these since creating hybrids can obviously be such a big hit or miss situation and many people find comparisons useful :)

    1. Yeah, I also feel that way about my Sweet witches :o Perhaps this is one of the sculptor's styles over at Soom~ x3

      Resin comparison photos other people do are always sooo useful to me! I hope I can do more in the future.

  2. LOL Snow white looks so funny, you are so mean! XD but I'm worst for laughing. I agree with Safir, SOOM heads are getting smaller, they could shrink the body a bit, I would be happier with a smaller body XD

    Comparisons were great and photos really helpful. Thanks for sharing!
    You have so many pretty heads :D

    1. Haha, I laughed and cringed too when I did this T_T;
      I was thinking the same! I wouldn't mind if soom actually created a new 60cm girl body as well, it would definitely suit these newer sculpts better - currently I think my Snow White is a bit too cute and small for those broad shoulders on the Super Gem body xD!!

      Thanks! :D

  3. I just wanted to say that first dolls eye-shadow game is off the charts. That is all. And I may or may not be envious. (lol)

    1. I agree, it's amazing, especially for a boy xD; I sometimes wonder how people get that perfect smokey eye shadow look :o