Sunday, November 27, 2016

Idoll Taiwan Vol.7

As usual, I attended the Idoll event ~ and as always, it was really lovely with people from all over! Including HK and Japan! Here is my report~

Many pictures below the cut~

I first spotted this lovely Napi Chesi, one of those sculpts that got away!
The same stand (from HK) had a lovely LM girl up for display as well!
Though winter is coming, many girls still like to lounge around in their underwear x3
Amazing girl with amazing wings(that wouldn't fit into my picture)~
Handsome overall boys x3
What a lovely wedding dress x3
And lovely wings again! x3
I couldn't resist some of the cute accessories from this stand!
Cute girls!
Spotted a Guudoll lovely ~
Finally, some decent lighting!  ~
A handsome guy tending to a lovely store.
With lovely items @o@
Found one of the DC cat girls~ I want to buy both!
Dresses are gorgeous as usual @o@
Someone was selling these lovely bath sets!
Of course I couldn't resist buying some more dolly panties xD!
I was amazed to find this old-fashioned Barbie & Ken Xmas set-up!
A lovely girl secretly eating the cream off a muffin xD;
An amazing casino set-up!!
Pretty girl in a very nice dress~
There were too many DDs to count!
Another lovely DD
This owl helped by modeling SD-sized hair bands! x333
I wonder which companies makes these adorable puppos D:
Still enjoy seeing Marikos x3
Lazy lazy (her shirt says: "meat" xD don't ask me why...)
Lace lace lace x3
Finally a DD couple~
Our table, however I didn't really have anything to sell, so I simply put my catgirl Chouette on the table for display~ x3
Thanks for checking as always!


  1. Sitting here in the kitchen, with a cup of tea on this cold day and enjoying these photos! Chouette looks adorable and that DC Cat girl, oh wow! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm glad to share something enjoyable with others~~ Thanks so much!
      Ohh, it's still 20 degrees here now ;_; I kind of miss the winter cold!

  2. Ohhhh so many lovely dolls and set-ups! Such fantastic photos!! Loving the barbie xmas set up, so many things on display I'm not sure where to look!!!
    Chouette looks divine and I hope many people saw how lovely she is~

    Can't choose whcih BJD I liked the most, they are all too pretty!! And those overalls, amazing!

    1. Thanks x3 ~ I also loved all the details in everyone's set-ups and they're always so creative!
      Chouette has sold since, on Etsy :D very pleased!

      Can't wait to see your set-ups with your new Momoko girl!

  3. Wow, so many lovely dolls! I particularly like the boys. ^^ As for DD, it's difficult to distinguish between them and Smart Doll.

    1. There is usually a lack of boys, sadly!
      I agree somewhat, however Smart doll only has one face sculpt, I believe? :O So that makes them easier to distinguish. I'm no expert on DD/smart doll though!

  4. Oh thanks for sharing your photos with us! I love seeing what goes on and what is at these things. Always enjoy seeing all the dolls, particularly those lovely DDs. Were the earlier ones Obitsu? I thought the body looked like Obitsu but it's easy to confuse.

    Your Chouette caught my eye straight away on that table. She's so lovely.

    1. Thanks Alasse!
      To be honest, I probably can't really tell the difference between them! I'm definitely not a pro when it comes to vinyl dollies xD;;;
      Thanks! She has since sold, so that's great as well!

  5. Well thanks Irene, I just turned into a green tree frog I am so envious!! LOL!! The photos are stunning and you made me wish I could have joined you, so many lovely, lovely dolls, but Chesi is my favourite.

    1. You should consider it! It's definitely worth a trip, though I recommend the HK doll parties as they're absolutely huge!
      Thanks Xanadu! :D :D

  6. Wow, it looks very nice! So many pretty dolls and the Barbie set is really cool :D

    1. You should definitely attend a DP over in China! There must be lots of great things over there too!

  7. Wow, amazing dolls and some of those outfits are to die for!!
    Hope you had a great time!!

    1. I think so too~ it was hard to resist buying anything!
      Of course, it's still great to look at the lovely things and take photos of all the pretties! :D

  8. I love love love the overalls boys and that Barbie/Ken-diorama! <3 Also that casino-scene and the flower shop guy made my day. :3

    1. Yay! Glad to have inspired some joy from the actual event :D Of course I'd still hope for you to attend one in real life also!