Monday, February 8, 2016

A project a day - Spring festival ver. Day #3

Today I decided to do some simple filigree BJD bracelets x3

Only a few parts are needed for those  ~ and they can be decorated as you like!

  • Glue
  • Filigrees
  • Matching metal rings 
  • Metal hooks
  • A BJD as a model
  • Metal cutter / bender
  • Decorative flowers or other ~

First I started by bending the filigree gently to go fit the wrist of a BJD ~ then I stick on the flowers.

You can choose one or more ~ to make a corsage-like appearance! :D
For the back I attach several rings to make it adjustable and then bend a little hook to close it!

I couldn't take too many progress pictures due to the lighting, sorry ;_;~

For the last ring you can dangle a tiny decoration! Here I've used a petit Eiffel tower! x3

Speaking of hoarding, here are all of my beads + jewelry making stuff. XD There really is a lot!

So then I decided to take some pics of other hoards... here's my Pullip stash xD!!

And my BJD stash, it wouldn't properly fit in one picture and it depressingly goes up to my waist... I've labeled all the boxes!

Which box would you prefer to take a closer look at?

Thanks for checking!


  1. Beautiful bracelets again! ♥ Filigrees are great for making doll accessories ^^ Looks like someone likes to collect crafting stuff, just like me ;3

    I'd love to take a closer look at all of those boxes >3<

    1. Thank you! I think they're also great for making necklaces :3 :3 ~ We have the same terrible habits, right?

      Haha, specify which one! maybe I can explore some~

  2. Very pretty!

    And you have such a wonderful collection of doll-scale craft supplies!

    1. Thank you~ Yes the major problem is using up the supplies! Haha :D
      It's easy to hoard! xO xO

  3. You are so creative with crafts! I have the hardest time thinking what I could make haha

    When you said you have a lot of beads and crafting stuff you really meant it XD!!! You are one step away from having your own store lol

    I'd love to see all the boxes inside but the one with shoes intrigues me the most~ love love shoes!! *_*

    1. You have such a lovely variety of dolls, I think you can make something different for all of them! :D

      That's true, that's why I'm sending you some ASAP~
      Understood! I may or may not be taking photos of its contents soon XD!!

  4. Again, such great work! Your style is super cute :D
    I'd really love to have a peak at all your doll clothes XD

    1. Thank you! XD Maybe it's a little bling-bling? Ahaha~

      Ohh, I will consider taking photos of that box too! :D Thanks for your suggestion!

  5. I am really enjoying these posts. You are on a roll Irene!

    The designs you're making are really pretty, Eve would definitely wear that sort of stuff.

    Your beading stash looks same as mine. Although you should see my scrapbooking stash. I went a bit crazy when I got into scrapbooking and bought way too much stuff!

    I can safely say my bjd stuff fits happily in one big clear container.

    I'd love to peek into your Pullip stash. You knew I was going to say that right? I'm in the Pullip funk at the moment!

    1. Thank you~ Perhaps I can send you one or two pieces for Eve then? :3

      Oh yeah, scrapbooking stuff is also addictive, right? At home I have a load of pretty paper!

      Wow, you're amazing, but how big is it, really? Haha!

      Oh yeah, that would be a bit easier since I don't have too much stuff for them compared to my BJDs xD~! I will try to take some photos of that too!

  6. Hi Irene,
    What a lovely bracelet! You are a wonderful hoarder by the looks of all those boxes. :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who keeps things forever and a day. Hahaha! Oh by the way I ordered some of the flat aluminium, thanks for the link.

    I'm all for you exploring that shoe box . . . I LOVE SHOES, ANY SHOES, FOR THE DOLLS AND ME!!

    Keep up the good work, we are all enjoying your inspirational crafting.

    1. Thanks Xanadu! :)
      Haha, it seems hoarding and dolly hobbies go well together?

      I will definitely do the shoe box ASAP, since you're the 2nd one to request it!

      I hope I can keep it up too! ~ Thanks for your encouragement!

  7. Those bracelets are so cute!! Loved them. And some of those boxes are lovely!
    Add me to the request about the shoe box! :D

    1. Well the shoe box wins overwhelmingly with 3 votes I guess! Look forward to the pictures x3

      Thank you so much~~ :D :D

  8. Another beautiful design of jewellery! ^__^ Loving the flowers, they are so fresh and beautiful in the bracelet.

    I'd definitely take a look at your doll shoe box. LOL. :D

    1. Thank you~ Ahaha I will definitely need to take pictures of that one now!