Friday, July 31, 2015

How to design Pullip/Blythe eye chips

A while ago I had an idea for a custom Pullip, she has since been made and sold. However some people asked me about her eyes - the thing is that I had the idea at the time to create my own eye chip designs - and this custom certainly needed it with what crazy ideas I had. Recently another idea popped into my head that also had this requirement so... time to make more eye designs! And why not add a tutorial here?

Items needed:
Scissors, some hobby craft glue (preferably water-based), a color printer (or place to print) and some blank transparent eye chips (mine are custom flats from Coolcat).

Software, I use Adobe Illustrator. However any software you feel comfortable with that allows you to set exact dimensions of circles will work fine.

Have a doll ready without eye chips (there are various ways of removing them depending on your doll's type)
Prepare your digital designs/ideas.

Step 1: Measuring / checking
To make sure your designs will fit the specified doll, measure the diameter of the eye chips first. Pullip's came in at roughly 12mm. (New MIO/Pullips have 13mm diameter eye chips!)

Step 2: Designing 
In the software you are using be sure to set the circle's size to that exact size. Then get to designing ~ Be crazy and do what you like, with or without pupils, strange shapes and colors seem to suit our big-headed friends very well. I've made one design then I made lots of pastel color varieties of it, you can also see I made a normal pupil version and a star pupil version, as I liked the look of both. It also saves paper to print off tons of designs all at once!

Step 3: Printing
Be sure to print them off in real size, you can check by overlaying the chips on the paper after printing them. As you can see here I've printed off my chips on shiny photo paper as well as normal paper. I prefer the normal to be honest, the shine effect will be added by the plastic chip and a double shine usually looks strange.

 Step 4: Cutting
 You can leave a tiny white edge when cutting them ~

Step 5: Installing 
A dab of glue on the back of the paper cut-out and a dab of glue on the sides of the chips is usually enough to "install" these chips~

Final: A preview of my latest little project 

 Thanks for checking~!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, and it's really very simple to do as well! :D

  2. Wow, what a great way to make new eye chips. Thank you so much for sharing your methods for this. That colour looks gorgeous on your girl. Is her face up a custom too?

    1. Thank you~ it's fun to design some crazy new stuff as well!
      Yes she is, I just finished her face-up yesterday so hopefully I will post some (better...) photos of her soon!

  3. Thank you very much for this tutorial :D

  4. This is very interesting and useful tutorial if I'm ever gonna buy MIO pullip :D. Those eyes that you have made are really pretty.

    1. Thanks so much :D I hope you can also enjoy customizing your own pullip very much x3

  5. Great tutorial! I didn't know that you designed the eyechips yourself, but they really stood out on your new (awesome) Pullip custom <3.
    Maybe you should consider selling printable eyechip PDF's on Etsy :D

    1. Thanks so much :) I've had plans to use different designs for future customs as well~ :D
      Good idea haha~ maybe I will consider that!

  6. what glue are you using to glue the eyechip to the paper????? Im getting weird shiny streaks in my eyes. I dont know if its air bubbles or what may be causing it. Ive tried glossy paper and matte paper, both with same results.

    1. I use kiddy / water-based glue! I suggest not actually putting any on the colored parts, I only dab a tiny amount on the edges of the eye chip so it won't get on the paper ^^; The paper itself will stay put under the pressure of the chip anyways~