Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tags tags tags~

First off, happy new year every one!

Secondly, I've gotten really backlogged in my commenting again and it's due to two reasons! First I was busy showing my Japanese friend around Xiamen and Fujian for 5 days over the new year~ Also, directly after that I moved to my new place which is still without Wi-Fi... ToT I've been trying to catch up on my work PC but it doesn't have all the stuff I'd like to post about available on it!
 Here's a little crappy phone-camera photo of my new place, it's all fancy and new and has storage-stairs! I'm sure that's the official name for it xD;The bed and closet are located upstairs~ It's small but cozy!

Liebster Award 

Two lovely people tagged me :) So thank you Safir and Nyte

The rules:
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  2. Post the award image on your blog.
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
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Safir's questions:
  • 1. Do you prefer enjoying the hobby by yourself or by socializing a lot with other people (meet-ups etc.)?
I am actually rather introverted so I prefer small groups or meeting just with a few friends. I also don't mind enjoying the hobby by myself :) but it's better to have a friend or two around!
  • 2. Do you ever take a doll with you when you travel?
Yes! I've actually traveled to Doll Parties in Taiwan and HK with dollies before, and no, customs never did open my bags or say anything concerning my baggage filled with doll parts o_o;; oddly enough!
  • 3. Is there any doll/figure that you didn't like at first, but then later fell in love with?
Maybe Doll Chateau dollies, I've grown to appreciate them more, at first their weird proportions kind of turned me off a bit. I can't say I'm in love with them though ^^;;;
  • 4. If you miss a limited doll, do you want to hunt down that exact one or wait for new similar releases ?
If I know the company regularly does re-releases like PW I will wait for that, but with Soom you might get a different color release, in that case I'd have to search for the original edition on the second hand market ToT I've missed way too many LEs by the way~ 
  • 5. Have you ever thought of quitting the hobby? If so, why?
Yes, on several occassions the amount of money that has gone into it has made me feel a bit bad, or when I had periods of time when I didn't do anything with my dolls and kind of felt depressed about it was when I came closest to selling all my dolls and just leaving the hobby.
  • 6. What company has impressed you the most and why?
I guess it has to be Peak's Woods with their awesome customer service, no matter what they are always friendly, polite and warm in their responses. Their interaction with the community deserves an award in my opinion!
Soom used to be my favorite in terms of sculpts and releases, however with having to deal with their customer service for two months they dropped to my 'neverbuyfromagain' list.

  • 7. If you had to get a doll of some existing anime/movie/game/other character, who would it be?
Shiina Ringo doll. Definitely. Sorry. I actually considered getting her minimee'd.
  • 8. Do you prefer male or female dolls/figures?
 That's female. I checked and my female to male ratio is about 4:1. I guess girls just have more options when it comes to fashion styles~

  • 9. What is the most memorable comment that you've gotten about your hobby?
Ohhh, when a girl saw a photo of my Pullip and it inspired her to draw a picture of said dolly~ That was so sweet and wonderful, the picture can be seen here!
  • 10. Which one do you enjoy more - reading or watching TV/movies?
I guess it's reading, since that is more 'active' for me, I can really imagine the environments, characters and events more and books generally make a more lasting impression on me.
  • 11. If you had your own doll company, what kind of dolls would you make?
I've actually thought about it XD First idea was SD-sized female dolls, I still have a sketch of her.
Second idea was selling big-headed vinyl dolls a la Pullip or Blythe ~ 

Nyte's questions:
  • How did you get into your hobby?
 I think it was mostly random picture browsing for dollies, I didn't know there were such dolls as BJDs until I found some ebay shops selling stuff for them~ I believe the first dollies I saw were DoD's Shall and Luts dollies!
  • What got you started on blogging?
 It was a new habit I'd been wanting to start for ages, before this I usually just posted pictures on Flickr ~ but I needed a space where I could post a bit more coherent posts with text and matching photos ~
  • What is your most treasured doll/figure? And why? 
Hmmm, it might be my Unoa Zero Marion girl, Oceane, who is still in my home town at this moment, she's tied with my PW original tan Goldie, Kirari~  along with my Gray Onyx, Idria. They are some of my most beloved dollies!
  • Where do you get your inspirations from?
 I think Japanese culture is inspiring, Shiina Ringo, music, colors, other people's doll photos, etc!

