Saturday, February 6, 2016

A project a day - Spring festival ver. Day #1

Spring festival has begun in China! Which means the great mass migration which means I'm going nowhere near the train station or airport for 8 days~ and just enjoying my long holiday while every one else has literally left Xiamen. o_o;

So I made a small plan for the holidays including:

  • practise piano every day
  • cook dinner every day
  • write my novel every day
  • one DIY project a day
 All of this for 8 days xD;;; So here is day 1 ~ hair bands!

I started off with some ribbon ~ which I bought from the local fabric market a while ago!

Then I used some wire I picked up off taobao, I believe this is floral wire ~ Along with dull nail clippers which I use to cut and some B-6000 glue ~

Then I made some first attempts at making simple style hairbands ~

Waiting for the ends to dry, using clothes pins to hold them in place~

Voila ~ a simple gray-blue style bow hair band ~

And a simple flower lace one  ~

Finally one I covered in a cute patterned tiny ribbon ^^;; ~

What's your opinion? Next I want to try some big bows!

I tried something crazy, taking photos of my Amber and Mariko, who appear to be almost opposite xD; ~ Riko is such a mis-match with realistic-ish BJDs!

A final shot of the odd couple xD;;;

Thanks for checking!


  1. Oh! Such interesting projects! :D
    I love those hairbands. They look gorgeous *^^*

  2. Very cute! I especially love the look of the flower lace one. :)

    1. Thank you! I feel that one needs a bit more detail added ^^ ~

  3. Those hairbands are so cute! *__* ♥ I'd love to make hairbands, too, but I've been struggling to find suitable wire for the job. This floral wire seems really nice! :o I'll have to do research on it, thanks for the tip~

    I hope you meet your goals for the holiday! \o/ ♥

    1. Yay! I hope I can help you in that case, the reason I posted is because I had been looking for some right wire too, after searching for a while with a variety of Chinese words on taobao I found them ^^ If you want I can send you the link to the shop ~

      Thanks :D :D

  4. Oh the hairbands are sooo cute! You've covered the wire so neatly, I really like the way you've done it, looks so pretty! I especially love the one with flowers lace and the first bluegrey one. ^__^

    I think Amber and Mariko look surprisingly good together. :)

    1. Thank you~ :D I hope I can share this technique with others too, but I feel it was a bit messy on my first try!

      Ahaha~ it was really awkward to get a decent shot of them I think ^^;;

  5. YAY holidays!!!! yay for you, I just want SOOM to go back to work and release me a tiny XD!!! jk

    Love your plans! And your first craft project is super cool, I have to try that someday too~ looks simple enough for me to not screw up XD What kind of glue is the B-6000 glue?

    I think the odd couple looks lovely XD the photos are nice, it made me forget for a minute that their faces are so different haha but I like their differences :D

    Are you better from your cold? Hope it's already gone :D

    1. Yeahh~ I'd prefer not to have so many days off actually. Haha~ it means my job is going to make me work overtime the weeks before and after this time ;_;...
      And yeah XD All the Asian companies have shut down as well! So it's really rather boring, no online shopping to be done for a long time (taobao too!)~

      Yeah, give it a try! It requires just a few things! I think B6000 might be industrial glue or some sort? It dries up rubber-y and strong so I like to use it for doll accessories ~

      Aw thanks :3 I'm not sure how I feel about them still xD; ~ so strange!

      Yes I am almost better, thanks so much :3 I just need to get rid of the lingering cough~ but it's decreased a lot now so I can actually sleep at night TT;

  6. Love those cute hairbands you made~ That wire seems to work perfectly for the job, do you happen to have a link to the store where you bought it from?

    Hope you have a great time during your holidays~ ♥

    1. Thank you~ :D Yes it works very well, it is a bit too bendable though, in my opinion! I prefer sturdier wire ^^
      Here's the link:

      Thank you! :D

  7. I hope you'll be able to achieve all those goals! Keep us up to date with how you go with the piano. I hope I can buy a proper one in the future sometime, either that or the violin. I haven't decided yet!

    I really love the headbands you made. I never knew you could use florist wire for this sort of thing. They all turned out so adorable!

    I'm excited to see what else you do for this project a day during spring festival. What a great idea to get some small things done. I really need to be more motivated myself! This heatwave is really sapping my energy!

    1. Haha, I can't really play a lot right now, just Fur Elise, Offenbach's Barcarolle (spelling?) ~ and I'm working on 'Over the Rainbow', which is very hard for me! :D
      I hope you can buy an instrument too ~ violin appears to be quite a deal harder to play than piano for sure! But it's such a lovely instrument!

      Thanks so much :D I hope to do one project every day and share the results / tips with you! Maybe it can inspire you!

  8. Hi Irene!
    What a lovely way to spend your Chinese New Year hols. Good to see the piano practice at the top of the list!!

    Love the hairbands, the floral lace is my favourite, simple and feminine. Your florist wire is nothing like we get here in Australia, ours is awful, so please, please can you share a link to where you found it, I have looked everywhere for wire that flat.

    So now I will look forward to seeing what other projects you come up with over the next week.

    1. :D Yah, I hope to spend them a little more productively! Ahaha~

      Thank you! Oh really? I'm not sure if that's the official name for it, but I found it on taobao here:

      I look forward to showing some ~~ :D :D

  9. These are very interesting projects!! The hairbands look very good :3

    1. Thanks! I hope to help other people out by sharing this as well! :D

  10. I ended up here from Alejandras latest post, how to make earmuffs! Great tutorial for hairbands! Need to save this one too for future reference. Will start to look after some floral wire. :) Ribbons I do have, loads of, as I use them for hair decorations for the dolls.

    1. Thanks so much I hope you can find some, there may be other types of flat wire available that would work also!