Monday, August 9, 2021

Pullip Mocha skin comparison pt. 2


Part 2: Resin body from taobao, Bedoll, Azone brown, fake Azone brown

Azone brown S & Bedoll tan

Option 1: Azone Brown S (only comes in S or XS)

To be honest this is really a nice match, it has a similar orangey tone compared to Pullip mocha, and the neck fits fairly well from the start.

The problem is that at the time of writing, these are nearly impossible to buy any more.

Option 2: Bedoll tan skin

Bedoll Tan

A really lovely body with a neck that is very fitting for Pullip, you will need to add onto the neck piece with epoxy though. The color however is more rosy brown than orangey. Depending on the blushing you do on the face it would work for a taller, elegant look. The problem is these bodies don't fit a lot of smaller clothes due to the huge tatas. XD Price point is $100+ so also something to consider. The optional parts are all gorgeous and also all pretty pricey. I also got sent the wrong hands initially, so take the official photos with a grain of salt.

Option 3: Resin Blythe body from taobao


Azone fake, taobao resin, azone real brown S

A great match really, it's meant to match the azone brown so that's a plus! The neck is also quite well fitting, however an epoxy addition would be needed I think. The downside is the visible scratches on the resin from the company sanding the seam lines. The joints can be fickle too especially if you're not used to dolls strung with elastic. 

Price is around $40-50 so that is nice, it also has optional high heel feet and hands and comes in a variety of other colors :)

Option 4: Azone brown (fake from aliexpress)

Azone fake, taobao resin, azone real brown S


I am not sure if different suppliers have differences in the bodies, but the one I got is really very rosy brown and perhaps even more so after keeping it in a storage for a bit. Otherwise it's a nice alternative, depending on how you do the face-up of your mocha girl.

Overall I quite recommend azone brown and this new resin body from taobao, however better alternatives might appear in the future! :)

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