Thursday, August 20, 2015

Taipei adventures ~

....and shopping. Mostly shopping.

My trip started off great - I checked into the hotel and shopped around a little. Upon my return I was surprised by my hotel manager who I'd practised a bit of Chinese with the last time I stayed there. This was my third stay at the same hotel and he'd always remembered me. So he offered these lovely chocolates to me! How nice ~

Etude House bag and lovely chocolates! I also managed to find purple shampoo for my recently dyed hair.
My Etude House loot includes lovely cleansing foams (every month series), some eye/nose patches and masks!
The samples / free gifts they include always seem to be more than what I actually bought xD! I love sampling their stuff!
My next stop was a famous 24-hour huge bookstore called Eslite. The environment was green and lovely. Hot and humid but not bad weather!
The front of the bookstore~
And inside, heaven! :D Tons of books in many languages as well as heaps of people on every ledge, corner or chair reading.
I even found Skip Beat - my absolute FAVORITE manga. I was tempted to buy the first 3 volumes however even with my limited reading skills I wasn't ready to take on a whole book in Traditional Chinese (where I live they use Simplified Chinese).
Found a love wall outside the bookshop x333
I'm a bookaholic so I bought a big bunch of random books...
The most expensive one was the Spirited Away book (yaay) and I also bought the Secret Garden coloring book which is all the rage these days.
At the My Melody 40th anniversary exhibition I just bought these cute clips x3
And a pack of My Melody cards~
They're so adorable x333 and most of the other stuff was pretty pricey soo~~
After the exhibitions I went to the NanGang exhibition hall to check out the concert place in advance. Found this lovely Japanese style restaurant and ate a nice lunch.
With Milk Tea of course~!
...and what's a trip to Taiwan without trying out various kinds of flavored milk x333
After more shopping I ate a few lovely Bagels for dinner from "Flambagel"
Nomnomnomnom x333
Daiso loots and also tiny wine bottles for my dolls xD I got this set because one says "Gato Negro" ~ black cat aka Shiina Ringo reference! :3 :3
I found an amazingly expensive Ghibli shop and somehow got poked into buying this Cat Bus card pouch x3 I've always wanted something Cat Bus related!
Look at these amazingly cute gifts my friend Hisaya-san gave me from Osaka~~ The paper dolls are SO tiny.There's also a chopstick holder and cute phone charm.
Next - fabric market time! Dangerously cheap and many many kawaii fabrics here!
I also found lovely Ringo and music fabrics ~ I will make some Ringo-related Japanese style pouches I guess!
Collection of tiny kawaii fabrics ~~
Thanks for checking, I have a lot more to write related to Shiina Ringo x3 But that really needs a post of its own!


  1. I always love your travel posts. I get to enjoy the sights through you!

    Wow, chocolates from the hotel manager! That's service.

    Looks like you picked up some lovely goodies. That Spirited Away books looks quite interesting. Is it the art book? Hubby bought me the Totoro one for Christmas last year I think or the year before. Let me know what you think of those colouring books. I've been debating about getting one myself. There's one coming out called Hipster or something like that which I thought I might pick up when it's released.

    That Totoro cat bus pouch is so adorable. I wish there were places like that where I live. I have to get stuff online if I want any of the Studio Ghibli merchandise. I'm lucky if I can even find the art books here.

    What is Milk Tea? Is it tea with just milk in it or is tea made entirely of milk? I've been curious about that for a while.

    Thanks for sharing and hope you had a great trip!

    1. Thanks! Yes that's great service, isn't it? :D Taiwan is usually great like that with service!

      I suggest the Secret Garden book as I think it's one of the best ones for coloring, it's very pretty and detailed ~ There's also a new book out by the same author recently.

      Yeahh, I love Taiwan for having tons of nice Japanese things available - though it really was pricey ToT as official Japanese merchandise tends to be. The art book is really nice :) it's mostly got background designs and character designs in it ~

      Milk tea is a popular drink in Asia, it's also known as bubble tea (milk tea with tapioca pearls in it) ~ but I have to say the milk tea from Taiwan and HK tastes the best! If you ever travel around there I suggest you try it. It's essentially black tea with milk made in a special way. If you like I can send you some sachets of instant milk tea from Taiwan ^^;; not as good as fresh tea but still nice!

  2. So much cute stuff! ♥ I recognize that some of those kawaii fabrics have ended up in the Finnish fabric stores as well >3< I bet the selection over there is muuuch bigger~

    All the skin care stuff seems amazing as well! How are the prices? I feel like cosmetics etc. are super expensive in Finland :/ I've always wanted to try out some eye/nose patches, but there are only a few options here and they cost a lot, so I've been hesitant to try them out, in case they're not good for me and I end up just wasting money ._.

    Flavored milk sounds really interesting, I've never even heard of something like that D: Are they good?

    Skip Beat is one of my favorites too~ I've seen the anime adaption and read a little bit of the manga, which seems much better! Should read more of it >:3

    1. You're lucky to get any at all! :D There's heaps and heaps here.. we even found a shop with tons of Sanrio fabrics @o@
      The prices at Etude are really really cheap :) that's another reason I love them. I also love the Body shop but their prices are super high compared to Etude. However if you want some lovely face wash or mask I suggest trying Etude house's stuff, the nose patches work okay for me, and they give discounts if you buy 10 pieces at a time, haha :D
      You may try it if you ever travel to Japan or Taiwan or HK, they can be bough in convenience stores. My fav. must be banana milk :O

      Yaaay for Skip Beat, but not so yay for very slow chapter release these days ToT... I just adore the character development in this manga.

  3. Wow so much pretty stuff!!!
    Gato Negro is from my country (Chile) unless there's another one with the same name, though if it'sthe bottle I think it's the same one we have here xD That was a surprise!!
    I've heard so much good stuff about Etude house, and their packaging is one of the prettiest I've seen!

    1. Thanks
      Haha, really! Is it delicious? D: I just really loved the name of it ^^ but I guess my dollies get to enjoy it first.
      Yeah, Etude is awesome and their packaging is just adorable @o@. If you have a chance to buy some in HK or Taiwan I suggest you do~~

    2. no idea if it's good or not because I don't drink anything with alcohol XD
      The only time I go check the wine section is because I like the label design some do X)
      Why there's a mini bottle of a chilean wine there, but not here? makes no sense to me lol

    3. Haha alright ;) Yeah those labels are cute - I'm not much of a wine expert either, I don't really drink it :O

      Do you want some tiny bottles of wine??? :D

    4. hahaha no, it's okay :D thank you though :)

  4. The new bg is pretty :D
    I like this blue color with white polka dots ~*

    1. Yay, someone noticed! I'm too lazy for a full blog layout overhaul but at least I can change the BG for a quick fresh look, right? Ahaha~