Saturday, October 22, 2016

Taichung Doll Party & Hong Kong traveling and shopping!

Hey every one~
I've been traveling a lot last weekend and the first place I visited was Taichung to meet my friend Lisa and attend a small second hand doll sales party!
The day after I immediately had to visit Hong Kong for a 3-day Visa run ~

Being so busy with school, I had to bring my homework with me. Starting my studies here in Taipei of course gave me the excuse to buy kawaii stationery! @o@ ~ I especially love my pencil case and schedule book!

Of course I brought my still nameless Pullip girl with me to Taichung!

We had a small table in the middle of this small hall, and it was small! But very cosy!

I immediately started snapping photos and shopping for cheap goodies~

I managed to find Anna Queen's table and I even managed to talk to Anna Queen who is an amazingly talented Taiwanese doll sculptor! This is a prototype of the new girl body she is working on as well as two of her head sculpts! I have Bau by her, but I have been extremely lazy and only barely managed to move him into Taiwan with me from Xiamen! He has no face-up ;_;~

I especially loved the polka dot bag designs here ;_; but being on a budget I was only allowed to buy stuff for my upcoming Pullip customs!

There was this gorgeous DWC girl selling another DWC head with a goooorgeous face-up at a very decent price!!~

This stall also had Momokos and I must confess I bought a bunch of very cheap Momoko sized clothes here!!

This cute Volks girl seemed to be glancing shyly at the handsome Switch man behind her!

So many cuties on one little bench!

Pretty lady @o@

I even explored a little Crafts market outside of the hall for a bit and bought a few things!

The yellow dress was handmade by my friend Lisa and given to me as a gift, so nice, right! I also bought some other SD-sized things, despite my girl still only being a head right now!

Pullip/Momoko sized things yay! And Owl stickers from the market @o@ ~~

Hong Kong~ 

 The first thing I did was hop on the A21 bus to the city centre, if you take the front seat on the 2nd floor of the double decker bus you can take some very pretty pictures!

Those bridges are always impressive!

And of course the first meal should be Pret-a-Manger! Nomnomnom!

Then of course I needed to check out good ol' Sai Yeung Choi street only to find there were only 2 doll shops remaining ;_; ~ even DollHeart's showroom is gone now! So sad!

There were still tons of toy shops over at CTMA Centre though, with cute Disney, Sanrio and other brand's goodies!

So many re-ment/gachapon items!

I was tempted by all the pretty figurines, including this awesome Sailor V!

If I had a dog I'd definitely buy them some of these cute dog cakes, snacks or even a pizza!

JR toy house was one shop that was still around @ Ginza Plus

They always stock tons of BJDs, DDs and even PureNeemos and Blythes and Pullips as well!

Then there's D.D.D. who will move shop again soon, the owner does wonderful face-ups, especially for DDs! Check out his FB page!

There's always some gorgeous DDs and BJDs on display in this tiny tiny shop too!

I adore this dark lady @o@

I couldn't even do purikura because the area where they had all the machines was gone ;_; but at least there were some kawaii shops!

Finally my loot, some of this will find its way to some of you guys as I am preparing small Halloween-themed gift packages! Please look forward to them arriving too late. ahahaha...
By the way, the cute folders are from an amazing 4-something floor stationery store over @ Yau ma tei ~ it's called CNsquare, be sure to check it out if you ever go to HK!

Thanks for checking as always ~ x3


  1. Nice to read from you! I hope everything is going well!
    The doll party looked like fun, hope you had a great time! I loved those tiny purses :D
    And Hong Kong looks amazing, those bridges were indeed impressive! :O

    1. Thank you, it's all going well, I'm only extremely busy! So sorry that I've only been updating/commenting once or twice a week! ;_;
      Thank you, those purses were SD sized too so I was double tempted! I still hope your mom can make some SD-sized bags too!

  2. Wow so much eye candy to look at! I have never put HK on my list of places to see but I might just have to. So many neat things to look at.

    I have to admit, my eyes bugged out at the Momoko doll stand. Just seeing Momoko boxes sitting out on a table is something I could never dream of! The bags are adorable, so detailed. I keep meaning to try and make some doll bags myself. But they would be super simple compared to those!

    Your first meal looks delish. Love cranberry juice. It's so neat the sailor moon figures are posed in the poses they are doing after they transform.

