Friday, January 15, 2016

Tainan, Taiwan + Liebster Award Tag part #3

Here are some highlight pictures of our one day trip to Tainan, which is less than an hour away by train from Kaohsiung and a really lovely city as well! My friend Lisa guided us the whole day, she is really wonderful, considerate and kind!
The streets of Tainan when exiting from the train station~

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The first thing we did was get a bite to eat ~ my friend got  this amazing shaved ice and I shared some sweet almond milk dessert and some lovely curry rice with my other friend!

Shopping malls have such cute holiday decorations ~ and many dangerous sales xO xO

Then we took the bus to a local sight-seeing spot in Tainan~ :D even the buses here were decorated so nicely!

The first thing we noticed were these amazing ice creams  ~ on that day they only had the alligator though~

Of course one us had to try one xP We had entirely too much ice cream in Taiwan~ actually.

Then we walked through a tourist market, it had lots of cute things for sale!

It wasn't very crowded, we tried some different snacks and bought some small items~

I found these statues which were giving the thumbs up for whatever reason x3;;;

Then.. I found the best.thing.ever. an OWL shop! Owls are my favorite animals (together with platypus) ~ so it was very exciting! It even had two floors!

There were sooo many lovely statues!

Some of them were even rather pricey!

I was trying to find some excuse to buy one of these x33;;;;

Outside, we came across more ice cream in various... odd... shapes. ;;;;;;;;;

Then of course there were many small temples in this area. I guess they wrap up most of the artwork in order to preserve/protect it?

There's a big difference between Taiwan and Mainland China's temples, for example: Taiwanese temples are way more elaborately decorated, the level of detail is amazing!

The sculpting on this pillar is amazing!

They had given this lion a lovely headband ~ Its pose was like "look at me ~ I'm fabulous now!"

There's a lot to see, even in the small local city temples like this!

Our next stop was this traditional Japanese house (including the paper doors/windows) ~ we had to take off our shoes to walk through it. I would have loved to have seen this type of house with actual furniture!

I found this chubby little guy on guard ~

When we arrived at the next destination we found so many of these tags~

Such lovely decorations, I want to write one ~ one day!

This Japanese style shop was selling salt in all colors, one for every day of the year. My birthday color is yellow! xO

I picked up a bottle of my birthday salt x3 If any one can read Chinese / Japanese they will know my birthday XD!

I tried some apricot-seasalt-ice cream~ which instantly started melting on me! LOL ~ Taiwan is much warmer than Xiamen!

Some of this day's goodies~ Some were picked up at the Kaohsiung train station ^^ ~

Dried green mango from Tainan and only two (!) owl goodies and I couldn't resist these no face and catbus pouches! They're two of my favorite Ghibli characters~ I hope to one day find some Baron merchandise! x3333

More Taiwan pictures coming~ haha x3

Liebster Award #3 ~
I was tagged again by Café Amaretto ~ and the questions are so interesting ^^ ~ thank you!
  • What is your single biggest inspiration in this hobby?
 That's hard to say, I would say music inspires me the most? But I also adore certain themes within my dolls ^^ ~ I also love looking at Japanese fashion!
  • Do you create characters for your dolls first, or buy the dolls and let the characters come to you? Or do you prefer to collect fullsets as they are?
I tend to buy dollies on an impulse, even if they are planned, the character will come much later. As it's uncertain what kind of style they will get ~   I tend not to keep my dollies in their fullsets most of the time ^^ I like mixing and matching wigs, eyes and clothes!
  • How big is your collection? Planning on more? Downsizing?
Hm, my BJD collection consists of 29 fully completed dollies T_T;; it's a number that rather scares me as well, but I don't really have any plans of downsizing, I do have a massive wishlist! ;_;
  • Do you celebrate your dolls' birthdays/arrival date anniversaries? If yes, how?
Nope, but I think it's an awesome idea! Most of my dollies are in my hometown right now so I can't really do anything with them~ and that makes me sad ToT
  • How do you feel about traveling (long or short distance) with your dolls?
No problem :) I've carried them halfway across the world, around Asia and to Europe ~
  • What would you consider "off-limits" in terms of sizes, sculpts, skintones, etc. for your collection?
Probably smaller size dolls than SD (but I might get started on MSD size..) ~ I think nothing is really off-limits for me, if I like a doll enough I will buy it~
  • Do you prefer to buy things premade, or are you more of a DIY person? Have you made things yourself for your dolls?
I can DIY face-ups and some jewelry and accessories and rarely clothes (I'm horrible at sewing though!) ~ so for clothing, wigs, shoes and eyes I prefer pre-made stuff! There's so many amazing shops around!
  • How do you come up with names for your dolls?
I browse name websites, check word translations in different languages and sometimes odd names just pop up into my mind. xD;;
  • If you could "meet and greet" any company and their staff at a doll convention, which would it be?
It would still have to be some of Soom's sculptors ~ it's not their fault their company's customer service has gone to poo ;_;
I would especially like to meet the sculptor of the Onyx sculpt!
I've already met Peak's Woods ~ who are simply amazing, Switch are also the nicest people as well as Migidoll and Chica Bonita!
  • How do you like your eyes? Sparkly like Oscars, crisp and bright like Enchanted Doll and Mako Eyes, or sturdy like a good pair of glass eyes?
I like those sparkly eyes but haven't found they might match any of my dolls yet ^^; ~ I prefer softer colors and special color combinations. But I generally tend to try lots out and go with whatever suits that particular dolly! I adore eyes that aren't just one flat color, an extra color adds a lot of depth to a glass eye I think!
  • Out of all the members of your doll family who's your favorite?
It's hard to choose favorites with most of my dollies abroad.. right now the favorite of the dolls with me are my PW Tristan and Soom Clozel ~

