Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Helsinki Highlights + Dolly Meet ~

Here are the final photos of my trip to Helsinki~ it was such a lovely city with many huge, old buildings! Also, so many gorgeously displayed delicacies to see and to try!

Read more under the cut~

First, I got on a bus with no idea where to get off, so I got off at the final destination. That was apparently right! So next, I set off to find a coffee shop of sorts and managed to locate a Starbucks. That's when my friend Sofia found me, and we walked over to her apartment. She lives right next to the harbor! It's so pretty there!

There's also this epic Cathedral near her house o_o!

I just loved the grand buildings and monuments everywhere!

This is where the bus dropped me, in the middle of this big square! Haha :D

The centre has antique-looking trams and it's hilly everywhere!

I really love photographing food displays, there will be more of this! XD

Good old European bread, I miss you. ;_;

Berry cakessss, soooo pretty!!!

Those old buildings always have such nice details!

The dusk in the downtown area~

I like this type of light colored buildings~ they seem a bit greek?

The hills with the tracks make for a cute street view!

More epic architecture!

I really wanted to try everything! Too bad I only had 2 days!

Doesn't this look quite old-fashioned? x3

To be honest, Finland has the best cookies & chocolate!

I even found these amazing owl-shaped chocolates~

So many cafés with gorgeous displays.

Not sure what these braincakes were all about, but I'd still eat one!

The macarons and cookies are so pretty @o@

Gorgeous windows~

We had a lovely meet in a café and this is Spica's dolly ~ I didn't get very many clear(ish) pictures ;_; sorry!

Spica's DD ~

It was my first time to see a PiccoNeemo, and they're even tinier than I imagined @o@

Another lovely Neemo lady (forgive me for not knowing their names XD!)

This very pretty IH lady belongs to Safir ~

Then we took a walk to Kilala, a Kawaii shop with so many nice things!

They even had Pullips in stock~!

Then we went on to this lovely Japanese import shop which had Pusheen pillows! I sooo want one!

And lots of Ghibli goodies, even the radish thing from Spirited Away!

I really wanted to buy all the gorgeous Totoro ceramics!

After the meet Sofia took me on a ferry to a small nearby island called Suomenlinna~

All the tiny islands with pretty houses on them were so lovely.

There were several islands here, connected by bridges.

Finally, this lighthouse / clocktower offered a nice window facing the ocean~

Thanks for checking every one~! x3


  1. Oh my you made a beautiful portrait of Helsinki City! ^__^ Ah all the cakes <3 <3 <3 Seems like you had fun! :D

    1. Ahh, I hope so! I really liked the city very much :3 It seems a great place to live in!

  2. These are the nicest photos of Helsinki's buildings (and treats) I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing them!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm very happy you like them :3 I recommend visiting Finland for sure!

  3. Love seeing photos of your travels!!! I'm in love with all those cakes XD! and the buildings are so nice~ *_*!!!!

    1. Thank you XD! I will hopefully post some of my hometown as well soon~~ :D

  4. Ooh, so nice and beautiful photos of my hometown! *o* ♥ The cakes looks so yummy! X3

    1. I hope I made it look good xD! I was a crazy tourist, just taking photos of everything! xD;;;

  5. I adore architecture of these types of buildings. They have this very old time feel to them and I just find that so magical. What a really lovely place. Thanks for sharing your photos. I am really enjoying seeing your trip abroad.

    And the food, so much nice looking food! Those cakes though, my mouth is watering and I'm with you, I'd try those brain cakes because they just look so darn interesting (and probably took a while to make too!)

    Ghibli goodies! Wish we had stuff like that here.

    All gorgeous dolls. Love Spica's colourful doll. Just gorgeous. I know how you feel about Picconeemo dolls. I was not prepared for their size either!

    1. I agree, I love those kinds of ancient buildings too! It's like a piece of history, the whole city was pretty much like this!
      Glad you like the photos, I hope to travel more and post more photos in the future too!
      Oh yeah, but piccos are really very good at posing despite their tiny size @o@ aren't they?

  6. Lots of beautiful eye candy there Irene. Love all the beautiful copper roofs and the architecture, but absolutely hate all the food, take it away (she says while she drools over it all) don't you know I'm trying to loose weight?? LOL!

    Thank you for showing all the photos of your trip, Helsinki looks like a very nice place to visit. BTW did you do any shopping in Kilala?

    1. But looking at photos of food instead of eating it is a great way to do that, isn't it? :D That's what I did; take pics instead of buying the food! :3

      Yeah I strongly recommend it! Finland is nice ~ and no I didn't, the prices were a bit high and naturally I keep comparing everything to taobao prices o_o which is a great way to stop yourself from buying anything anywhere else. xD

  7. Wow, amazing photos!! Helsinki seems to be such a nice city to visit! And all tht yummy food!!! :O
    But the dolls were amazing, hope you had a lot of fun in the dolly meet :)

    1. Thankies! Yeah it's really a great place to visit!

      I had a lot of fun, thank you~

  8. Wow, seems like you had a really great time. (And you've now officially seen more of Helsinki than I ever have, lol. :'D) Lovely photos of the archeology and scenery.

    The "braincakes" are funnel cakes, btw, tradidionally served on May Day. All the other confectionaries too. :Q Those prices just make me cringe (the reason I never indulge in anything in Finland, but whenever I travel to Asia, I buy all the treats, lol). They're displayed so nicely, though.

    1. Yeah, I totally did! Haha, have I? :D I'm sure there's other wonderful places in Finland too, but I just didn't have the time! Thank you~

      Ohh, that's nice! I definitely regret not trying one now~ and yes the displays are amazing, but Asia is definitely cheaper (with exception of Japan, maybe)

  9. Oh my, I need to take a trip to Helsinki some day! It has been too long! Thank you for sharing some photos! All looks so wonderful, yummy and cute!

    1. I strongly suggest it! :D It's so lovely and the weather is perfect right about now!

  10. Such beautiful pictures! I'm starting to look at Helsinki in a different way! Looks definitely like a place one would want to spend a vacation trip in! Hopefully you liked Helsinki well enough to come and visit again! :) And maybe my hometown Turku too, if you'd ever like to come and visit I'd be happy to show some sights and stuff. We have older buildings and history than Helsinki, hahah! We even have a medieval castle and cathedral. :'D

    I was happy to see my dolls in your blog! <3 Thank you!! I'm still working on that post about our Helsinki meet~ xD I'm super late but I wanna post about the meets, if just so I'll remember everything when reading my old posts.

    1. Thank you! Haha, it was very nice for sure! I'd also love to visit more places in Finland, they all seem so nice and the older things are so well preserved! :O

      I can't wait to see your update! :D

  11. Finland officially added to my must-visit bucket list <3 you make it look so magical!

    1. Yay! It's great for a short trip, I hope you can go!