Sunday, May 31, 2015

IDoll Taiwan Vol. 4 Highlights~

I've finally gotten around to editing these pictures~ I didn't really take too many since I was also a bit busy occupying my own sales table! Some photos didn't come out very bright or clear due to the weird lighting circumstances either xO Anyhows, I've chosen my favorite pics from IDOLL Taiwan Vol. 4 in Taipei to show here!

I am always amazed at the sewing skills of people at DPs, everything is so detailed and really nicely done!

I found this cute girl, I believe she might be one of Crobidoll's? :3

Two very handsome guys with crazy hairstyles!
He might be IOS? Anyway, they made for a lovely punk style display!
Then I found this happily married couple XD~ so awesome.
Fashionable guys ~ everywhere!
Sadol displayed these lovely mini girls ~ ahahah. So sorry.
Kitties! xO So chubby and adorable!!
As always there were many DDs and also Smartdolls (Mirai!)
Our neighbor had a lovely Nana ~
Our neighbor's display~
DDs and BJDs live in harmony. xD
Some set-ups were very very classy ~
These 2 adorable Dals were one of the first things I photographed!
So many cute miniatures and food!!
There were some Pureneemos x3
Plenty of Dals and Pullips too! :D
I adored this style kimono~
I'm so glad dolls can't sweat. Because even I felt hot looking at this outfit on a humid 30 degree+ summer day XD
I had a wonderful time and I hope I can attend another Doll Party soon! There's so many in Taiwan~ but my next visit will be in August for the concert~~
Thanks for looking~


  1. Looks super awesome! I hope to go to such a big doll party some time as well *__*
    It looks super inspiring - so many awesome and creative ideas in one place :D
    Thanks for sharing those pictures *^^*~<3

    1. The ones in Taiwan are fairly small though~ I suggest you attend the one in HK! That one is enormous with people from all over Asia too~
      Yeah, Asian DPs are just the nicest I think, everything is cheaper and more beautiful @o@
      I will share some more photos in the future!

  2. Gosh, so much cute, beauty and gorgeousness in one place! *__* ♥ ♥ ♥ I wouldn't even know where to start photographing, uwahh~ It's so lovely that Asian doll shows are full of different types of dolls! >u< I definitely want to attend one someday~

    But gosh, do I love all those fusion kimonos!! ;A; I'm such a sucker for Japanese traditional wear and all the more modern takes on them, as well~ ♥

    1. Haha, yeah, you would love the doll fairs here, hope you can go one day! :D :D

      I also really love those style kimonos, they seem more cute and versatile than their traditional equivalents x3

  3. Woaah~ So many beautiful dolls and outfits! *u* ♥

    1. Yaay! I agree, doll parties are definitely worth a visit here~~

  4. So beautiful photos, dolls and outfits, thank you for sharing! ♥ There are so many talented seamstresses in Asia, I'm always speechless when seeing some photos from them!

    I squeed at the photo with Pureneemo and all the cute kimonos in hangers and those fabrics on the shelf awwww~~

    1. I agree with you, most stuff here is super ~ and not too expensive either D:
      Yeahh, there weren't many Pureneemos but there were at least a few adorable set-ups for them! :D

  5. yay photos!! and they are great and super crisp and awesome :D
    I love that kimono-like thing at the end, so pretty!!
    Thaks for sharing c:!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you think so! :D

      I loved it too~ haha. I want to try one for myself one day xP

  6. Great photos. I always get excited whenever I see these. I never get to doll shows or cons because there aren't many or even any in Australia that I know of.

    Glad to see there were a variety of dolls there. I really love that Pureneemo outfit.

    And did you say Sadol and mini girls? Wonder if that means they will release MSDs ...

    Oh what I wouldn't give to have a high paying job so I could get one of those smart dolls. I really love the look of them and have been reading up about them lately.

    1. Thanks! I hope you get a chance to attend more. Perhaps you could seize the opportunity to travel to one in Asia? I strongly recommend the summer HK one~ it's amazing!

      Oh yeah! I didn't actually realize Sadol didn't release minis on their website yet :o So I guess they will appear soon?
      I love the smart doll system too, they just seem to be getting close to "Chobits" if you've ever heard of the manga/anime?