Friday, November 27, 2015

Doll / BJD Blog tags - 25 Tags~

Dolly blog tag/photo challenge ~ 25 tags!
(I've been writing these for ages! LOL)
These tags are meant for us to try something new - so we get to post some photos of dollies and other stuff but also get to know each other a bit more.
To make this post less boring, here's a picture of my Mariko!
Blog tag #1
What's in your bag?
1. Post a picture of your bag with what's inside and describe it!
2. When you're traveling to a hobby-related party or convention,
what additional things will you carry in your bag?
3. Post a photo of your doll carrying a bag! If you own any doll props, post the contents of your dolly's bag!

Blog tag #2
Dolly wishlists
1. Post your regular random wishlist!
2. Post your dolly-related items wishlist!
3. If you could afford to buy any one doll right now, which one
would you purchase?

Blog tag #3
Dolly hoarding
1. Post a photo of your wigs, eyes, clothes and/or shoes collection. (or all of the above!)
2. In every photo, arrange the items into a particular pattern!
3. Post a photo of one other thing you have collected way too many of.
Bonus: Post a photo of something one of your dollies collects!

Blog tag #4
Dolly crossovers
1. Post a photo of your doll with something related to one of your other fandoms
2. If you could have a doll made after any famous person or character, who would it be
and why?
3. What is your favorite appearance of a doll in a movie, cartoon or book?

Blog tag #5
Pets & Dolls
1. Do you have any pets? If yes, post a photo! If not, talk about your past or future
2. Do your dollies have any pets? Post a photo please!
3. Do you like any Ball-jointed animal dolls? Which ones are your favorites?

Blog tag #6
Hands & feet
1. Post a photo of your favorite dolly hands (be it a doll you own or one on your wish
2. Take a photo of a human hand holding a dolly hand~
3. Finally, take a photo including 20 toes! (interpret this however you like, but there
must be some dolly toes involved too)

Blog tag #7
1. Post one photo of your doll in 3 different colors. (desaturate, then saturate + colorize)
2. Now post a black & white photo of your dolly (desaturate)
3. What's your favorite color? What's your favorite skintone on
a dolly? Do you own a colorful doll (in terms of personality or appearance)?

Blog tag #8
Dolls & Food
1. First, share a favorite recipe or favorite food with us please!
2. Next, share a photo of your doll & some food(real or miniature).
3. If your dolls could eat, but they could only choose to eat one thing, what would they choose?

Blog tag #9
Dreams of dolls
1. Did you ever have a dream or a nightmare about dolls? Describe please!
2. What is your dream doll? It should be a doll that doesn't exist yet!
3. Please share a photo of your doll in their (or your) worst nightmare.

Blog tag #10
Coordinate outfits
1. Lay out some of your doll's favorite outfits and photograph them
2. Photograph your doll and edit the photo so that your doll looks like a paper
doll with cut-out clothes. (like
3. Which of your dolls has the most clothes? How about the least? Do your dolls share clothes?

Blog tag #11
1. Do you have an "ugly" doll? For example: a doll that many have described as ugly or a doll
with an ugly personality? Share a photo please!
2. It's easy to mod a BJD, it's harder to mod ourselves. If there was one part about your physical
appearance you could "mod", what would it be?
3. Which doll sculpt do you find beautiful no matter what face-up/eye/wig/sock dress combo it has?

Blog tag #12
1. What is the most addictive part about the doll hobby? What keeps you coming back?
2. Finish this sentence: You know you're addicted with dolls when.....
3. Has your dolly addiction ever caused you trouble as addictions tend to do?

Blog tag #13
1. Find your oldest doll/BJD photo and edit it next to your latest photo to
see how far your photography has come. Bonus points if it's the same doll!
- If you do any dolly crafts (clothes, wigs, accessories, face-ups) please post a comparison of your
earlier work compared to your latest work!)
2. Can you describe how you've grown through the dolly hobby? (i.e. creatively or personally?)
If you have a doll that has been with you for a while, could you describe how this doll has changed/improved?
3. How did you discover this hobby?

Blog tag #14
1. What's your favorite doll meme or doll joke?
2. I challenge you to use a doll photo to recreate a famous internet meme right now (it could be bad
luck Brian or cheezburgers and cats, anything!)
3. If your dolls suddenly came to life and could move by themselves, what type of movie would you
shoot? What would you have them do in this film?

Blog tag #15
1. Do you have a dolly couple? Can you describe their love story? Pictures please!
2. Post a photo showing dolly love in any way (family, friends or romantic) without showing  any dolly faces in it.
3. A controversial topic before was the idea of different sized couples (for example: 40cm / 60cm dollies). What's your idea on this? What type of dolly couples do you or don't you like to see?

Blog tag #16
1. Have you ever written a story featuring your dollies? Have you ever made or considered making a photo story
about your dolls?
2. Here's a challenge: Tell a dolly story right now using 6 photos or less.
3. Do all of your dolls have personalities and background stories? Do you base your dolls on existing characters or do you
make up characters for your dolls? How do you feel about dolls that have no background stories at all?

Blog tag #17
1. Where do you usually photograph your dolls? Have you built any dioramas/rooms/houses for your dollies?
2. Imagine you had all the space, time, money and materials needed. What type of doll props would you love to make?
Can you describe it/share an image of your ideas? (For example: an epic doll house or a pack of cigarettes?)
3. Please post a photo of your doll in/on a human-sized piece of furniture.

