Saturday, July 16, 2016

IDOLL Taipei - 25 June 2016

Sorry for being so lazy, I had around 100 photos to sort out from the IDOLL event in Taipei last month and then I still had to edit all my photos!

Anyway here's my report from IDOLL!

Soo many pretty DDs everywhere!

Even though I sold my Mariko, I still like looking at all the cute Marikos owned by others!
This stand sold lovely bra & panties for all DD sizes~
Lovely pastel shoes on display~
Volks dollies are so popular in Taiwan, but they always appear quite yellow in my photos ;-;
There was no lack of handsome boys either ~
Recently I love pastel colors more and more ~
Catgirl~ =^w^=
I loved this colorful display of pretty DD eyes!
The eyes on one of these girls actually scared me when editing the photo. LOL
For a hot summer, bikinis were available for sale everywhere!
This stand was by far my favorite, they had many pretty dresses on display!
Look at this lovely embroidery!
Sadly, I only bought a pair of underwear from this stand, due to my self-imposed strict budget ;_;
But I was sooo tempted by this dress!
So many colorful lace things on display everywhere!
Pantsu~ @//////@
Found this lovely alice-themed 4 sisters~
This cool girl was selling cool hats~
This is the other table where I had to stop myself from simply buying ALL the lovely dresses! ;_;
Cute Soom twins x3
More gorgeous dresses I had to resist T_T
Cute kitties everywhere!
I never got tired of seeing pretty & sexy DDs~
I was glad to see many Blythes & Pullips also!
And I'm always happy to see new upcoming doll sculptors!
This table sold these fluffy bunnies ~
I found one gorgeous Peak's Woods girl~~
Every time I go to a Doll Party I want a DD ;_;
I couldn't resist a bag of tiny goldfish!
I also couldn't help picking up some magazines/manga for my dollies!
Possibly the first DD boy I've seen!
Thanks every one for reading!!
I hope to be reporting from the next Taipei doll event as well, I can't make it to Hoffman's Toy Box, but I will likely attend Monde de Pinocchio~


  1. You are so lucky to get to these amazing doll events! We have nothing like that in Finland. Some small ones in Europe yes, but nothing to compare to your experiences. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.

    1. Aww, but I'd love to attend Ldoll one day as well! I think that one might be amazing!
      I think the HK Dollvie party is the biggest one in Asia though! I do hope you can attend a DP here one day, let's go together!

  2. Wonderful pictures, and thank you for sharing them. It must be hard to resist all the beautiful clothes, I really love that cream colored dress above the dress that you wanted to buy. ^^

    1. Yes, it was extremely hard, so I just took more photos of everything instead! Haha, living vicariously through pictures? ;;;;
      All the dresses were so well-made as well!

  3. Aah, what a lovely pictures *3*! Thanks for sharing them!

    1. Thank you so much :D Glad you enjoyed seeing them!

  4. Oh wow, what a stunning lineup of dolls you got to see! Thank you for sharing them here! :)

    And I love the composition of your photo of the eyes - the focus and the colours in that are really neat to look at!

    1. Thank you so much!
      And the table selling those eyes had a really neat lay-out, I couldn't resist taking photos of it ~

  5. So many beautiful dolls, outfits, shoes and... everything! *___* Thank you for sharing these photos, it's very inspirational to see such lovely creations! ❤️ I hope that someday I'll be able to attend a doll event too, I'm sure it would be amazing~

    1. Yay! I will share many more in the future!
      I'm sure that you can, plan an Asia trip around an IDOLL (HK, Taiwan, Japan) or another HK or Taiwan doll event, that would surely be amazing!!!

  6. Firstly, thank you so much for the photos of this event. *__*

    I love those dresses so much! All pretty dolls, clothes and shoes and did I mention about the shoes. LOL! That pale rose dress is adorable! Is it common to have elastic waistband on skirts? That would make sense for fitting on many different size dolls but I'm worried about the fabric gathering to the waist. Not that I would spy on things concerning selling on LDoll *cough*

    Pantsu!!!!! Oh they are super fantastic with the carton cut outs! :D

    The bunnies. T3T OMG how cute the colourful bunnies are!!! And what are those matryoshka outfits for the frog things? Genious!!!

    1. No problem, I love sharing about doll events in this corner of the world!

      Do you mean for the skirts in the close-up of the big bunch of them? I usually don't buy those elastic gathered waist things, because I think they tend to look very bulky on dolls in general :O it might be better to have some other way to make it more flexible, adjustable straps? multiple buttons? xD;
      You should totally sell pants like that, there's a disturbing lack of underwear available for our dollies!
      Yeah, those frogs seemed to be quite niche, I remember they are made by petworks (who made momoko) ~ but I don't own one so there wouldn't be a point in buying the cute things, though it might be a reason to get one just for that!

    2. Oh yes I meant about that close up about the big bunch of the skirts! I don't usually buy elastic waist skirts either becouse I find that too thick! I like a fitted waistband more, and that just depends how big the doll is where the skirts sits on them. Need to think!

      I had some very tiny panty for sale last time I was selling and they were good sales items, I'm going to make more this year after my serger has been at the service. ^^ Thanks for the tips, I'm certainly going to have much to do still for the event! x_x

  7. So many gorgeous dollies!! And the clothing!! OMG!
    I hope you had a wonderful time, thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. I did, the clothing was sooo hard to resist ;_; it's all so well made and not very pricey either... -cries in a corner-

  8. Thanks so much for posting the photos! There were a lot of gorgeous stuff there! I love all the shoes and dresses. I'm impressed that you could resist. I think I might have caved on a few of those dresses!

    1. You are so right, I wish I could have but I needed to save for moving! ;_;
      I guess I will live through these photos, haha!
      Glad you like~!

  9. Yay!!! Amazing photos as always!!! So many beautiful dolls in one place, it must be heaven!!!!Love the dresses omg so pretty and so much pastel stuff, I would have sent my budget out the window XD~

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you, @o@ it was unimaginably hard! :D ~I hope you can attend a fair here once!

  10. Oh, wow, what an adventure to visit a event like this! Thank you for sharing photos, so that we can enjoy too! Those shoes, fluffy bunnies, and pretty dresses! And could not agree more - those eyes on the two girls was a bit scary….especially on the one to the left, in the greenish dress….

    1. I hope to share many more of these in the future! Hahaha, scary right? Something I didn't notice in real life ~ I like this kind of hidden secret though. Reminds me of horror games!

  11. Wow! If I went to a doll event like this, I probably wound't know where to look! Everything is so awesome! :D
    I'm feeling kind of the same as I did in Azone's store in Akihabara. There's so much stuff that I want that I end up getting nothing because I just can't decide.

    ...well perhaps I'd buy a lot of things for my Dollfie Dreams! <3

    1. Ahaha, I know how that feels!
      Also, it'd be like a hundred times cheaper! So you'd be able to buy everything you want, surely! :D :D Taiwan is awesome!