Saturday, May 1, 2021

Pullip Mocha skin comparison pt. 1

Part 1: Fashion Royalty, Momoko, Barbie MTM, Obitsu Marron, Volks EB beauty/Dollfie plus

Part 2: Resin body from taobao, Bedoll, Azone brown

Part 1~~

Pullip T3, Barbie, Momoko, FR.
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I've been wondering about body replacements for Pullip Mocha skin forever. So here are my thoughts on this first batch of bodies! My model for mocha skin is a Pullip Nahhato!

1. Fashion Royalty in brown skin

Size: This body is like, tall! the tallest out of the bunch, and might not fit commonly available clothing. Does seem to work okay in Pullip, but gives a very very mature look! At least she got a six pack XD

Color: This match is near perfect for my Nahhato.

Price/availability: Around $35 on Aliexpress right now, some shops offer optional hands too.

Other notes: Might need some neck mods as the neck is a bit thick.

2. Momoko


Size: This body works well with Pullip head proportions! 

Color: This color is way too dark/rosy brown, but if you use a lot of pink the face-up it might work.

Price/availability: Usually not available separately, a Momoko in this color ranges from $100-200.

Other notes: Ugh I hate the pooperscooper hands. xD

3. Barbie MTM


Size: This body has a nice size, and more mature proportions as well! 

Color: This color is way too orangey compared to mocha.There might be better matches in the MTM range out there?

Price/availability: Kinda hard to buy, usually you need to buy the full Barbie doll.

Other notes: I am not big on these hands either.

4/5. Obitsu Marron and Volks EB beauty/Dollfie plus

Size: So both of these bodies fit Pullip well, I've put them here together since they are on my dolls that aren't with me at the moment, they are both nahhato girls :)

Color: Obitsu Marron (above) and coconut (I do not own this one) seem to match fairly well. Volks Dollfie plus or EB beauty bodies in this tan color are a touch darker, but especially if you use more pink or blush the head a lot it might work!

Pricing/availability: Obitsu coconut/marron are almost impossible to buy. Seriously. The dollfie plus is sometimes available on ebay, but you may only find some ridiculous chest sizes! O_O

Other notes: Obitsu marron/coconut have a known quality issue of the hands turning yellow. Mine had the same problem, I had to blush them a bit brown to make them match better. 

Part 2 coming later!


  1. Great post. The skin color match between different heads and bodies are difficult. This helps a lot and I did not know that the Barbie MTM was more to the orangey. At the moment I only own a MTM with light skin and one in dark tan, so nothing to compare there. Fashion Royalty is the best match. :)

    1. So far! Maybe part 2 will yield better results~~ MTM has such a wide range of skintones that it's hard for me to make sure if there's a better one too!!

  2. I honestly didn't know Pullips could use Fashion Royalty bodies! But she does look great! It was my favourite one!

    1. Haha. I was surprised, but it makes them sooo tall xD I do like it very much, but she can't wear too many clothes if she uses that body! it's just a touch bigger than most other fashion dollies ;_;