Sunday, October 4, 2015

Annual head-swapping festival

Also: Happy world animal day! Give your pets a special treat ~ I miss my cats who are back home ToT~

So I did a bit of head/wig swapping with the other 2 boy heads I have lying around here without bodies!

Sorin, who is verryy close to white skin (Amber's body) but more pink, thus making it nearly impossible to find a body for him ^^;;;
Bewithyou Star head - who matched better with my Abadon's body colorwise, but the neck looks ridiculously thin compared to this head XDDD; So we get cool high coat-collar shots like this.
All my boy heads together. I was dismayed to find the black wig cap had stained Abadon's head... green! xO;
The head caps show a clearer color comparison. From top to bottom: Luts real skin, Narindoll ivory, Soom white, Bewithyou natural.
Comparison of all my white skin dollies ^^;
SQlabs accidentally sent me fist hands in 2 different white skin colors (they have one meant to match DD and one other white skin, which is the color of my Navi.) However the DD WS doesn't match my Mariko's WS at all XD;;;; The regular WS is more pink-ish than the DD one (though it's hard to tell from the photo).
Interestingly, the three Soom white skins are very very close to eachother, hardly any noticable difference besides a mild case of yellowing in the older resin.

Extra: My favorite "white snow" themed performance by Sheena Ringo has been re-uploaded to youtube! Yay! This performance reminds me of Yuki Onna so much!

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  1. I love how you style the fur wigs on the boys. I always have such a hard time styling fur wigs on my dolls. I found the clear headcap can stain a doll too (gives it a slight blue-ish tinge). It's kind of strange because I use those clear headcaps on my dolls to prevent wig staining.

    Thanks for all the comparison. Soom WS seems to be quite consistent which is good to know. Some companies change their resin mixture so often that you can't even match a head a year earlier to a body a year later from the same company or even within the same year!

    What did you think of SQLabs to order from? I like their more anime style dolls and always wondered what they were like. Their website is a touch confusing (to me).

    1. Thanks! Actually I am not good at styling them at all XD;; I always take a long time! Thats rather scary, that even clear headcaps can stain dolls! I tried to put one on my DD to prevent the staining but it didn't cover enough to prevent that either ToT

      Yeah, I remember having some Switch heads which were all from the same year but completely different skintones! Ack! Soom is at least somewhat consistent there.

      SQlabs, I ordered from them a few years ago and it was not bad :) their communication wasn't too great and I've read about tons of people waiting for ages and not getting any e-mail replies from them(you also need to order through e-mail). I don't know what their service is like now, but I do like their doll quality (my SQ Navi is cute and her body is lovely!).

  2. I always hear that SOOM resin color is never consistent, but white skin seems to be! I don't have 2 dolls from SOOM of the same skin color so I can't say, I have a white skin doll, a normal skin and a brown tan with tawny jointed hands (they don't match but it's also not that terrible XD).

    Loved the shots of your guys, they are so handsome *_*........... I agree with Alasse though, you truly can style fur wigs! I need to put more effort and time on that XD huhu

    1. I think their NS might not be very consistent :O but at least their WS is! I prefer WS over NS in general as well ^^; so I guess that's good. You have such a nice variety of colors! :D You could also take some comparison shots~!

      Thank you! :O I'm really terrible at it actually ToT I like fur wigs but I really want to cut a few of them to give them less "volume" ;o;

  3. Aaaaa, I just love your boys! ;__; Glad to see photos of them! <3 I especially love the pic of the red haired boy, his look is so intense!
    I have a craving for a new male doll - preferably a big one. I hope Soom will release a new big Idealian soon... I really want an Idealian! x3

    1. Thank you so much! :D Haha~
      I hope they release one too, I really love their idealeans! Especially their detailed sculpts (those hands!)~