Monday, March 14, 2016

Liebster tag +1 + arrival photo!

Here's a photo of Souldoll Aehael who arrived today, but is going straight on to the DoA marketplace. As I suspected, there's something entirely off in comparison to the company photos. ~

Sorry for being missing recently, I've had massive VPN issues (Read more about it here) ~ it's terrible when you can't use the internet properly and just get stuck browsing taobao all day because every other website is blocked! xD Okay maybe the taobao shopping part isn't so bad...

I've been tagged again, this time with an interesting set of questions by jSarie ~
1. Your favourite doll or figure comes to life! What's the first thing they say?
I've actually given this some thought and I really don't know, would they be conscious only from that point on or would they have been conscious before that? If they had been conscious before they'd probably either scold me or thank me? LOL. If not, there'd probably be a lot of confusion.. and possibly accusations.

2. If your favourite doll or figure was a flower, what flower would they be?
A black dahlia or something? I think my favorite doll will always be Océane, my Unoa Zero Marion ~ she looks fabulous in black. 

3. If your favourite doll or figure came to life, where would you take them for dinner?
Can I only choose one place? :D Could they even eat? Erm, I'd take them for desserts!!! 

4. If you could have any company make any doll, who and what would that be?
Perhaps an FFX Shiva BJD or maybe FFXII Ashe? Or a Bayonetta one? :3 those are some older game wishes I had ~

5. If your best friend were a doll, what doll would they be?
Well, one of my best friends actually looks a bit like a doll, small, with looong blonde hair and blue eyes. x3 

6. Do you imagine that any of your dolls came to life, they'd speak languages that you don't (or on the flip side, do you imagine that your dolls don't understand some/any of the languages you speak)?
It would be cool if they couldn't speak at all, and actually had to learn to speak first, just like any one new to this world?

7. Do you own any movie tie-in dolls?
Nope. ;_; ~ but I have created Bayonetta + Jeanne Pullip dolls XD;;
8. Do you have a travelling gnome-type doll who goes on holiday with you?
Ah no, but I think it's such a cute idea! 

9. Have you ever taken a doll to work (or if you have an army of toys on your desk, how do you decide which ones to keep there)?
Nope again ;_; but I do keep silly stuff on my work desk, such as a post card of the 'perfect husband' given to me by my good friends Yasmin, Natasja & Maaike! :D
10. If you could commission a jointed animal doll, what would it look like?
I don't know, there's already lots of really nice ones out there. Perhaps something really round and cute? I liked those little one-eyed cats released by a taobao shop a while ago! 

Or maybe a life-size Appa? But he'd make a better plush toy!
11. What do you think your collecting style says about you as a person?
That I like variety? Ahaha, my dollies have such different styles. Maybe it's also related to creativity and trying new things.

Anyway, thanks for reading every one!


  1. I'm sorry Souldoll Aehael didn't work out for you. I hope she gets sold quickly for you.

    That VPN issue sounds like it's proving to be a bit of a headache for you. Do you think it'll be permanent?

    I had to google Black Dahlia as I've never seen one before but boy, they are gorgeous flowers. I adore the shape of the petals and the colour.

    Second you on the Shiva doll. That would be awesome.

    Appas would make great plushies. I wonder if there is one already?

    That's what I love about this hobby. That there are always new things to try.

    Enjoyed reading your answers to these!

    1. Ah~ yeah, I had suspected as much from other people's arrival pictures ^^;;; ~
      I think it's just a few weeks, and right now my old VPN is working again which is such wonderful news!!!

      Ah yeah, black flowers are so special, aren't they?
      And yes there is actually a plushie of him I think!
      Thanks so much~~

  2. Oh I'm sorry Aehael wasn't what you expected, she is gorgeous though!

    And it sucks about the vpn issue too, hope it gets solved soon and it's not permanent ;_;!!! though I get why someone could stay all day looking at taobao XD but still, not cool ;_; I want you to be able to check whatever you want over the internet

    Océane is super pretty, you don't show her much though :o!! And I can totally see her as a black dahlia, so rare and gorgeous and black~
    Final fantasy themed dolls would be great but I do not like Ashe XD, I do not like the character development in that particular FF because it was actually pretty much nonexistent, they focused way too much on politics and less in the characters imo. I love Penelo. Balthier and Fran's character design though. but they could have done so much more with all the characters and maybe I wouldn't hate on Ashe so much. That being said, I LOVE Shiva, almost all versions of her X)!

    You travel a lot, it would be could if you had a tiny doll in your pocket *_*.......... but Idk you might get more worried about the doll than enjoying the trip? or maybe not who knows. I'd love to bring a doll to a trip, I just don't travel .-.

    I'm not familiar with appas but that is so cute! I'd love a giant ball of fur as a companion for my dolls x)

    This was very fun to read! hope to read more about yo soon *u*

    1. Yeah, I'm okay since I don't mind not actually getting into a new size dolls!
      It's true, you really don't appreciate internet freedom until it's taken away from you XD LOL

      Thank you~ she's in my hometown so it's rather impossible to take new photos, but next month I will visit my home so I will definitely get around to taking some new ones!!!
      Ah yes, I actually do agree with you on that one! I loved Balthier and Fran more for their development but the other characters didn't really get any (though Ashe and Basch got more than Vaan and Penelo, didn't they?) I mostly did love Ashe's body type and design though. I'm also a sucker for sad background stories XD LOL.

      Ah yeah, I think it's a great idea to have some sort of figure or doll for that purpose? It just never occurred to me to do that for some reason! A cheaper figure might be totally fine? :P Ahh, I do hope you get to travel more! It's such fun!

      If you don't know Appa... omg XD Please watch Avatar: The last airbender (the best animated series in the world in my opinion!!!)

      Thank youuu~~ :D

  3. Sad about Aehael =S Is she white skin? Hope she finds a home soon.
    The VPN issue seems like a headache!
    And it was nice and fun to read your answers!

    1. ~No worries! :D She is white skin ~ and I hope so too, I think I should just give up on smaller dolls completely! LOL
      Yeah, it definitely is :3 hope it gets fully resolved soon.
      ~and thanks so much!

  4. Hi Irene,
    I know how that feels when you've waited so long for a doll only to be disappointed with it when it arrives, but Aehael is a lovely doll and I'm sure she will find a home with someone soon enough.

    I enjoyed reading your answers to this meme and I love the photo of Appa, so cute and cuddly, he would make a wonderful plushy. :)

    1. I was anticipating it! So it's not really disappointing :D ~ I think if it's a shock then it would be super disappointing! But it didn't come as a shock to me :3

      Thank you~ Ahaha, I agree! Appa is soooo cute!!

  5. Sorry to hear that you're not bonding with Aehael ;___; She definitely looks really pretty, I hope she finds a new home soon! Hope the VPN issues are resolved soon as well >.<

    I looove Shiva and Bayonetta! ♥ Now I'm curious about those Pullips you have! Shiva and Bayonetta themed BJDs would look so awesome :D

    1. It's no issue :D haha. It was fun to have another try with a smaller size again ~ but finally she's not my cup of tea!
      Thanks, it seems to be resolved now (after the Beijing parliamentary session ended)~

      Yaaay :D Ohh, I do have a picture of the Pullips somewhere, but I never quite got around to getting them some props and such. I'd love to get them those guns ~

  6. She is a pretty doll, so it's a shame you're not bonding with her. Good luck selling her :D

    1. Thanks :) I hope she will sell soon as I am plotting to move again soon ^^;;;

  7. Sorry she didn't work out for you. Hope you can sell her quickly though ^^