Saturday, December 5, 2015

2016 goals

I checked last year's goals and there were a bunch of them still unfinished so let me update my list right now~
Brand New Civilization Year!
Continuance of old goals:
  • Improve on sewing - getting there! :D
  • Improve my piano skill~ after one year I am about level 1? Great fun though!
  • Somehow manage to get enough time and money to visit South Korea ~
  • Minimize my stuff! I want to live more compactly~
New goals:
  • Save some money (good luck, I have taobao at my finger tips ToT)
  • Finish decorating / move into my new place!  
  • Buy a Nikon D5300, has been on my wishlist for a while and my old D40 could really use an upgrade xD;
  • Finish the first draft of my first novel (should be around January!)
  • Start on the draft of the second one!
  • Buy an electronic piano ~ x3 kinda pricey still, but I needs practise!
  • Finish memorizing Hiragana/Katakana (lazy) and get a start on finishing my Japanese course
  • Read more books~ 
  • Get a tattoo? (Shiina Ringo tribute PLS)
  • Get 2 more ear piercings? :D (I have 4 already)
  • Build a Pullip diorama~ 
  • Build a prototype for my website I've been working on for literally 4 years! (Cake.Town)
What are your goals for 2016? :D


  1. Wow! Cool goals! :D
    I especially find the tattoo one exciting XD
    You seem to have so many awesome projects going on. Super cool!

    1. Thanks! haha yeah :D The tattoo one mostly requires courage on my part x3 but I have an idea of what I want~

  2. Nice set of goals!!! You want to go to South Korea how cool! you need to post lots of pictures~ I'd love to go someday too hehe
    Hope you accomplish many goals next year :D!!!
    I'll be posting my goal list at the end of the month I think, I don't have any clear goals atm XD

    1. Thanks ever so much :D I do hope I can go but I need to save lots of money as well~

      I hope to see yours soon! ~

  3. Those are nice goals!!! Hope you can achieve all of them!
    And traveling sounds amazing! Please share pics if you go! :D

    1. Thank you~ I will work hard!
      I will certainly share photos, but first I will visit Taiwan and share pics of that trip!

  4. Good luck with your goals! And I would love to visit South Korea too. :D

    1. Thank you~ I think it will be a cool trip if I finally get the chance to go! x3 x3

  5. You've got some really good goals there! It'll be fun to look back to them a year from now and see what has become true and what is yet to achieve. :)

    Ooh, you're writing a novel! How interesting! I've also thought about writing a novel some day but I should just sit down and start writing some drafts. I have a lot of ideas, now I just need to make them appear on the paper/computer screen. :D

    When I started studying Japanese in the Uni, we had to memorize hiragana and katakana in the first two weeks. After that there was a test and if you couldn't pass it, you were dropped off the course. Pretty strict but all of our learning material was mainly in Japanese so if we didn't know how to read hiragana, it would have been a problem. Good luck with your Japanese studies! I love learning Japanese, it's such an interesting language!

    1. Yeah, it was kindof fun to check off lots of those goals from last year too!

      Yeahh, I know how hard it is to start haha, and especially not cringing at your first chapter after finishing that and giving up. I set small goals, at least 1 word a day, that way it's easy to reach every day, and once you start on 1 word, you will probably write at least an entire sentence! It's much easier to set a small goal like that and try to make it into a habit!

      That sounds so harsh haha! I find Hiragana okay but I'm taking it slow on those, Katakana is slightly more confusing but I think I'll get there eventually xD; I already know some kanji (from studying Chinese) so that is helpful I guess ~ I also found some great resources for studying Japanese online!

  6. Oh boy, I think I gave up making goals as they seem to go out the door after about a month!

    I hope you can do that Pullip Diorama. That sounds pretty neat. Hope you do finish your first novel. It's a great feeling. I know when I finished my first, it was a great feeling especially as it was the first thing I had finished in a long time at that point. Which reminds me, how did Nano go this year?

    I wish there was enough room in my house for a piano. I'd love to get back into learning a musical instrument again. I used to play the keyboard but that was a while ago now. I used to be able to read sheet music too but it's been years now.

    Seeing as I just blew my dolly budget completely (didn't realise the AUD was even worse off than I thought when I won a doll lottery yesterday but had to pay for it regardless ..., sigh ... honestly did not think I would win the doll lottery as I haven't all year), I think I will be tightening my purse strings in 2016. Other than things I already have on pre-order, I am going to have to resist the urge to buy stuff. I haven't really thought beyond that. It's going to be such an uncertain year for me.

    1. Hahaha! I think the trick is to set smaller goals instead of impossibly huge or vague ones!

      Thank you~ I hope I can finish all of those things too, revision will be a major part of it as well next year I hope~ I hit 22k during November, which is fine by me :D I wasn't going to push myself to write double that and lose my motivation.

      Wow you can read sheet music? I can read it but very slowly, and sightreading is just so hard, it takes me a long time to play anything because of that! haha ~ it would be cool if you could take up music again!

      Woow, did you win a volks lottery? (that's the only doll lottery I can think of!) Can't wait to see who you bought! That's a shame about your budget though ToT

    2. My goals have a habit of being big all the time! Will have to try this small goal thing.

      22k is still pretty good.

      It's been years since I looked at sheet music so I would have to relearn everything again. I do remember a few things. I was trying to figure out how to play a particular song on the guitar which I still want to learn how to play but it's tough going.

      Oh man, I wish I could put in for a Volks lottery. The day I do that, you'll know I've won the regular lottery! The FR dolls I collect have regular lotteries and I manage to get one of the face molds that I've been wanting for a while but is insanely hard to get at retail prices on the second-hand market.

    3. Yeah, or try to divide a big goal into several smaller goals!
      Thanks x3 haha, it wasn't easy to do it as I'm in the middle of moving and have a full-time job too! ToT
      It'd be cool if you could learn to play that song :D Do your best!
      Ohh, I had no idea FR had lotteries too :D well either way, congratulations and share some pics soon!!

  7. Hi Irene,
    I wish you much luck in attaining all your goals. My 2015 goals went bum upwards in no time, too many distractions, too many beautiful dolls tempted me. :)

    1. Hey Xanadu,
      Thanks for your wishes! :D Haha, too bad you gave up on it~