Friday, August 21, 2015

【椎名林檎】Shiina Ringo - 林檎博’15 Ringo Expo 15 FULL review~

I had an amazing experience and fulfilled a 10-year life goal for myself. Watching Shiina Ringo live has been one of my biggest dreams!

Warning: Picture heavy!

Exhibition in Songshan park 
The first place I visited was Songshan culture & creative park, they had several exhibitions, with one being about music. The music exhibition displayed Shiina Ringo's very own dress and wings from her Expo 14 concert!
Such details
Wing detail
With skirt  ~
Big fan of these
Screenshot from Expo 14 concert
I wanted to cry, being so close to something Ringo used to wear. A very strange and moving experience indeed. I took too many photos!

I picked up 4 CDs here.
Several Taiwanese editions of CDs I already own but I was surprised to find Chinese translations of all the songs inside!
Concert hall first impressions
The stage and center walkway~ she came so close to me!
Sooo huge, I actually didn't realize the scale of this one concert before! There were TONS of people behind me! I was in row 25, but I was still very pleased to have brought binoculars with me.
Preparing for the concert, I bought some fans that matched Ringo's Taiwan CD and Ringo candies!
At the venue I somehow had 4 tickets in hand all at once ;) 2 being for my 2 friends and 2 for myself.. somehow!
The hall was basically a big gym filled with thousands of dingy chairs. I was hoping for something more concert hall-like.
Set list 
I had no idea in advance what the songs were going to be and I didn't want to know either! Here's the set list that I found after the concert~

Setlist for "Ringo Expo'15 -Chui Xian San Chi-"
3. jiyuu e michizure
4. ariamaru tomi
5. hashire wa number
6. kamisama, hotokesama
7. souretsu
8. oishii kisetsu
9. onna no ko wa daredemo
10. honnou
11. yokushitsu
12. tsumi to batsu
13. meisai
14. bouenkyou no soto no keshiki
15. seishun no matataki
16. kabukichou no joou
17. chichinpuipui
18. mittei monogatari
19. koroshiya kikiippatsu
20. karisome otome
21. marunouchi sadistic (EXPO ver.)
22. nagaku mijikai matsuri
23. shun

Top 3 songs
First outfit and rocking on the guitar to Nippon~ picture from Taiwan news website.
1. Kuki ( 茎)
Before the concert I was considering what the ONE song was that I really wanted to hear. I decided that it would have to be Kuki (Stem in English). And what did she sing FIRST? My favorite song ever!!! It was so special especially because she sang it first and she also did the English version~~~ Destiny?
2. Kamisama, hotosokesama (神様、仏様)
The amazing new song, so new that I haven't even had a chance to study the lyrics more. She gave a very impressive performance with the dancers really coming into their own here! This is song is currently completely stuck in my head too ~!
3. Tsumi to Batsu (罪と罰)
Nothing can top this performance of the hauntingly beautiful Crime & Punishment. She performed it with a bleeding left hand, outstretched to the audience while singing "aiiiishiiterruuuu" ~ a tragic and amazing song! Needless to say I almost know this song by heart, but I was worried for Ringo's hand a lot!

Honourable mentions for songs
Oishii kisetsu - I was sooo happy she sang this song. It seems I was the only one who was able to sing along to almost the whole thing~

Karisome otome (jazz!) She was dancing and totally rocking it in the navy/army? outfit xD And those sunglasses! I had a lot of fun during this song.

Top 3 songs I would like to hear live once
1. Yattsuke shigoto
2. Ima (English!) or Arikitari na onna
3. Yami ni furu ame

Why only 3? I'd also LOVE to hear Sounan and Gunjou Biyori and many many others live ToT

Best points
My own pic (I didn't take any photos at other times, too busy watching!)
I had to take photos when Ringo did her Spy/jazzy themed songs and then she put on sunglasses like... xD
Some of my favorite and most amazing points were..
  • Clear vocals, Ringo's voice was amazing~ it just washed over me.
  • The band Mangarama was so excellent!I especially adore HzM but they were all superb!
  • The dancers were amazing, I didn't much care for Ringo Expo 14's dancers but this year's dancers were really passionate and dressed appropriately!
  • Ringo's outfits were somewhat of a repetition of her earlier concert's outfits (especially the navy? outfit she wore) but she looked fabulous and I'm happy she kept her hair natural, and didn't wear the beehive hairpiece she had worn before. 
  • She rocked the guitar and danced off to jazz, what more could I wish for in a Ringo concert?
  • LOVED the Ice cream shaped microphone later on. 
  • *added* Shiina Ringo speaking Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese confused the hell out of me because I could understand about 50% out of all of those. LOL
The most amazing part of the concert was that while performing Yokushitsu miss Ringo was actually chopping an apple (à la Expo '08) and cut her thumb! It really shocked me and I was actually worried for her for a while. There was so much blood!!
Pic from another FB user!
It was pouring down her arm and got all over her dress too. But she just kept going, she didn't even flinch. It was definitely an accident, because she kept getting bandaged up in between. Shiina Ringo's first concert abroad, and my first time to see her, and her first time to bleed in a concert as far as I know, what an amazing experience!!!! Thank goodness after that it seemed to be okay, she got a small bandage on her thumb and it stopped bleeding.
Later on she fell down during one of the last songs but promptly got back up and kept going ~ Go Ringo!
I caught the center Mangarama ticket with my own hand! :D
Disappointing parts