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh I always love your travel posts. I get to enjoy another place through you! You are lucky that you have a city such a short drive away. Our closest is about a 4-hour drive away!

    There's a store that opened up here a few months ago that sells bubble tea and shaved ice. I'm planning on going again this coming Monday. I love the look of the one your friend got though. Looks yummo!

    And a city that likes ice cream - I would be in heaven!

    Those tags, are they wish tags or prayer tags?

    I think it's rather neat that you got to meet some doll companies already. I'd really love to meet Luts, Aquarius Doll and Bluefairy.

    I had a pair of Oscar eyes, I love them too but they don't really suit any of my dolls which is a shame as I really find them quite unique.

    1. I'm happy you like~ haha well, Taiwan is really small, so whenever I go there, traveling around is really easy and convenient!

      Ice cream is the best, we were extremely pleased to find Coldstone in Taiwan~ :D
      I think they were wish tags, they even had cute illustrations on them!

      I hope you can meet them one day~ I remember Luts did a tea party around the world before, I wonder if they'd consider doing that again!

      I agree with you, they're super pretty but I'm not sure they really match the looks I generally go for with my dolls xD;;;

  2. Oh my, that owl shop! *o* ♥ So many cute things~

    It was fun to read your tag answers ^^

    1. Ahaha, it was very hard to not buy too much in there :3
      Thank you~~

  3. Super travelogue Irene, the photos are wonderful! I wouldn't have needed any excuse to buy the pink owls, I don't know if the owls mean anything special, but they are very cute. :) Rather peculiar ice creams though, I have never seen any like that before.

    Enjoyed reading your additional tag.

    1. Thank you Xanadu! Haha, I just wasn't sure what I would use that type of curtain for in my home :3 I guess owls have many meanings all over the world! ~ I just adore their cuteness mostly though!

      Thanks so much :D I hope to do some more tags in the future ^^

  4. Looks like you had an amazing trip! I love how they have such a variety of ice creams XD'

    September 20th? :D

    I didn't know you had that many dollies *__* cool!
    May I ask if you are staying in Asia permanently or is it a part of school? :3

    1. Haha yeah, ice cream is the best @o@ ~ one of my "happy" foods! :D

      Yeah~ ^^ you are awesome!
      I am living in Asia and working here, I will stay as long as I'm enjoying it and can have a job, haha! :D

    2. Indeed! Ice cream is nice! :D

      Hehe yay ^_^v

      Cool! May I ask what you are working as?
      I considered working in Japan after I got home from my exchange stay there...but Japan is very difficult with their strict rules on foreigners working there. Also, my contacts in Japan told me it is very difficult to get a job there. ^^" But I'll definitely go visit Japan again next year (10 whole years after last visit). ':D Makes me feel old - 10 years...

    3. ~ I am an English teacher, I agree with you on Japan, they have stricter requirements for certificates etc. from foreigners, however, China is very lax on those rules (no need to be a native speaker, etc.) so it's really easy to get an English teaching job over here :3 I teach adults (some teenagers) which I prefer personally over teaching kids~ it's not a difficult job and it's fun and varied! Also it's really easy to travel all around Asia from here ^^

  5. Those are the most gorgeous and detailed temples I've seen, what a gorgeous place to visit~ And I LOOOOVE owls so much!!! That store looks like a dream come too :D!!!!

    Loved reading more answers from the tag too~

    1. I agree, and with the buddhist music and smell of incense they give you such a sense of peace~
      Ahh Owls! :D Yeah, that shop was totally amazing @o@ I wish there were more like that around!

      Thank you~

  6. Tainan looks beautiful, I would love to go visit there. Thanks for sharing those pictures... I really want to eat that ice cream alligator thing, lol.

    1. Hope you can go to Taiwan once for sure, since it's so wonderful there x333 Let's eat all strange shapes of ice cream cones! Ahahah~