Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Taipei Dolly Loot

It seems I have so many different things to post about my trip to Taiwan x3

Day 1: Arrival and hang out with my Taipei friend a bit - eat lots of delicious food!
Day 2: I went to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial and Taipee Zoo ~
Day 3: I visited my good friend in Taichung and was driven around on a motorbike! Awesome! Also I BOUGHT SHIINA RINGO concert tickets on this day XD My dream of 10 years is coming true!!!

Day 4: I attended IDOLL with my friend ~ we had tables, but honestly I bought more stuff than I sold xD haha!
Day 5: Return to Xiamen T__T... so sad.

The IDOLL booklet - very lovely design always x3 I wish I could attend one in Japan too! Though there were many Japanese booths!

First off I got this wonderful new dress from our neighboring booth - with whom we also made friends! I think white looks lovely on Miur for some reason x3333

Other things I bought - a lovely boy coat, a dress, capelet and some socks and wigs!

My Pullip Wish looks great in this Blythe dress which I bought from a lovely Japanese shop. I found a lot of Japanese booth owners were completely poker-faced, but these 2 ladies were super friendly and helpful!

2 lovely BJD sized chocolate tarts and a cuuute tinnyyy handmade lollypop! I'd love to share the booths where I bought everything but I totally mixed up my business cards that I got at this fair, if you're interested please ask me though and perhaps I can sort out some links!

Finally, some new eyes for Riko, my Mariko-sensei. Who is totally neglected... and I'm considering selling her for that reason ^^;;

Thanks for checking! Also don't forget to enter my Taipei giveaway this week!


  1. Yaay congrats on getting the concert tickets!! I'm sure it'll be awesome ^3^

    Lovely loot~ Everything looks so pretty, but awww that lollipop stole my attention XDJust how cute is that!!

    Mariko ;___; I saw your sales thread for her... I've been pondering on getting my first DD and Mariko is the one that I fell in love with. Now I've been trying to look at the standard models though, since I hesitate going for a more expensive limited model as the first DD ; . ; It feels like starting the BJD hobby all over again...

    1. Thaaank youuu :D -bouncing around-

      I agree, it's cute. And the girl who made it was also super cute XD! She was so super happy that I bought it!

      Ohh, I actually lowered the price on her a bit just now ^^; I think she's super adorable but I just kinda need cash right now @_@ and maybe anime-styled dollies just don't really give me that sense of versatility!

  2. Dollie loot!!! I'm glad you had so much fun and made friends there~ You bought some gorgeous stuff, I specially love the white dress and the lollipop xD

    Good luck selling your DD, she's so pretty, I love DDs but I don't think I could justify having a second type of big dolls x.x

    1. Thaankk youuu :3 Yeah the lollipop is so tiny and amazing!!!

      Thanks, I kinda put her up because I need cash right now, otherwise I'd take some more time to decide properly xD;

  3. Sounds like you had a great time Irene! Looks like you scored some great items at Idoll :D and that tiny lollipop is too cute ^_^

    1. I always do, Taiwan is amazing!!! x333 Hope you can join one time Natasja!

  4. Oh wow you got to attend to IDOLL event!! It must have been awesome! I can't wait to read more about your trip to Taiwan! ^w^

    1. Yes it was! I believe Taiwan has the best Doll fairs ever!! :D I hope to post more photos of the fair and also other things in Taiwan soon! :D

  5. Even the shots themselves are nice. @_@

    (Hey, keep me posted if your friend pushes through or not on the tix. pleaaaassssssse)