  • The merchandise line up literally went from here to Tokyo when we arrived. We had no interest in waiting to buy stuff for 3 hours so we didn't get any ^^; (I had already bought the CDs I wanted before)
  • During the first and second song people got excited and I wanted to dance to Nippon especially, but the staff members in the concert were telling people to sit down which struck me as a really odd thing to do during a rock concert =/
  • The audience around me slightly disappointed me, later on they didn't even want to stand up (only me?!) and it seemed I was the only one who was actually singing along to most of the songs... I felt uncomfortable that I couldn't properly express my excitement during the entire concert because other people were just poker-faced or even looking annoyed. So that was a little sad. Maybe there's cultural differences but I was hoping to meet many kindred spirits who also love Ringo but it seems most of them only loved a few of the older songs by way of nostalgia.

Above you can see some of the first songs she performed!
All in all I would describe my experience as an emotional roller coaster, I laughed, I cried, I worried. An amazing and unforgettable experience. I doubt I will ever have the chance to attend another concert so let's pray she will one day go to Europe or another place where I might also feel more comfortable attending.


  1. Wow but those wings are just all sorts of amazing. I really love everything about them and the colours ...

    Oh gosh, I think I might have freaked a bit seeing that blood. I get faint at the sight of it. What a trooper though for continuing on regardless.

    I haven't been to a concert in a long long long time. I vaguely remember the adrenaline from the crowds and the performers. Miss that. Glad you had a blast though.

    1. Yeah~ they're wonderful, it would be so fun to make wings like that for dollies, right?

      Haha, I was honestly really worried, but in the end it turned out really awesomely appropriate!

      Thanks so much, I really enjoyed it a lot~

  2. Oh my god, that outfit with wings looks AMAZING! ♥ Now I can't stop thinking how cool it would be if you someday got a BJD Shiina Ringo and managed to get an outfit like that for her *o* It might be the prettiest thing ever~

    Holy shit that blood, sounds like quite a scary moment o_o It might've been a part of the show? She sounds like a great performer, continuing the concert even after something like that!

    I've never been to a concert elsewhere than Finland, but I could imagine Asian people being quite reserved and well-behaved, so it actually doesn't surprise me if they just sit on their place all quiet, even in a rock concert XD

    Sounds like it was truly awesome for you, I'm really happy you got to experience that concert! ♥

    1. Haha, I really hope I can one day, she also wears tons of really gorgeous kimonos and other outfits on stage~ I'd love to have a doll like that @o@

      Some others thought it was part of the show, but I saw her getting bandaged up on several occassions XD So I think it was real!
      Yeah, it was a cultural difference I guess, but even the Taiwanese people there complained about it LOL :D

      It was still such a cool experience! :D Thank youuu~

  3. Blood!!! X.X I don't like the sight of it, so I'm really glad I wasn't there. Great performer though if that was an accident, to keep on going! I would have run in circles asking for someone to check if I was still bleeding because there's no way I'm going to look at my own finger like that.

    Concerts here are also done in stadiums with chairs, so I'm not surprised about that XD though I've never been to a concert in my life, because I was never much interested in western music, and when a band I liked finally came to Chile I was already obsessed with something else and didn't bother to go >.>

    The outfit with wings looks really pretty, though the wings look either really delicate or really heavy hehe

    1. Yeah, she's so awesome. I was really shocked and worried for her too, but in the end it turned out fine! :O and added some kind of effect to the songs she sang.

      I somehow imagined concert halls to be going upwards towards the end though with set chairs? Maybe just my imagination XD;
      I feel the same way, the only artist I ever wanted to see was her XD I never had such a passion for any Western artist O_O;;;

      I think they're quite delicate, and I'd love to try to make a set of wings like that for my BJD x333