Saturday, September 3, 2016

(Pic heavy) Monde de Pinocchio XI - Taipei - 27 August

Some days ago I attended MDP 11 ~ So here is my report on it!
I've only just moved into my room in Taipei and have barely unpacked.~ But there's always time for doll parties, right?! :D

This time we didn't get a table so we were simply guests~ we waited in line at around 10AM and the place was the same hall as the previous IDOLL party I'd been to!

First up was the amazing clothing racks from TTYA~
Read more below the cut ~ or rather I will let most of the pictures do the talking!
What greeted us next was YG from BeWithYou's table~ with all of the cuties on display @o@

And Secret doll was there too~
I love the 'Persons' ~ ahaha, grumpy xO

Lina Chouchou's tinies were pastel and kawaii too @o@

So many colorful small ones ~

And fancy outfits for everybody~

Lots of lovely lolita Volks ladies :3

Such lovely outfits @o@

I believe I even found a BlueFairy dolly!

Chica Bonita impresses me every time with their lovely style & set-up!

I am so tempted to own one of their cute chubby girls one day =3=

Chica Bonita's tiny retro fashion doll style is so adorable @o@

Angelic girls ~~~

So many people had lovely scenes on display!

World traveler DDs? :D

All the costums were so well made as usual!

I also found tiny note books and so on, the cat bookstand is so adorable!

I wasn't sure who she was, perhaps an Angell Studio girl?

So many summer festival goers~

I found two amazing face-up artists, this girl had the heads with face-up cleverly displayed x3 She does great work!

I found this gorgeous girl, there's a Luts El in the background too!

There were more boys present this time around it seems!

Gorgeous sculpts & lovely styling!

Of course the DDs were very well represented also!

Aaaand the Marikos ;_;

So colorful *o*

The dresses for sale were terribly tempting TT;

Budgets are evil;;;;;;

This was one of my favorite displays for gorgeous outfits and gorgeous dollies!

This girl is super pretty, perhaps she was a modded 4 sisters? Unsure ;_; forgive me! I am terribly unfamiliar with Volks sculpts..

Lati's displays were as cute as ever, their tiny sorcery room was amazing!

So many cuties @o@

A familiar style popped up x3 sooo pretty.

I loved the glowing pentagrams here :D

So summery and bright ~~

Somehow the similar style outfits reminded me of the movie 'The Sound of Music'~ remember that one?

I fell in love with this gorgeous girl in the perfect outfit!

Nine9 now has their own line of PureNeemo sized dollies ~ that means they also sell PureNeemo/ Blythe size outfits now! Yay!

Lovely Nine9 things on display!

Cute dresses @o@

Some handsome tan Switch boys were present too~


Cute girl next door~

What a pretty diorama ~

These 3 gorgeous girls were some of my favorites this time around!

Prettyyyyy ;_;

Laaace ;;;

A very handsome Soom man ToT

I met a girl whose dresses I've purchased before, her work is always so nice!

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the dolls were also playing Pokemon Go! :D :D

One row was almost entirely dedicated to Blythe! :3

Look at the adorable shoes and the dark-skinned Blythe here was gorgeous too!

There were some very cute custom Blythes here too~

These two looked like twins~

The post card is from the other customizer I found, she's from HK and her work is amazing, especially her DD face-ups are quite different from the usual style! Besides that My loot was tiny again, one Pullip dress, a cute BJD top and a tiny pillow along with some magazines x3

Thanks for checking and I do hope to report from the next Doll party here in Taiwan. There will be one in Taichung in October and I will likely have my own table at IDOLL in November~


  1. Lovely doll event coverage as always! <3
    I especially loved the yukata-glad summer festival-goers and all the male dolls (yay for there being more male dolls and male doll clothes this time!). Especially the tan Switch hunks! <3 <3 Ooh I'd love a Switch man someday, better yet if I'd end up with a tan one! :'D I just love tan dolls so much for some reason, maybe because they look a bit healthier or something.

    I loved looking at that face-up artist display too. It would be so interesting to see many different works of one artist at the same time.

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah I was happy to see a few more boys as well, it always seems to be overwhelmingly female DDs! :O
      A tan switch Soseo is on my wish list for sure ;_; I love their sculpts but he's probably my favorite still!

      Ah yeah, go check out her FB page :D I loved her creative display too! Perhaps I'll commission her in the future!

  2. So much eye candy *o* Love all those pretty dresses and gorgeous dolls~
    It's great that you have so many awesome doll parties over there c:

    1. Yay! I totally agree, the displays are always gorgeous :3
      Ahhh, when will you visit Asia and attend some of the DPs? :D

  3. Oh my!! Irene, I think I would be in dolly heaven if we had something like that here!!! So many beautiful dolls, and gorgeous dresses, I am green with envy!! Mind you my CC would get some serious attention as there were some that I would find hard to resist bringing home.

