Friday, July 24, 2015

Raburi Bani item

I ordered some small items off taobao recently~

Of course, the blue bunny-related things seemed to match one of my girl's blue eyes just perfectly~

She also stole the lovely rabbit chair I had around for a while~

Blue bunny
I think she looks a little bit like a princess x3 ~

Thanks for looking!


  1. Those are all great purchases. I love the shoes in particular. Those rabbit ear shoes are really unusual. I've not seen those before. And yes, I agree, she looks like a little princess in that chair, maybe presiding over a mad tea party perhaps ...

    1. I love rabbit-eared stuff~ it's not very common indeed! I always love to buy any special or different shoes I can find for my dollies x3

  2. Hi again! I really couldn't resist, so I drew her (does she have a name btw?)
    Hope you like the picture! I obviously took care of linking your blog so people could enjoy it as well :)

    1. Hi, what an adorable drawing *o* You have some amazing skills! I love how detailed you made the dress and love her cheeky little face x3 thank you so much the honor of such a lovely pic.
      Sadly right now, this girl is actually nameless xD;;;
      Any ideas? :D

    2. Awh, I'm really happy you like it!
      A name, hmmm, let me think... actually she reminds me a lot of Alice, so the name just don't want to stop popping inside of my head, but if I ever think of something you may like, I'll let you know :)

    3. Yeah, you're awesome!
      Alice is a cute name for sure, or maybe a variation on this name might be nice too? I can't decide just yet xD;
      Thanks so much for the suggestion! :3

  3. I've been buying those shoes off Etsy, although now the sellers (like QMagic) have either been banned or voluntarily quit their shops. I guess Etsy has something against Chinese sellers, although there are plenty of people from other countries who also sell items that are not handmade by them. -.-; I suppose the prices would be more generous on taobao, though, haha. xD

    But those bunny pumps and boots are one of my favourite shoes for my pureneemos, they're so cute! Many of my neemos have animal themed accessories, so I'm happy that I've been able to find cute kitty and bunny shoes for them as well~ ♥ Those mint bunny pumps look so cute on your girl, and I also love that hairclip! And is that a bunny-themed chair with bunny ears and paws? x3 How adorable~

    1. Yeah, it seems to be a little hard for them to maintain shops on Etsy, doesn't it? You can always ask me if you need a taobao order :) as I can easily order while living in China.
      I also agree animal-themed stuff is adorable, especially bunny or kitty themes~~
      Thanks so much, and yeah it's a bunny chair I bought on taobao a while ago :D I absolutely need more furniture from this shop for my dollies!