    Okay and dog cakes! Wow, that is something you don't see every day, at least here anyway.

    Thanks for sharing your photos as always. I always enjoy "travelling" with you.

    1. HK is definitely a must see, but maybe once is enough due to the terrible crowds and rushy nature of the city! But the views are gorgeous!

      The momokos were cheap too, I definitely thought of you when I saw the momokos there and how tempted you might be to pick up one or two of them! I do hope you can share a tutorial if you do make bags! I'd be curious to learn something about that!

      I enjoy sharing my travels with you too, thanks for always enjoying!! x3

  3. This was just an explosion of awesomeness for my eyes c:!!! So many pretty things!!
    I'm in love with the girl in the dino shirt by Anna Queen, her face is so pretty!!! She looks SD though, like everything in this world XD but oh so gorgeous!~ Didn't know the artist so it's great to see some works I didn't know about!

    So sad doll stores closed, I guess even there it's hard to have actual shops with BJDs and BJD things stocked up, we are many in this hobby but not many enough hahaha

    there's nothing more amazing that getting new pretty stationery and pencils and stuff for school/college, I loved to get me cute stuff at the beginning of each year, you start all more motivated! And alwyas the first pages of every notebook are so nicely written because of that~ then the magic fades and my notes were a total mess though LOL

    Your friend is very talented, that dress looks very nice~

    1. Oh, you should totally check out her sculpts! They're lovely! Yeah, all of her work is SD so far, I believe. But perhaps in the future she would consider making smaller sizes?
      I think it's hard to survive in HK anyway, with the crazy rent! Let alone a niche market like dolls, but it's still one of my dreams to own a doll shop or something like that!

      I totally agree, haha! The same happened to me, that's why the pens I got have erasable ink, they're genius! I think I will send one your way so you can erase all the messy things and tidy up your notes~~

      Isn't she a sweetheart? And her sewing work is so cute as well!

  4. I found your blog by chance and I liked it immediately. :) Nice photos and lovely dolls! Those cute little bags are indeed well designed. Doll parties are so much fun, I wish I could be there.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! I hope I can share lots more interesting things in the future, keep an eye out for updates!
      I hope you can attend some too, they're fun and you can always find something unique there!

  5. What a wonderful trip! And so much cute stuff!
    Sadly it is hard to find any stuff like this over here - the stores (Tiimari and similar) have closed and have no plans to come back. But the shopping on the internet may be the end for ordinary shops.
    And I agree - Hong Kong should be on ones list of places to visit. So I put it there now. :D
    Hope that all is fine with you! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm glad if you've decided to travel somewhere because of my posts actually! I really hope you can visit Asia some time!
      I agree though, internet shopping might be the end of traditional stores! That's a little sad though.

  6. I am so envious of you Irene, being in the thick of it like that must be absolutely awesome! We have very little BJD dolly stuff here, and even though you may have found some shops closed, it still looks like you found enough to make the trip to Hong Kong worthwhile. :)
    Thank you so much for turning me green like a tree frog!

    1. Thanks so much! I do love being near the 'sources' of so many lovely doll-related things!
      It's definitely worth a visit, they also offer so many re-ments and other miniatures and figurines as well!

  7. Cute stationery is so lovely! I'm also into stationery since I've tried to start the "planner hobby". :3

    Loving those street- and city photos! Looks like a fun place to go shopping. x3

    1. Yay! stationery is the best, I think I shall have to blog again about my excessive sticker collection! ;_;

      I hope you can go visit HK and Taiwan both for sure! It's so worth it, and goodies are much cheaper than in Japan!

  8. Hehee how much fun to have your own doll with you! ^^

    The second hand market looks sooo nice and I love all the dolls. *__* I love all the items you got, so pretty things! I looked up for the Anna Queen and man she has some interesting dolls.

    Thanks for taking some landscape photos, it's nice to see how it looks like there. Your food looks so good! *o* (Always hungry). The re-ment omg I could die happy if could get there. xD I don't know how could I cope with those! And the plushies! I love the things you bought, so many nice little things. ^^

    1. Thanks so much :D Yeah, AQ is very talented~~ :3
      I hope I can share some more photos about what it's like to live in Asia :3 so I'm very glad you like the photos! Yeah, it was so hard to resist shopping more in HK ;_;