    Thank you so much for sharing all the photos, I really enjoyed looking at them.

    1. Haha, be careful! All the gorgeous things and dolls were very very tempting for sure, and some items are perhaps unique to each event/ OOAK! ~

      No prolem :3 I hope to report more and more in the future!

  4. Yay love your reports from doll heaven!!! Loved all the dolls as always, there's always so much cuteness!!! Love Lina chouchou *_* and chica bonita :D!!!

    And I totally get the sound of music vibe from those dolls with similar styled clothes haha! Lovely photos as always :)

    Hope you settle down soon and have more free time, hope everything is okay, take care!

    1. Thanks so much! I am settling in but have a busy schedule with classes + part-time jobs! @_@ I will be sure to report any local doll events though!

  5. Doll heaven and eye candy! Could not agree more! It is like medicine for ones soul! Thanks for sharing from this event! I really liked the books and other tiny things for the dolls! :)

    1. Thank you! I hope I can share more things from dolly and kawaii shopping heaven AKA Taiwan XD!

      The books were cute, right? That's why I couldn't resist buying some.

  6. *dies of cuteness with grabby hands* OMG so many pretty things!! Some of those clothes were amazing, and I loved the Blythe shoes!
    I hope you are settling down fine, and that you will have more free time soon!

    1. It appears I will be busier than before, haha! :D
      But yeah, it's always worth it to make free time for a doll event~~ yay!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing these with us! I always feel like I can be there through your photos of these events. Maybe one day I can be there in reality but for now, I'm satisfied enjoying them through your photos.

    So many lovely things. TTYA outfits are always so impeccable and well made. I love their stuff. I also did not know Nine9style had Pureneemo sized dolls and outfits now. That is good to know as I love their fashion too.

    I loved seeing the Be With You dolls lined up like that. They have such adorable faces. And the little notebooks are too cute. I need to start making things like that for my dolls. I really liked the props showcasing those Blythe shoes. So tiny and cute. Minitures are always so adorable. I don't know why but I really love collecting them lately.

    Looks like it was quite the fun event!

    1. I hope you can be here! It's not that far! -tempttempttempt- ~
      I also love TTYA and Nine9, freedomteller were also there, and their things are just so professionally done, but the price range is way above my budget as well!
      Can't wait to see what kind of miniatures you'll make :3 notebooks just seem like such cute accessories to line up diorama shelves with!
      Miniatures are great, I agree, that's the reason I have an entire collection of old re-ment sets at home! :D

      Hope to report again soon~

  8. Oh my gosh, look at all those beautiful dolls and clothes and-- everything! *___* ❤️ And eehh, those tiny books and erasers are so cute as well! I just love all tiny things!! ;u; Such wonderful set ups, too, those glowing pentagrams are super cool! :D And that Pokémon Go player cosplay is so clever, hehe~

    Thank you for sharing these photos~ 💕

    1. Doll parties over here in Asia are definitely worth experiencing! I hope you can attend one in the future!

      No problem :3 and I will keep on reporting on future ones! I loved all the genius set ups people had prepared!

  9. I enjoy watching your doll event pictures a lot! All the things are so pretty that I have to take a deep breath after every photo for not getting too overwhelmed by the amazing details and beauty. I have been super inactive with my blog (still because of my pain-in-the-butt -laptop) but when ever I have time and get to visit to my parent´s, I will use their computer to check all the blog updates from the people I follow. I hope you´ve had great time in Taipei.

    1. Hey Rosie, it's good to see you still manage to pop by from time to time! I would definitely miss you if you completely disappeared from the internets ;_; we both need new computers, right?
      Consider visiting me once in Taiwan! ~ let's attend a doll party together!

    2. Yup, new computers for us both thank you! As you can see, it is getting horribly slow for me to even reply to others but I am still hanging here and alive. Thank you for your invitation to Taiwan. I will sure consider a trip there at some point. How often these doll events are held? Is there some specific time of the year when it would be possible to visit several events within relatively short time frame (for ex. in two weeks etc.)?

    3. Well, usually in the summer and fall there are more!
      In fact, website is a good one to check, that one also lists the HK and Japan IDOLL parties in case you'd want to travel around!
      For other Taipei parties keep an eye on these websites: &

    4. Ooh thanks for the links! I am really getting serious with the idea of the trip to you. I mean really! My heart was bleeding when I saw all the pictures of the LDoll that was held in Lyon France, and I wanted so bad to be there too. Considering that the LDoll was probably waaay much smaller doll event than the ones held in China, I´d be over the moon to visit even one of those, not to mention all the other wonders - cities, people, shops, food, culture, nature - to explore in China.

    5. So great! Please let me know when you plan to visit, so that I may show you around Taipei! It's definitely a heaven for stationery and cute items as well as cheap yummy food!
      I hope we could also attend a doll party together ~~ :D