Sunday, February 7, 2016

A project a day - Spring festival ver. Day #2

On  a strange note, China has increased its censorship these holidays, which means I am stuck on the Swedish VPN server (software that lets you cross the great fire wall of China) ~ thus all my Youtube ads and everything is in Swedish! XD I think Sweden has some great crime TV shows/movies as I've seen some interesting ones pass by. If only I could get the name o_o;;;

For some reason, this Swedish IP is also blocked on DenofAngels, so it's been pretty hard to get on there ;o;

I sure do hope the Swedish server stays unblocked otherwise no blogspot, facebook, google, twitter, youtube etc. for me T^T;;;;

On to today's project!

I wanted to try some braided bracelets, necklaces and hairbands, using one concept, all three could be made!

I started with thin wire, these are 0.3mm to be precise~ I prefer the gold and silver ones, I don't really like copper so I won't use it. I like bronze but I didn't have any ;;;;;
By the way, thread or string can also be used, but the look will be totally different!

A gratuitous amount of beads.. for a hoarder like me that's no problem. 

And metal rings as well as my trusty cutting and bending tools.

I start off with 3 pieces and tie them to a little metal ring, I haven't quite figured out a beautiful way to do this yet ^^;;

I started braiding the wire a little bit, then start adding a bead to the piece before I fold it inside, so you'll add a bead right then fold it over, then left, fold it over, etc.

The final result~ this one was a bit too big actually. I also didn't figure out a very good way to close them yet, for now I've done it with a little ring/hook on the other side to hook through the ring.

I tried another one with gold and pearl-y beads~

And made a matching hairband, same concept, just longer! Clozel looks grumpy, as if I've just awoken her from a hibernation or something? xD;

Maybe these are not her color. Too bad, someone's gotta model it! xD;;

Thanks for checking today's post ~ If you have any requests or ideas for specific accessories I could possibly share some ideas on that too! :D


  1. Those look so pretty! *o* I've tried something similar in the past, but I think the wire I used was too thick since the end result wasn't so good... Your DIY posts have been a big inspiration already, so thank you for maing them! I do think your Clozel is the perfect model for that hairband and bracelet set, the golden shades suit her~

    Hope you won't have more problems with the internet, it would suck if you couldn't use any social media sites ;___; And we would start missing you!

    1. Oh, maybe you could try this thinner wire! :) it seems to be perfect for doll stuff like that! ~ Thank you :3 I hope I can inspire others a little too, it's always great to share DIY projects! :D

      Yeah I hope so, my life would be pretty boring without most of those sites, actually XD You don't really realize how often you use the internet until you live in a country where most of them are censored ;_;

  2. Those look incredible Irene! I've always wondered how those sorts of bracelets and headbands were made so thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    Sounds like we're similar with bead hording! I have way too many beads, problem is I don't have enough projects to use them up for! I might have to try to use them for something like this.

    As Safir said, we would definitely miss you around the woodwork if you start having problems with your internet access. Fingers crossed that this won't happen!

    1. Thank you and I hope they help you too! :D
      My issue was similar, so I was trying to think of some ways like this to use them to make pretty dolly stuff! x3 Please do try it!

      I hope so ~ it will probably be okay, at least after the holidays it should be better too!

  3. Wow these look so great!! I think you are very skilled on this :3
    Sad to hear about the internet issues, I hope you can do something!

    1. Thank you~ :D glad you like!
      I can't really do anything besides pray that my VPN service can maintain their good service~ :3

  4. Ooh, so beautiful accessories! ♥
    That censorship problem sounds really annoying :(

    1. Thank youuu O3O ~

      Yeah, it is xO getting a VPN is absolutely essential over here!

  5. Beautiful work on the accessories - they're all so pretty!

    That's a pain about the internet issues - I hope you're able to keep using VPN (or that the censorship lightens up so you don't need it)!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind compliments!

      I hope so too~ ahaha :3 internet life really sucks without that! :O

  6. Wooo so pretty!!! I have 28 gauge wire in vintage bronze that I've been using to make necklaces but I do not have any beads ;_; .... I do have some pink pearls but I don't think that would look good with bronze XD!
    I really want to go get some crafting supplies at some point because I have so many ideas I want to do, so I'll get me some beads as well to try this mwahahaa

    I'm loving all your crafts~ I really hope you will be able to keep blogging and watching videos, I need this blog and you in my life <3

    1. Thank you! I hope you can manage somehow :D I think many colors also go well with bronze! Maybe I should send you some beads, since I have an amazing amount of them (really...) haha :D

      Thank you x3 you're so sweet~~ :D :D

    2. Yeah I think so too! I just need to find those colors XD I also could try finding 0.3mm in other colors, but I got mine buying online because there's no way I will find such a thin wire here xD

      I wouldn't mind to get some beads :D! But you keep offering to send me stuff and I have nothing to send back ;_;

    3. ~Haha, that's okay, I like sending packages as well, if you don't mind waiting a little bit.
      You could send me a post card? :D I like those ~
      If you send me a mail (solarsenshi @ gmail . com) ~ I can prepare one for you ^o^~~~

  7. Such prettiness *__*
    I hope you won't have any more trouble with your internet. Must be kinda annoying to have to work around that firewall XD'

    I really like the gold-pearl ones you've made. Under a pretty frilly vail I think it would look even prettier *___*
    You could always spice it up a bit with the braiding style. ;D Maybe braid with 4 threads or something :D

    1. Thank you!
      Yes it definitely is =/ one reason it's better to stay in Taiwan. LOL

      Thank you~ Oh 4-way braiding is a very interesting idea, I really want to try that! :D

  8. So beautiful and delicate work. Great job!

  9. I like the bracelet and matching head band Irene, they look very pretty on your girl. I used to do similar things for brides. There are some great findings to finish them off neatly, I'll have a hunt around my stash when I get a moment to myself and post some pics.

    1. Thanks Xanadu, that would be extremely helpful if you could post some information on those types of things! :D :D