Friday, April 17, 2015

Shiina Ringo Live @ Taipei!

I just saw this news on Facebook.. basically Shiina Ringo is my most favorite artist ever and has been for the past 10 years. This is her first performance outside of Japan and might be my first (only?!) chance to see her!

椎名林檎即將舉辦個人史上海外第一場售票演唱會!演唱會名稱:椎名林檎 (生)林檎博’15 –垂涎三尺–日期:2015年8月16日(日)地點:台灣 台北南港展覽館更多詳細訊息請鎖定「椎名林檎Live in Taiwan」粉絲頁,敬請期待!
Posted by 椎名林檎Live in Taiwan on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sorry I can't write more, I can only produce tears and gibberish right now T_T;;


  1. Shiina Ringo is a name that I've heard many times over the years, but I'm not sure if I've actually heard her music... especially these days I'm so out of the loop when it comes to the music scene. :'D But I'm always up for finding new artists to listen to, so if you have some song recommendations, do tell! :3

    I hope that you'll be able to attend her concert! It's an amazing feeling when you've been a fan of someone for a long time, and then get to see/meet them in real life~ >u< ♥

    1. I think her music is not very popular outside of Japan at all ^^ she does all kinds of styles like rock, jazz, pop etc.
      I really pray that I can get a ticket @o@... it would be sooo amazing. She has inspired me in so many ways!

      Some classic songs: Gibusu Honnou Kabuki chou no joou Sounan (with her band, Tokyo Jihen) Irohanihoheto (newer song)

      but personally, I prefer her lives, I have several of her concert DVDs and she's just so much better live! One of my favorites is Dynamite, there's a part here:
      But youtube's sound quality is not that good.. xD But you can really see how much fun she's having on stage ~

  2. Wow that sounds amazing!! ♥ It feels like Japanese artists don't tour that much outside Japan, so an opportunity like that might indeed happen once only :/ I really hope you'd be able to attend the concert! ♥

    I think Shiina Ringo is one of those few Japanese female artists that have a really unique and distinct voice, I love her style of singing :3 That's the kind of voice you get as a special gift once you're born, it's not something you can learn!

    1. Well, some do! But she's never been very commercial, she was more about love of music rather than making money. Since I live near Taiwan I reaalllyy hope I can see her, it's one of my biggest life dreams!
      I think her voice is very unique, but I think not many people outside of Japan like her for that reason XD I feel lonely sometimes in loving her! :D

  3. Did you get a ticket? I didn't. :<
    Where can I find anyone selling. :((