  • What are three things you love about your hobby?
It combines lots of different hobbies~ 
It allows me to meet geeky people such as myself who have similar interests besides dolls!
The visual aspects of this hobby~  I love pretty things.

  • Do you feel alone in your hobby?
Sometimes, since there's no one in my immediate surroundings who is into it ^^ however, when I read comments from all of you guys I feel like I'm not that far away from my home ~~  haha :D
  • Are you buying anything for your dolls/figures soon?
I am plotting several taobao orders actually ..... ^^;;; as I always am. But first I plan to buy a piano for myself!
  • What is your preference (gender and size) of your dolls/figures?
Female as stated before, and size would be SD and above (...) but recently I made an MSD order o_o;;;;;;;; I wonder how it will go.
  • Do you see a repetitive pattern on the dolls/ figures you buy/ own (dreamy expression, big lips, and etc.)?  
Not really, I do feel most of them are more between realistic and cartoony, so nothing too crazy/cartoony/fantasy-like but also nothing too real like minimees. I guess I prefer a middle ground between these two.
  • What is the most important thing about your dolls/figures? 
The fact that it inspires me and it even gave me my novel idea!
  • Do you have regrets getting into your doll/figure hobby?
 Sometimes I regret spending money TwT ahahaa, but shoppping therapy is still the best therapy

Gosh I think everyone's been tagged already! Thank you for tagging me with such interesting questions~~ :D
Have a Ringo dancing crazily in Kimono gif  happy new year ~ every one!


  1. Cozy places are always great to live in plus on the upside, less cleaning! I miss the very small two bedroom flat we used to live in before we bought our house. It takes me several hours to clean this place!

    I feel the same about the hobby, the amount of money I throw at it sometimes makes me cringe. I try not to think too much on it otherwise it'd do my head in!

    I'm really happy to hear that Peakswood have such stellar service. I have my eye on one of their yo-sd girls as a possibility for Rune's friend in the future.

    Oh you're getting a piano! That's quite awesome. Music can be very therapeutic.

    1. I totally agree haha, I barely have time to clean any large spaces!

      Oh yeah I always strongly recommend PW to any one :D Hope to see some PW dollies in your collection in the future!
      I hope it will be soon~ I really need the practise ^^;;

  2. Congrats on your new place!
    It was very fun to read your answers :D
    Its sad for Soom that they've fucked so many relationships with their customers up. :/ I hope your issue gets sorted out in the end.
    So envious that you are gonna buy a piano! How cool is that *___*

    1. Thank you~ Yes the story of Soom really makes me sad =(
      I really hope I can get it soon, it's just so pricey though, even if it's only an electronic one ToT

  3. Happy new year and congrats on your new place! It looks so comfy :3
    Your answers were very interesting! I hope your MSD order goes nice, and that you love the size!

    1. Thank you~ Haha, I hope so too :) but secretly I don't want to buy an entire new wardrobe with shoes in a different size! T_T;;;

  4. Hahha shopping therapy XD!! well I guess it does work, one gets immediatly excited right?

    Loved reading your answers! I'm just like you when it comes to feel like quitting the hobby, when I do it's for the exact same reasons, can't help it. But then I remember how much I love being in the hobby and it's all good. If I quit when I'm not doing anything with my dolls I know I will regret it after

    Taobao is so full of nice stuff, I want to order again too haha~ I have some things in mind already,I just can't spend more money for a couple of months T-T... need to save up

    1. Haha, I'm glad you agree, it's just bad for our wallets T__T

      Wow it seems we feel exactly the same way, though I haven't felt that way in a long time, I still enjoy my little ongoing dolly projects~
      Yes, taobao is the evilest and most wonderful thing ever~ everything is cheap and sooo many pretty things!

  5. The pic of your new place looks lovely~ What a neat idea, those storage stairs! I have no idea what the correct term for them is either, but storage stairs is a good and descriptive name! :D Also, I think it'd be wonderfully cozy to sleep upstairs, like sleeping in a treehouse or something. ;)

    Interesting to read your answers! I feel a bit sad for you for sometimes feeling alone in the hobby but luckily there's the web community and you are never too far from friends that way, so I hope you don't feel too lonely! *hugs*

    Haha, I've always wondered if the customs at airport would be surprised at finding dolls in the luggage, but on our Japan trip they were more interested in my electric devices and their cords than the dolly stuff... ^^;; Should have seen it coming though...

