Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Doll Review: Kukuclara

Introducing Kukuclara by Yvely

Yvely has created two dolls, Clara and Kuku ~ there's also a new dolly coming up. I only have a 2019 Cozy Little Clara at the moment, she is ivory skin. She has so far released tan, peach/pink and ivory skin dolls.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Doll Review: Jjorori Dolls

Introducing Korean artist doll Jjorori Doll~
So far this is my favorite Korean dolly I have discovered! They are quite small and difficult to buy clothes/shoes for, though! Also the price is a huge factor :(

First of all it has to be mentioned that Jjorori has 2 heads on the same body so far. You can see there's a difference in the shape of the face, however, the painting is quite similar.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

12th Project Doll Seoul January 5 + 6 2019

Guys! An update!
Here is my photospam from Project Doll Seoul ~ It was sooo cold in Korea that I basically instantly got sick haha. Having lived in a tropical climate for 7+ years doesn't help when suddenly entering 0 to -6 degrees x_x

Either way, here's the picspam, I don't have much time to write descriptions ~ but if you want to know about any dolls or items here do let me know!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

PVC/Vinyl small doll info (Asian creators)

I am so hooked on smaller PVC/vinyl dollies now, especially from small artists around Asia~ here are my findings!

Company name (alphabetical) - Korean/Chinese/Japanese name (for search) - URLs of artist/purchase location
Generic search terms Chinese: 韓国娃娃(Korean doll),手工娃娃(hand-made doll), 裸娃(Nude doll)

27×二七 - x -
Amooooore - x -,
Atomaru 아토마루 - x -
Azone(PureNeemo) - x -
Monedoll/ Baby Ringo - 베이비링고님 OR 모네헤드 OR 모네 -
Bel-Eve doll –
Be My Baby Cherry ( b.m.b Cherry) by Miyuki Odani -x-
Bomulsung (Treasure Planet) - 보물성완구 - 宝物星 -
Blommor(Adora) - x -
Bluefairy - 블루페어리 -,
Cacarote 카카롯 - x -
Cheul-ee (Sally Hause) - 샐리의집 - 철이 -
Chicabi – 치카비 圆糕 -
Chochodoll (chocodoll sometimes) –? –
Cottie Doll (Cottie & Cream) - x -
Eternite (L ‘é t e r n i t é) - 레떼니떼- 乐斗妮都 -
Friends Doll (by R.T. Doll) Also: Egoo Gugu - rt / 프렌즈돌 / 애구구구 OR 구구 -,
Hacodoll (hacohaco) – ? –
Holala (FairyTown) - x -,
Floraria – x –
Ioistar - x -
Imomodoll -
Iroa Doll 아이로아 or 모모 -x-
Jjorori – 花池娃娃 꽃지 OR 쫄리 -
Kiradoll – x 유메미루? 루루코? –
Kukuclara 쿠쿠클라라 - x -,
La Viya – 이베트 -
Little Sweet(Yeonubi) – 여누비 or: 리틀스윗 -,
Luenheim - 루엔하임-
Mantou doll – MTDOLL –
Marierose Doll (Schnee Bonbon) - x -
Mayberry house – Ashley: 애슐리 brand: 시크쇼녀
Oakeeduo – x -
Popo & Milk – 泡泡牛奶
Petworks (momoko, ruruko, usaggie) - x -
Piposdoll - x -
Redberry (Strawberry planet) - 烂草莓 OR 永遠的少女 레드베리 -
Rose Toys / Rosiedoll – x –
Runa doll - RUNA娃娃 – 南瓜童話?–
Soodoll? Aloka – 알로카 aloka
Studio Nee – ? –
Unoa (light dolls come in PVC ed.) - ユノア 유노아 – 小女荒

Thursday, July 6, 2017

IDOLL Taipei 2017/6/24

As always, IDOLL Taipei was great! I shopped and bought stuff for my Etsy shop, as well as a few personal items! More on those later~