Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wishlists are growing

My taobao shopping cart looks like this now, thanks to certain evil bloggers around here. ToT Can you recognize these two? I can't afford them for now either way though.

Here's just some of what is on my wishlist at the moment, sadly it's quite a lot bigger than this! (all pictures are company photos, I will link the companies below)

1. Fairyland Feeple60 Celine - she looks adorable with a soft face-up I think, and I'd love to have her in white skin ^^ I find the default face-up too dark for my tastes~ also I adore her open mouth.
2. Little Monica Sarubia - sensing a theme here about the mouths? Shes adorable with the right face-up I think :D I adore LM's sculpting style as it's quite different from most companies!
3. Iplehouse Rexy - She's cute! I also love IH's new YID body - it's so gorgeously sculpted!
4. Iplehouse Asa - I've always loved her Asian features, particularly her eyes! So beautiful~
5. Limhwa/EOS Mano - When I first saw him I found him ugly as hell, however now I feel he's got so much character, as I can feel from my 3 other Limhwa dollies! They have a certain expression to their faces that really works for me.
6. Soom Arkose - After seeing various owner photos with different face-ups I really adore this guy! He's got amazing lips. LOL
7. Volks Williams - a very old wish of mine that is way tooo expensive. I once owned a Williams head but was too afraid to wipe the default face-up because of the price of the head *o* I hope one day I can purchase one without face-up!

Do you have the same problem? Does your wishlist seem never-ending?


  1. DD Ranko is so cute ;o; The character is my favorite from Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls, but I doubt I'll ever end up owning her since the second-hand prices just make me cringe... Would be fun to try to re-create the character from one of the standard models though, I feel like many of Volks' characters look quite same as the DDH heads D: But, hope you'll be able to afford the DD girls you want at some point :3 I'd love to see your pics of them~

    Iplehouse dolls are really lovely, I have Rexy on my wishlist too~ The nYID body is the prettiest thing ever, it has gorgeous curves and I think poses well too :) Would be lovely to see Rexy in her doll crew! (The same goes for Asa too, hahah)

    I know what you mean about the wishlist growing endlessly... I have so many dolls already and try to keep my wishlist at minimum, only to include the ones that are most important to me, but it's hard ; . ; There are just too many gorgeous sculpts and companies are releasing new ones all the time too...

    1. Thank you~! Yeah, these are the cheapest prices I could find on taobao for these 2 DDs. I also agree with you on that one, aren't some LE DDs confirmed to be basic head sculpts? I wonder which one Ranko could resemble most~ I've given that some thought before too.
      I agree with you on the curves, so gorgeous. And IH's quality and service is great too :O a lovely company. We can start an army of rexys. :D
      Haha, I try to prioritize my wishlist but those priorities also keep on changing o_O and there's a few on there that are impossible to buy too!

  2. Oh boy, so many pretties on your wishlist. And I thought I recognised that LM Sarubia. She is one of my favs from that company. I also love the fact that LM release some of the SD sized sculpts in the MSD size.

    I used to have a Limwha Mono but I ended up selling him. I kind of regret getting him in the tan because it was too orange for my tastes but boy, was he great at slouching, standing and sitting poses.

    My friend has a Williams so I've been lucky enough to see one in person and he is just a really really lovely doll. I've always found that Volks has a distinctive style which is quite lovely. If only they weren't so far outside of my dollie budget but who knows, I might win lotto one day!!

    The good thing about having a display cabinet is that it limits the amount of dolls that you can actually purchase because of the space issue so there is always a limit (which is a good thing in hindsight!). My wishlists used to be never-ending too but these days, it's pretty empty. There are a few dolls but they are on the "Adore but can never buy unless I win lotto" list. And it helps that the AUD is so bad right now that I'm not as tempted to spend much overseas, at least not on really big expensive purchases.

    1. I quite like LM's cute style! Their smaller dollies are so adorable too~!
      You had a mono? :D wow, he looks exactly like mano's little brother, doesn't he? :) I remember the orange tan they used to do, one of my Limhwa dollies suffers the same issue =( I'm not sure if they still do that now but I certainly hope not.

      Yeahh, Williams is so nice but so expensive @o@ He does have a kind of arrogant expression I particularly like!

      You have a great strategy for limiting your spending and collection! I used to set myself a number limit.. it used to be 10... then 20... now... I don't even know any more.
      I have 2 dolls on the "impossible to buy" list now, simply because they never appear for sale ToT consider them my grails~
      The AUD is not doing well either? I know the USD and Euro didn't do too well.. I feel a bit happy to get paid in RMB these days D: but those DDs are still pricey!

  3. I think my list over the years has gotten smaller XD but sure, if I had space and money and I could create characters like mad, I would have a bigger list (and IH Asa would be in it XD).
    I love Sarubia so much, but what I really really want from Little Monica is Blossom Lucile *u* that I think it's like a baby version of Sarubia XD but I'm in a tiny mood lately and I LOVE cute mouths and teeths showing in dolls :D
    Love your wishlist, it's actually not that big! and all those sculpts are fantastic~

    1. Wow, so you became more picky, right? :D I hope I can do the same with my wishlist, but there's just so many dollies I adore!
      I agree with you on the cute mouths x3 I can't resist those kinds of sculpts :O the only types of open mouths I don't like are smiling ones, they scare me a little!
      Thank you~ :D I hope you can post yours too!

  4. Haha, I totally understand your problem! 3 of those dolls in your wishlist are also on my 'If I ever win a lotto' wishlist! If I had more space and money I would definite love to have Sarubia, MSD Celine, and Iplehouse Asa. But if I had to pick what I wanted most from the your wishlist it would be Saurbia. She is just too cute for words. I love LM face ups, they are very detailed and have this delicate looks to them. ^-^ Right now, after getting a body for my floating DollClans Kien head. I want a to buy a LM Elena, she has the sweetest smile~

    1. We have similar tastes x333 ~ so happy. That means we could always share photos of those dollies if either one of us gets one, right?
      I think LM sculpts have a soft and gentle look to them, don't they? I like that style too. However I only love that for girls. For boys I prefer some sharper features like Dollclans boys have~ I adore strong noses on boys! :D

    2. We definitely should share pictures! I agree that LM sculpts have a soft and gentle look to them. I myself have a Little Monica Kliff (Harmony Line), he is very lovely. I don't mind soft and gentle look for both girl and boy dolls, it really depends on what kind of character I planned for the doll to be. Which DollClans boys is your favorite? Mine is obviously Kien, since I own him. :3

    3. No problem~ The soft and gentle look is very pretty, but I prefer BJD boys to be a little "ugly"? Hahahha :) Don't know why, It gives them character! So now I have a Soom Amber boy who is waaaaay too beautiful, and it's a little strange for me :O Though I also still love these types~
      DC is one of those companies I have a hard time deciding which one is my favorite! :D I guess I like Vezeto and Dauber the most at the moment, but most of their boys are so lovely :O (Oh gosh, looking at their website makes me want to own some of their boys~ Don't make my wishlist grow ToT)

  5. Cool wishlist. Very diverse - I like it :D
    I have a wishlist, but it's like a mix between wanting specific sculpts and just wanting something from a company. It's can never have too many dolls. It's just the wallet that sets the limit ;__;" 'cuz your heart won't XD'

    1. Thank you! Haha, I know that feeling. Some companies have too many awesome dolls D:
      That is inspiring yet depressing! My wallet sets the limit ~~ hahahaha.