Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pullips demanding attention

These days my poor Pullips have been neglected, since half of them had to stay in a box due to me not having enough space to display all! T_T;

So I decided to take them all out and at least redress some ~

 Whoa, how did I end up with so many? XD

I decided to take photo of my lovely tan girl - who looks fab no matter what little crappy clothes I have for her T3T sorryyyy~

And trying a new wig on My Melody ~ rainbow themes seem to agree with her very well x3

Thanks for checking!


  1. Oh I am so happy to able to see some of your Pullips. I think this is the first time I have seen them. They are both such gorgeous girls. Is the tan girl a custom? I didn't realise they released Pullips in the tan colour. They must not do it often as I don't see many around.

    Are they wearing an Obitsu body or stock? I keep seeing a lot of people using Obitsu bodies for Pullips but I also hear about floppiness issues with them as well. I am still exploring the Type 4 stock body that came with my girls. Posing is very limited but I am still trying to figure out how to pose those bodies!

    Can I just say that handbag is really cute.

    1. Thank you~~ yes I have way too many Pullips :3 both here in China and at home as well~ Thanks so much. The tan girl is a custom I did, she used to be a nahhato ~ There are several tan releases, but I prefer the older Pullip head sculpt ^^ ~

      Both of them are on Obitsus, I prefer them, despite their floppy issues they're more solid and posable and also heavier to counter-balance the huge Pullip head xD; It's your choice, I've also got 2 girls on a pureneemo body which makes her look really adorable~~

      The bag is bought from taobao x3 if you need any help I can help you order stuff like this as well~

  2. Oh I never knew there were tan Pullips as well!! Or is she custom painted somehow? She looks beautiful, one of the prettiest Pullips I've ever seen~ Too bad that these dolls are not for me, but I'm happy that I can still enjoy them through other people's photos :)

    Hope you're going to post more of these lovelies~

    1. There are some releases :D though not too many. It's also hard to find new bodies for them since I like to re-body my Pullips xD; I only customized her face-up, eyes and hair as well as give her a new body~~

      Thanks so much, I hope to pay a bit more attention to my Pullips and do more customs in the future as well!

  3. you have more pullips than I though hehehe! And they are lovely~

    That little owl bag is so perfect!

    1. I have even more at my home @_@ and BJDs too. One day I will take some massive group pictures.

      Thanks so much for your kind compliments x3