Blog tag #18
1. Have you assigned or imagined your dolls to be a certain age? Do you own younger/older
versions of your doll's character?
2. Which doll has been with you the longest? And the shortest? How did your older dollies change over time? Pictures please! Do you celebrate your dollies' arrival dates and/or birthdays?
3. How do you combat the problems dollies encounter when they age? (ie: wear, yellowing, etc.)

Blog tag #19
1. Do you have any dolls that come very close to representing good and evil/light and dark/ heaven and hell or any equivalent?
 Share their stories please~
2. Post
a) one high contrast and/or clair obscur photo (
b) one photo showing your two most opposite dolls ~ (interpret it however you like)
3. I challenge you to tell a story using only 5 black/white photos, without any words(but photoshopping is allowed).

Blog tag #20
1. Who is your smallest dolly and your largest? What is your favorite size dolly? Why is that?
2. Do you have a limit to size for your doll's height or any part of their body? Why? Have you ever sanded down/modded something
smaller or bigger on your dolly?
3. I challenge you to post a comparison photo of your dollies(or a part of them) from small to big or vice versa,
you could choose height, foot size or even cup size (LOL).

Blog tag #21
1. What's your favorite artist/song/type of music? Share 3 of your favorite songs please!
2. Do any of your dolls love/play music? Do you own any instrument props? Photos please!
3. If all of your dolls (I mean all of them!) had a rap battle, who would win and why? :D

Blog tag #22
Against the odds
1. Have you ever gotten any negative comments/reactions about your doll hobbies? What were they?
2. What do you think is the best reply to a friend/family member having a negative attitude towards your hobby? How about to
a stranger?
3. Have people within this hobby ever made you want to quit or sell a dolly or give up on something else within the hobby?

Blog tag #23
1. Can you sew? How well? If yes, share some work please! If not, share some of your favorite outfits made by others!
2. If you could make any costume or accessory regardless of material/cost limitations, what would you like to make?
3. If you could own a life-size love/hug pillow with a picture of one of your dolls on it, which dolly would you choose to print on it?

Blog tag #24
1. What types of crafts has this hobby introduced you to? Did the hobby connect with your existing crafty hobbies or did you
get many new ones because of it?
2. What are some new types of crafty things you haven't tried yet but would love to try because of the dolly hobby?
3. I challenge you to make an accessory or prop for your dolly using only a sheet of A4 white printer paper~ you may
use other materials such as glue, tape and embellishments but please keep the main material paper! Share your results!

Blog tag #25
Living vicariously
1. Can your dolls do things you would never do or something you can't do? (ie: crazy adventures or just wearing super high heels)
2. If your doll would come to life right now, what do you think they would ask/tell you or complain to you about?
3. Have you ever lived vicariously through another doll owner's photos? Do you adore any other owners' dollies that you
probably wouldn't buy for yourself?

~ Enjoy!


  1. Oh wow, great job on these tags! A lot of interesting ones here. I think I will try to do them all! Hope you do some too! Thanks for sharing these.

    1. Thank you~ I plan to! So I can tag you as well x333

  2. This is genius!!!!!!!!! GENIUS!!!! *u* I feel so inspired from some of these questions :o!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be doing some in the future
    Thanks for posting this!

    1. Yay! I hope you will do some, and I will surely tag you in some as well x3333

  3. These tags are great! I think I will try to do some of them!
    Thanks for sharing them!!

    1. Yes and please tag your blog friends :D I want to tag you too~~

  4. Very inspiring Irene, I'd like to participate in some of these, maybe even try doing one of them every two weeks throughout 2016. Thanks for posting them, sometimes we all need something like this to make our blogs a little more interesting for others to read.

    1. I hope it can help all of us ~ perhaps I will think of more challenges/tags in the future to share, since I have always enjoyed photo challenges with interesting themes and such!

  5. These sound like so much fun, I definitely need to do some of these tags :D Thanks for sharing <3

    1. Thank you~ x3 Hope to see you do some for sure~ :D

  6. This is so brilliant! XD
    I love these! I'm definitely also up for the challenged :D
    Awesome idea Irene! *^^*

    1. Yay! I challenge you to finish all of them within a year! LOL :D

      Thank you x3 x3

    2. Oooh!! I'm so gonna do it you know XD'
      So 2016 will be filled with these ;D

    3. Yay! Okay~ I will also do it -adds to new year's resolutions!-

  7. I love reading your tags! Makes me want to answer them too. Gosh, your Mariko is my crush, she's just too cute!!!

    1. I hope you will~ :D I'd love to hear your thoughts on these topics!

      thank youu~~ :D :D

  8. Aaah these are super fun! I think I might make a series of posts with these tags! They also are a great inspiration for photographs~ :)

    1. I hope they can inspire you to do something crazy with photography! :D Looking forward to seeing your posts!

  9. Thanks for sharing the tags, I'll try to do at least some. :D

  10. These tags are awesome! :D Could be fun to do them >w< great incentive to take pictures too!

  11. These are good! Would you mind if I translated them and posted them on a Danish forum for bjs? I would of course credit you as the creator.

    1. (sorry for my late reply!)
      Of course not, the more the merrier, right? I hope more people can do it! Just a link to this page would be awesome, thank you!

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    3. Thank you! Hope you have a merry Christmas!
      Of course I'll include a link for your blog :D