Sunday, July 5, 2015

Layaways paid~

After a somewhat unexpected sale I managed to pay off my Peak's Woods layaway this month!
I also paid off my Soom layaway about a month ago so finally, I'm debt-free? xD;

So I sold my tawny Dia because I had no idea what to do with him! (I already own a white skin Dia boy too~) and it gave me the funds to pay off these 2 lovely PW ladies ~ Yay! I'm excited to try face-upping these girls x3

Peak's woods' latest girls are so so gorgeous and adorable, just look at these cute faces! I'm happy I'm not into mini-sized dollies to be honest, or I'd be in trouble. Their new special lavender skintone is also super lovely!!

Thanks for checking x3


  1. Yaay congrats for paying off your layaways~ I'm excited to see what you'll do with these dolls once they arrive ^^

    Ohh I had not noticed that PW has a lavender skin available!! Though looks like it's only for FOBs so I'm safe since MSD sized dolls aren't really my thing either. They do look super adorable though ; . ;

    1. Thank youuu! I'm so excited to receive them and see what I can do face-up wise xD; Though it will be hard since it's very humid here T_T;

      That skintone looks sooo lovely. I'm sure I'd be in trouble if they released some bigger dolls in that color. T_T there's still around 3 dollies from PW on my wishlist too!

  2. AWESOME!! Two very gorgeous girls are coming your way :D
    I can only tell you to be excited because PW resin is GORGEOUS! They really are worth every penny! *Not biased..nope..not me* XD
    Just so happy when people get PW dolls *^^*

    Haha yeah, I must admit I've been quite happy that these new girls are way too small for me. Phew! But I do hope they'll make a new FOC in the lavender pink at some point (might be for their Halloween event?) :)

    P.S. I'll be picking up your giveaway package tomorrow from the post office :D Took a while, but yay! *happy dance*

    1. Thankss :D I'm excited too ~ as I adore PW! Hahaha, it's okay to be biased, I already own 4 PW dollies myself, these will be #5 and #6!

      I feel the same way, and if that really happened we'd be in trouble for sure T_T Be careful what you wish for?

      Glad to hear it arrived, sorry about the slowness :D and hope it arrived in 1 piece. haha~

  3. Peakswood has some really gorgeous dolls. I've been admiring them for years now but have never bought one of their dolls. I'd love to hear your thoughts on your PW girls when they arrive. Looking forward to seeing the face up style you decide on for them. Has your Soom doll shipped yet?

    1. If you like them, I suggest you order from them. They are such a wonderful company with amazing super-friendly customer service! Their dolls are also excellent quality! (I already own 4)

      Not yet, Soom has that 100-day guarantee thing, but 100 days waiting time is still a long time xD!