    Oh you've had thoughts of quitting the doll hobby sometimes too? I've felt so quilty about having thoughts like that since I've been so enthusiastic about my dolls and the hobby, it felt like I was letting myself and the dolls down or something... but I guess it's not such an extraordinary thing to think that way when you feel sad about something. :)

    That's a super cute picture that the girl drew of your Pullip and I'd also love to see your sketch that you wrote about in safir's question number 11. ;)

    1. Thank you~ I'm very happy with it and sleeping upstairs is very comfortable and warm indeed! :3 :3

      Aww thanks, I've got some friends in Taiwan which is the closest ~ I guess. haha :D I do miss my European friends though TT;
      Yeah, customs amazes me sometimes haha, but they must see some pretty weird stuff every day; perhaps they're used to it?

      I think every one's had such thoughts at one point? It's nothing to worry about I think, it's hard to justify spending such money! I think the important thing is that you shouldn't make rash or quick decisions you might regret later at that time though ^^;
      I wonder if I have the sketch here or if it's in my hometown... I'm afraid it's the latter TT;;; otherwise I might share it (despite it being embarrassingly ugly! haha )

  6. Congrats on your new place - it looks really lovely! :D

    Oh, Minimees! I had totally forgotten about those. xD I remember almost getting some of the members from D'espairsRay, but I think the group orders never got enough participants. ^^'

    Taobao is such an evil yet wonderful place!! I would totally be placing an order now if it wasn't because I'm saving up for some Iplehouse clothes.

    1. Thank you~
      Oh that's a shame you never got them, I always thought the minimum order for minimees was quite a high amount D: I'd prefer to have a minimee that's truly unique, as in there's only one of them I guess :O But there's some companies now that offer similar services... I wonder how good of a job they can do.

      Ahaha~ yes I agree with you. But Iplehouse has really fabulous clothing D: it's totally worth it ~~

  7. Hope you are getting more settled into your new home. At first glance I thought you had made a diorama. LOL! It does look cosy and I love the shelves in the stair, that will come in handy for dolls. :)

    Enjoyed reading your answers and can so relate to your feelings about bad customer service, it's something that puts me right off buying from a company again too.


    1. Thank you~ Hahah, it might be a great idea for a diorama, actually xD;; I love compact living spaces like these!

      I 100% agree with you ^^; I don't mind a company making mistakes or being slow, just so long as their communication is excellent about it.

  8. I like your new home! ^__^ As many before I like the shelves underneath the stairs (?) handy place to put dolls in. :)

    I understand about preferring small meets and having hobby just for you. With dolls I find it really nice to have someone to talk about dolls! :D People who understand, that's good to have around.

    Oh to be at big event anywhere in Asia would be so great! T3T I only dream of that for sure! I haven't been asked about dolls that much either, last time I went to see my parents the customs people didn't even say anything. First time we were at LDoll one of us showed her doll and said poupee poupee many times. XD Then they let us go, weird foreign people we are.

    I said to my sister a while back that I have a feeling that I should sell most of my dolls and have the money around just in case. She said that why do I need the money, and I didn't have any proper answer, just "in case something happens". She said that if you don't know if you need the money or not, then don't sell the dolls, but save a bit later on. :) Money comes and goes, but some of the dolls don't, she said I'd miss them a lot if I'd do that. I'm glad she said that and she was right. ^^; I've never felt like I should leave the hobby, but I've felt like I spend too much time around oogling on internet doll sites and social media.

    How long have you played piano? I love that, my friend used to play for me when we were teens, she played beautifully! ^^

    1. Thanks so much~ yeah the shelves are part of my ideal dream home really! :D
      Hahaha, I love that reaction too, though maybe most of them would indeed just brush it off as "weird foreigners" LOL :D

      I'm glad you have such an understanding sister, and she's totally right! You might regret that later on T_T; money is useful to have around of course, but I think dolls can bring us lots more joy than that ^^;;;

      I've been taking classes for about a year, just once a week so it's slow progress :D but it's really enjoyable ~~

  9. Thanks for answering! Your new place looks very nice, I love those stairs. ;)

    1. Thank you, they are so convenient for sure! :D
      And thanks again for the tag! :3 :3