Thursday, May 28, 2015

Taipei Highlights~

So here are some highlights from my stay in Taipei, a wonderful city! Though other cities in Taiwan have also proved really lovely! I also included photos of my visit to Taipei Zoo ~

A Snack street near my hotel - they were already open for breakfast!

Walking down the street near my hotel~ it was really HOT in Taipei compared to Xiamen.. but now Xiamen has caught up and became equally hot and sticky T_T;
After wandering around for a bit, me and my Taipei friend ended up having breakfast at Starbucks xD; It's actually cheaper in Taiwan than in mainland China T_T;;; whyy
After enjoying some shopping and food, I went to see the Chiang Kai-hek memorial, a famous tourist attraction~ It consists of one gate, 2 huge halls and 1 memorial building, all of it huge!
Lovely roof decorations~
I believe these were concert or music halls~
No lens flare, I promise! XD
The main memorial hall is located at the end of the square between the 2 huge halls and opposite the gate! Notice how you can see the Taipei 101 from here too! (I visited that last time I was in Taipei!)
View from the stairs of the memorial hall, the gate was.. sadly, under construction T_T;

When I went inside the first thing that stood out was the amazing ceiling! Wow!
Inside was a museum spanning several floors, it also had a reproduction of mr. Chiang's office along with a very realistic wax figure!
Wandering back outside ~ I saw some squirrels running around in the small park next to the halls too x3
The small park had some traditional elements~
I recommend using the MRT (subway) in Taipei for sure, all the stations have some unique artworks and in one I found this reaaallly long escalator. Note how people all neatly stand on one side only, people waiting in line and being super super polite is one of the things that amazed me. (Maybe it's more amazing for me because I live in mainland China T__T;)
Next stop: Taipei Zoo, as soon as I exited the MRT I saw the 101 again! You an see it from many places in the city~
I caved and purchased an umbrella to make my life easier because of the heat. This cute black bear wasn't so lucky and was feeling very hot I think!
Most animals were sleeping because of the heat, even the elephants looked sleepy!
This amazing lemur came reaally close to the fence and kept staring at the little boy and me.
The highlight was of course the cute pandas, Yuanyuan and Tuantuan. They were actually active, and there weren't too many people so I got some good shots of them!
When I sat down for a snack and a drink I noticed even the cup had pandas on it xD!
Before I left the zoo I noticed these people playing with.... poop? XD
I'll post more about the Taipei doll party next time~~!! :D :D Thanks for checking!


  1. Oohh, I love reading about people's travels and seeing photos! *___* ♥ It's my dream to travel around Asia someday, so many fascinating places to explore! Thank you for sharing~

    Aww, poor animals suffering from the heat. ;u; Do the elephants and bears have water in their enclosures that they can use to cool off? And you saw the pandas too! I so want to see pandas someday~ >u< That panda drinking cup is so cute, haha. The zoo must be proud of their pandas! :3

    I'm looking forward to seeing the second part of your Taipei travels!

    1. I hope you get a chance to, Asia is definitely the most interesting and exotic place for me always! That's the reason I moved to China!

      Yeah, they had water, so I think it was okay, the bear was just walking around. I hope you get to see them, but the first few times I saw them (in Japan and HK) they were usually sleeping.. xD Finally the last few times I saw them, they were eating or doing something else, you need to get them at the right time I guess! Yeah, and these 2 pandas also had a baby panda they were very proud of!

      Thanks so much ^3^! I have maybe 2 more posts to make about my trip~

  2. Great photos! Looks like Taipei is certainly worth a visit some day. Those cool HUGE~ buildings look very interesting. I love old Asian architecture. *__*
    Aw, and animals! Gotta love animals. I love that sign at the Elephant enclosure - especially because it's true ;)
    But the poop-thing is a bit weird X'D

    1. I definitely recommend Taiwan as it's one of the nicest and politest countries I've been to! There's also a number of interesting cities and buildings~

      Haha, yeah, that sign made me laugh. There was a sign at the Lemur enclosure too that said: beware of falling poop. XD

  3. Beautiful photos ♥ I think there are so many gorgeous buildings and places to visit in Asia~ I've been to Beijing once and was able to do some sightseeing, I was blown away by everything! They had cute pandas in the zoo too, one of them had climbed to a tree and I managed to get some photos of it hanging upside down.. XD In the Beijing zoo there was panda stuff EVERYWHERE, I don't know if it's usual or if it was just for tourists during the Olympic Games...

    Hahah that poo wall XDD So funny!

    The doll party must've been amazing, so I can't wait to see some photos from there :)

    1. Thanks so much, that is definitely true! Pandas are like a national treasure over in mainland China~ You're lucky to have seen them being active :D

      Thank you so much, I will post more photos of the DP soon~~ There's so many pics to sort out T_T

  4. Great photos, I loved it all!!! though I still can't quite understand whats with all that poop XD
    People here in the subway are super messy as well XD The subway spent a lot of money for publicity that was supposed to make people stay in one side of the stirs depending ig you were going up and down but it never worked lol
    Asia has so many gorgeous places to visit, I hope I can visit someday :D I've never been out of my country XD

    1. how did I screw up my profile pic? XD

    2. Hahaha, it was the decoration right next to the washrooms. Guess that makes sense? :D

      Wow, really? I guess it's hard to get people to change their habits. Taiwan was so influenced by Japan though, I find I love their manners because of that, but people in Taiwan are much warmer than in Japan in my opinion!

      I also hope you can travel around a bit more! :D it's so wonderful to see new places and get lost in them and whatnot! ~~

  5. Wow, great photos!! ♥ I can only imagine the hot weather in there...!
    Personally I'm not fan of the zoo's but I must admit that their enclosures look pretty good (at least in the pictures). I love panda bears! They are sooooo cute!
    What's with the poo wall? Haha! XD

    1. Thanks so much! Haha, don't ever visit Taiwan / Japan in summer. Seriously.
      I'm also worried about zoos sometimes, however Taipei zoo seemed pretty comfortable for most of the animals! Yes Pandas are so clumsy and cute, but I was also a big fan of the black bear.

      That wall was next to the washrooms :D soooo... uhm.. hint hint?