Friday, September 4, 2015

Guitar collecting

For a small Pullip project I've been working on ~ I've been buying miniature guitars of all types and colors!

Somehow, it became a kind of collection. I found so many cheap ones on taobao~~  OwO

Wish is trying to choose a color between these 3~
Various kinds
She's too cutesy and doesn't suit these cool guitars~ but the scale of these is perfect for Pullip!
Thanks for looking~


  1. 1/3 guitars should be as cheap and cool as these ones XD I need one for Lucas ;_;!!!!
    I'm curious about your project, loving all the guitars!! and your pullip looks super cool next to them!! kinda wish there wa s apink one XD

    1. Actually they are! I have found one or 2 on taobao: and
      or a pricier one:

      Thanks so much :) I hope to be able to show parts of it soon~~ but it will be a lot of work TT;

    2. ohhh thanks for the links :D!!!! Too bad that my first taobao already shipped XD I will have to wait for the next time ;_;

  2. Those guitars look fantastic. I really love how they work with your collection and it's kind of neat that you have a collection like this. Sometimes, I think things can be better in mini form.

    1. Isn't everything cuter in tiny form? :O Hence my addiction to re-ments x3
      Thanks~ I love getting adorable dolly props :D