Monday, January 25, 2016

Taiwan Kaohsiung ~ best times!

These are my final pictures from Kaohsiung~ it was hard to choose the best ones from the many lovely and interesting ones~

The first impression of Taiwan was the MRT~ (subway). Our hotel was near Formosa Boulevard, which is the most beautiful MRT station in Kaohsiung! Lucky us!

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We decided to meet my Taiwanese friend Lisa to have lunch at a local doll café ~ little did we know it was almost literally down the street from our hotel! LOL~ Incidentally, La Blancheur was also the organizer of the Doll Party I attended!
We weren't allowed to take photos in the doll section on the first floor, but we decided to have lunch in the café area on the second floor!

My lunch x3 because I can

My friends got nice lunches too, this noodle soup had very good and clean broth. Cleanliness is something you really learn to appreciate when you live in China. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Another set meal, it was so big and not expensive at all!

Everything was cute~

After lunch we took a bus to the Fo Guang Shan monastery~ it was already a bit late in the afternoon so we arrived around dusk, we didn't have much time before the last bus back would depart so we rushed a little bit!

I spotted a cute Totoro bus~ x333

There were 8 pagodas, each dedicated to a different school of Buddhism ~ and what a gorgeous view!

At the end of the road, the big Buddha can be found~

There were also many smaller rooms dedicated to various female Gods and there was even Buddha's tooth relic room. We had to take our shoes off to get in and I didn't take photos since it seemed disrespectful ^^

Female monks, or should I call them nuns?

Back in the city we decided to check one of the famous night markets and when we arrived...
"People mountain people sea" is a Chinese proverb which can often be applied... xD;

Mysterious meats~

Lovely menu style!

Delicious fruits! I love Sugar apple, Jack fruit and Wax apple x3 ~ Guava is nice too! Durian is evil though

I think they were shrimp cakes?  x3

Oysters on the BBQ~

Taro looks weird on the outside, but it's delicious on the inside x333

Some kind of tangyuan~ I guess. Or maybe seafood flavored ~

A... snake... restaurant. We didn't care to try really xD ~

I ate fried mushrooms and.. Stinky tofu with cheese sauce and pickled cabbage~! Yes I love it runs away

We went into a famous Japanese store ~ it was kind of like a drug store with wonderful decorations!
So many lanterns!

And a very big daruma ~

I loved these old-fashioned style advertisement pictures!

And hello kitty was selling tobacco xD;;;

The streets of Kaohsiung at night ~ This was my good-bye shot of Taiwan since we were leaving the next morning!

Finally, some foodporn shots taken with my phone ~
Coldstone is a blessing, best ice cream ever! :D

Eating 'Mexican' food in Taiwan XD still delicious! The plate was huge!

Tempura with 'Bukakke' Udon ;;;;;;;;;;;; ~ stop thinking of that name right now

And moreee Coldstone, we had some stamps from 7/11 saved so we could buy 1 get 1 free, twice! :D We had way more ice cream than could possibly be good for any one on this trip! But one can never eat too much ice cream..

Thanks for checking~~  :3


  1. OH MY GOSH the food looks so gooooood!!! And mug that has a sheep in it and it says "lammas" that's actually sheep in finnish. How funny! Everything seems so colorful and beautiful, I love the fruits in those containers. All the icecream!!! =w= <3

    1. Ahh~ really?! I didn't even know that :D maybe Finnish is becoming more popular over here in Asia (the moomin shops prove it!)
      Yeahhh the food is soooo good in Taiwan :D ~~ just looking at the pictures is making me hungry xO

  2. Oh boy, seeing these photos sure made me hungry XD I'm a big fan of ice cream, so I'd love to try out Coldstone ;3; Maybe one day!

    Like Xaya, I noticed that "lammas" text in the sheep mug, so cute :D

    1. Ahaha, it's too funny, isn't it? :D
      Coldstone is nice, they actually mix the ice cream by hand on a special stone plate :D it's really very interesting. They also sang me a Christmas song when I tipped them my change. LOL

  3. So much food!!! pretty and unknown to me, I wanna try it all XD!!!

    Lovely photos!! Didn't know there were female monks/nuns :o

    1. Yeah, and all of them are so good ~~
      Thank youu :D There are some, but they always seem to be in the minority.

  4. Haha bukake udon *cries* X'DDD
    It looks like a wonderful time though :D All that ice cream *___*

    1. Ah noes XD!! I was thinking of the bad meaning too. One of the reasons I had to order it ;_;

      Yeahh~ Great food and good times!

  5. Oh so many lovely photos! Was that the roof of the MRT? It's such a breathtaking view. I really love it and the illustrations on that glass ...just amazing.

    Your food shots make me so hungry! What was your lunch called? It looks really yummy and oh I adore noodle soup. It's my favourite comfort food.

    I haven't been to one but I see them in a lot of cooking travel shows but Asia has some of the most amazing night markets, busy but there seems to be a lot of food on offer, some strange, some familiar. I'd love to visit one next time I'm in that part of the world.

    Totoro bus was pretty neat. Did you know they are gathering support right now for a lego set to be made of Totoro? How cool is that!

    Ah so that's what a daruma is. One showed up in my animal crossing game a few weeks ago!

    Thanks for sharing your travel photos. I always enjoy seeing them and you ended with ice cream. You know the way to my heart! Now I feel like ice-cream ...and it's only 10am in the morning!

    1. Yeah, it's a huge stained glass ceiling with very interesting art, definitely worth checking out!

      I believe they were waffles with fruit and cream~ haha :3 yeah the food shots still make me hungry~

      It's something you definitely can't miss, if you can stand the crowds.
      Ohh, if there's a Totoro lego set you should definitely get that :D :D

      Yeah, Darumas are interesting for making wishes, if I'm in Japan one day I want to pick up a genuine one from a temple! :)

      ahahaha~ any time is a good time for ice cream! (don't listen to me....)

  6. What awesome photos, travel photos are always an enjoyment to watch!! Looks like you've had a fun (and delicious!) trip!

    The temple pictures were so beautiful~ It would be interesting to visit Taiwan sometime.
    That Japanese looks inviting, decorated with things old and new. I snorted at the tabako-Kitty and bukkake udon x'D ...talking about food porn... ;)

    Darumas are so cool, I got a little one from Tokyo, but I'd want a huge Daruma! Would be pretty hard to fit that into the luggage tho *giggles at the thought of carrying a giant Daruma on board the plane* xD

    1. Thanks for your kindness! I hope you can, Taiwan is my fav. place in the world right now!
      The temples are all gorgeous but Fo Guang shan has to be the nicest one yet!
      ahaha~ I'm not the only one with my mind in the gutter then ^^;;;;;
      I'm curious, did you make a wish on your Daruma? :3 ~
      That would be so amazing! At least try it, they are very lightweight, aren't they? you could try to buy one as big as a small suit case at least to confuse the heck out of the flight staff xD;;;;

  7. All the pictures of food are so delicious looking that it makes me hungry watching them! I have a dream of doing a trip to some Asian country just to eat all those exotic dishes. :D You seemed to have a wonderful time there and all the lovely shops... oh dear, I would be in trouble there. ;)

    1. You should definitely do it~ it's a whole new strange and delicious world out there ~ :D :D

      Yes, but it would definitely be the good kind of trouble (is there such a thing?) x3