Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Meme tag

I was tagged by Alasse on this one :D

1. Do you collect anything other than dolls?
Yeah, I collect various random Japanese cute things and random owls. I'm also especially fond of stationery and stickers.. I have a secret massive sticker collection which keeps growing whenever I travel to Taiwan, HK or Japan.
The sticker collection currently consists of 2 A4 folders, 1 smaller folder and a huge box...
2. Why did you start a doll blog?
Actually it's meant to be a blog also about cute things, shopping, games and whatever else I happen to love~ But the reason for starting it is that I enjoy sharing cute photos. Social media keeps changing but my blog will be a true constant place for me to post stuff :3

3. Do you have one particular doll that is the favourite in your collection?

That really changes :) and I'm missing most of my BJD collection as they're in my hometown! T_T; So I can't say... Out of my BJDs my favorites generally must be my Unoa Zero Marion girl as well as my Peak's Woods Goldies and Soom Onyxes :D

4. Your favourite doll accessory?
I love wigs and am totally hooked on buying special wigs whenever I see them xD!

5. Do you know exactly how many dolls you have in your collection (you don't have to tell the number of course)?
Oh gosh I don't even know.;;;;; but here goes.. (after checking my documents)
29 BJDs (including the 3 I'm waiting for) OMG what happened there?
27 Pullips ~ -afraid of own collection now- Can I make it my excuse that I've been collecting since 2005?
Maybe I should set up a profile page showing all of my dollies one day D:?

6. Do you play any instruments and if so, what?
I am learning piano at the moment. I've been learning around once to twice a week for almost half a year now and I adore it! It's my first time to learn anything related to music so it's all new to me :D I'm the worst at reading notes, but otherwise I totally love it!

7. Where is your most favourite place you've ever been?
It must be Taiwan, I fell in love with this place so much that I often go back :) and I would actually love to live there for a while. The doll parties there are quite good too~~  :D :D I've met many nice friendly people there. It's definitely the best mix of China, Japan and Western countries!

8. What is your most favourite thing about yourself?

I guess it's being able to keep positive no matter what. My job requires me to be energetic and happy at all times so this is an important trait I think.

9. Favourite book or movie?
My favorite movies are Léon, but I also love Pixar movies and Ghibli movies~
As for books.. I really love Jane Austen. Persuasion must be my favorite story by hers. I also adore the Song of Ice and Fire series and am impatiently waiting for the next book T_T;

10. If you could design your own doll, what would it look like? 
I actually have several ideas for a BJD and Pullip sized doll all on paper haha, but you know how it goes with these things, they never actually get done. But I would love to have a Shiina Ringo dolly at one point, I just think she's the prettiest :O
I tag everyone who wants to do this! :D


  1. Loved reading this~ I'm with you on being fond of cute stationery and stickers :D They don't have that many cute stickers here in Finland (mostly just seasonal stuff or Turtles, My Little Pony etc. for kids XD) and I often don't dare to order them internationally because of the shipping costs, but I do love stickers ;3;

    Hahah I also feel like "omg how did my doll collection grow so HUGE" X'D It'd be great to see a profile page for all of your dolls~

    I think it's a great personality trait to try to keep positive all times :) I was working in customer service before starting school, and there I learned to be a little more relaxed and outgoing. I'm still really shy and nervous in social situations, but the job really helped me to grow as a person!

    I'm sure Iplehouse could make the perfect Shiina Ringo one day ;3

    1. Haha, it's dangerous when you're around lots of shops selling lots of kawaii things though! :D So maybe your wallet is better off over there ~ but of course I can send you some kawaii stuff any time you like ^^
      It's scary isn't it, when you face those numbers? LOL :D maybe I will work on that page soon :3 I feel it'd be overwhelmingly huge though.
      Yeah I'm also really socially awkward, but living in China has changed me so much, I never thought I'd be a teacher, but now I am and I'm loving it! Haha :D You just gotta find something that gives you more confidence I think.

      Perhaps, I'm still drooling over Asa :D I also adore her Asian features~~ but somehow never get around to ordering from IH.

    2. That's true though XD I may miss kawaii stuff, but my wallet certainly does not, hahah... Bawww that's so sweet of you ; . ; Maybe we could do a trade or something? Though I don't know if there's anything interesting in Finland that I could offer in return ^^;

      Hahah yeah, I like how the question is worded like do you remember how many dolls you have and you have to count your dolls to remember how many you really have X'D

      It was quite similar for me, I never thought I could work in customer service, but I did and it was quite nice actually!

      Asa could make a gorgeous Shiina Ringo doll >:3 I think it's a really versatile sculpt~

    3. That would be nice, I always like Finnish tea and those Marianne candies? What kind of kawaii goods do you prefer?
      It's true haha, all my dolls aren't even in one place so it's easy to feel like it's not as great a number either.
      Customer service work is alright, as long as you don't have to call people up yourself, that kind of thing really frightens me LOL.

  2. Ooohh, you read Jane Austen?! :D She's my favourite author as well, I just adore her writing style~ ♥ ... clearly I had to get that out first, lol! xD

    As a kid I bought all the cute stationery and stickers that I could get my hands on, haha! I used to write a lot of letters to my cousins, friends and godmother... but nowadays I just use email instead. I'm still sometimes tempted by cute stationery, but then I convince myself to not buy any since I would have no use for it... and I have too much stuff anyway. :'D When I visited Thailand in 2009, though, I bought some cute stickers there, though (mostly Hello Kitty). As a kid I remember it used to be a thing at my school for everyone to have these sticker books that had pages where you could put the stickers on and then easily take them out again... and we'd trade stickers between classes every day. It was a lot of fun! xD I wonder if kids these days do stuff like that at all, most of them seem to be attached to their smart phones...

    Haha, time is definitely something that you can and should point out if someone wonders about the size of your collection. xD Ten years is a long time! I've been collecting BJDs for ten years as well, although my collection is still relatively small... and now I'm more interested in collecting other dolls. Maybe someday I'll have a proper full-time job and can spend more money on dolls. I've been a student most of my life so far, so keeping up with this hobby takes a lot of financial planning and saving up, ahah...

    I really admire positive people like you. :3 I tend to be quite pessimistic and always expect the worst of everything, ahah... in recent years I've tried to have a more positive outlook on some things... like, with sewing and photography I keep telling myself to keep practising in order to improve. Sometimes I still go back to thinking stuff like "oh I'm never gonna succeed in this, I give up"... but it happens less compared to, say, ten years ago. Being able to move out from my home town where I was surrounded by people who isolated me for being different (I wasn't into drinking, smoking and all that "cool" stuff - and I also spoke my mind/had opinions that were different from the general opinion so people didn't like that either) into another town to attend university definitely helped. At the uni there were people from all over the country and they were far more accepting - I no longer had to hide my interest in anime, manga and the Japanese culture in general, and I was even able to find likeminded people. It definitely helped me with my low self-esteem and made me think that perhaps the world isn't as bad as I thought. But I still have a long way to go in order to have a more positive outlook on life (as well as be more comfortable approaching other people and letting them past the fortress that I've built to protect myself). :'3

    1. Haha, yeah! She's just so witty and wonderful isn't she? She inspires me a lot ~
      You are right, but I think cute stationery is super popular in Asia though :P also for decorating your smartphone (haha!) I also found I really just enjoy collecting some small things from all over the world, despite not having a great use for so many stickers @o@

      I hope that time kind of softens the number @_@ You've had your anniversary recently right? so you're in the hobby a bit longer than I am I think! :D At least we can console ourselves that usually dollies don't lose too much of their value (unlike people whose hobbies are drinking or whatever!)~ so if you're in a financial tight spot you can at least sell 1 or 2 o.o;;; however the market recently hasn't been good.

      Haha, I'm still quite pessimistic on the inside from time to time, however I've noticed that once you start off on a positive note you can influence people around you to be more positive, they, in turn, also inspire you back. If that makes any sense?
      I understand your feelings completely, I guess that was basically the reason I moved to Asia.. I never felt quite at home in Europe though it's not a bad place at all. But by traveling I've met so many friends with similar interests and I think it really built my confidence as well ^^;

  3. Yay I loved to read this!!! I love your collection fo cute stuff, I also love owls, but since I don't like to have many stuff, I don't buy all the cute owl things I find XD which is sad because owls are just the best :D

    I also LOVE Jane Austen, Persuasion is one of my favorites too!!! I also like the Bronte sisters books, being Jane Eyre my absolute favorite, She's a hero of mine :D

    I've been trying to be more positive in life these past few years, since I used to complain a lot before. It's super hard! XD I started by not complaining about small things on social media, that was my starting point lol but I think Im much better now, and I hope I get better and better at it. I also read a book with Dalai Lama's reasoning to be happy and I look constant inspiration from it (some of my friends laugh about this, but I think that if something helps you to gbetter yourself, no matter what it is, it can't be silly right?)

    Anyways, I'll stop my rambling here :) Have a great day! and thanks for sharing~

    1. I admire your self restraint a lot! I've always wanted to live more "minimally" but I've always been surrounded by stuff. Tons and tons of cute stuff! :D I adore owls so if I find a really cute one I will buy it.. ToT hope I can visit an owl café in Japan some time!

      Yay for Jane Austen! I love Persuasion - especially the line "we love longest when all hope is gone" I just can't resist sad lines like that - Anne is the most relatable Austen character for me I think. I haven't read Jane Eyre yet but it's in my collection and also on my list of to read. I've watched one of the movies before so maybe that spoilered me a little bit though! :D

      It's easy to complain about something, isn't it? :O sometimes I do that as well. However it's also good if you have some friends who actually listen to you :) But sometimes I realize it's really a waste of time to let some things bother you ~ sometimes I see life as a big play where we all wear different masks - and we need different ones for different situations, but the real self is still safely hidden underneath. So I can let a lot of things "slide" off me these days, so to speak. I've also read some inspirational books :) I can recommend the classic "How to win friends and influence people" for sure. It seems rather obvious stuff but it has also made me think about day-to-day communications a lot.

    2. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll add it to my list :D
      There's an owl cafe in Japan? Oh wow! Hope you get to go, it sounds amazing!

  4. Oh I am glad you did this one! And I agree, blogs will always stay constant. I've been in the blogsphere for a long time, maybe 2004? I can't quite remember but back when everyone had a livejournal!

    I used to play a little piano but that was back when I was little. Have never picked it up again. I'd love to learn again. I think piano's are one of the beautiful instruments.

    I haven't been to Taiwan before but one of these days, I'd like to visit. Your photos really make me want to visit!

    I admire you for keeping positive. Life can really throw some lemons so it's a very admirable trait to be able to keep smiling through it all.

    Which Ghibli film is your favourite? Mine is a toss up between Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away or Kiki's Delivery Service. They always make such poignant films. Grave of the Fireflies makes me cry every single time. That film really affected me even days after I had finished watching it.

    1. Yeah, I've had several attempts at blogging until this one, but only this blog stuck with me. Hehe
      I really recommend it, it's so nice. Cheaper version of Japan I'd say!
      Thank you, I'll try to improve in the future!
      I adore spirited away a lot, as well as the cat returns! But lots of ghibli movies are enchanting. I seriously can't watch grave of the fireflies a second time. Tooo sad, kind of like that movie, hachiko. ToT